Unfortunately, this deal has expired 28 June 2023.
Posted 6 June 2023

Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Ale Beer 24 x 330 ml - £28.49 / £27.02 or £24.22 First Order Subscribe & Save @ Amazon

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Lovely wheat beer this with a slice of Orange, it's my favourite summer go to and this is a pretty good deal if have S&S it's essentially £1 a Can.

Have had bottles before & no difference with cans.
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  1. Trainlineneedstogetagrip's avatar
    Awesome beer
  2. Grumpy_womble's avatar
    £24 on S&S for me thank you
    Grogu's avatar
    Grogu Author
    Happy drinking 🍺 made my night finding this, it's one of my favourites.
  3. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Wrong price in the OP, it's slightly better at £28.49
    Grogu's avatar
    Grogu Author
    Cheers mate, edited it
  4. m120firestormer's avatar
    Thanks OP. Great beer. Heat
  5. deleted2904940's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Big fan of weissbier but this stuff tastes like poison to me.
    Grogu's avatar
    Grogu Author
    I've never been poisoned so I can't compare really.
  6. robwatto's avatar
    Really lovely beer! Would recommend!
  7. nipslufc's avatar
    Lovely beer
  8. gup28's avatar
    Not really a deal; 2 for £10 is available in Asda. Morrisons. So, 24 would cost £30. Very small savings.
    Grogu's avatar
    Grogu Author
    But it's £24 for some people who have S&S which is 20% cheaper than £30 & don't have to walk to Asda, then even at £28.50 is 5% and again delivered to your door.
  9. Jonnyblock's avatar
    No first order voucher for me 😞
  10. AwesomeDawson's avatar
    The Craft Beer Channel slated this
    Grogu's avatar
    Grogu Author
    You mean the Channel that panders to £6 a can micro breweries didn't like a commercial beer.

    Anything else? Did they say the Beatles have split up
  11. roguepsi's avatar
    Make sure you check out the best before dates on receipt as last time I bought this beer it had less than a month left! I didn't check at the time. Happened to me with other beer from Amazon too. Tend not to risk it now! (edited)
    Grogu's avatar
    Grogu Author
    Last time they did that they refunded me & told me to keep beer expect 6 months minimum.

    Beer actually will be fine a long time after best before if keep in cool dark place, but should still expect a reasonable expiry when buy.

    That batch they gave me before I was drinking months out of date & was absolutely fine
  12. glentoranmax's avatar
    A rare beer that I actually don't like at all.
    JonReese's avatar
    Next time on Jackanory, Glentoran Max talks about the one TV brand he just can't stand.
  13. the.porter's avatar
    Canned no thanks bottles hell yeah 
    Grogu's avatar
    Grogu Author
    Zero difference have had both numerous times
  14. Jimb0's avatar
    Used to have this on tap in my local. Was nothing better.
    Not tried it since they started brewing in the uk. Good to see it’s still 5.4% though.
    Grogu's avatar
    Grogu Author
    Didn't realise brewed in UK, never a good sign usually !
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