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Posted 26 November 2022

Blueberries, 350g - £1.59 instore @ LIDL, Runcorn

In store: North West · Lidl Deals
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    Farmfoods price for 125g

    48841213_1.jpg (edited)
    Thats not bad price yet about 40% more per kg
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    Amend the listing to say it's £4.54 a kg, and each pack costs £1.59... I think it's going to get icey otherwise
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    That is a good price for the size, so tempted. They had six kiwi for 79p leftover from a previous sale and unpriced next to the more expensive kiwis, ripen at home type so plenty of time before they go off. They seem to be getting competitive on fruit and veg again.

    Mince pies are back down to 99p for six but oddly 12 are more expensive at £1.99, quality is good but no better than the packs in Poundland at a quid for six. If you are over 60 and shop on Tuesday you can get 10 percent off in Iceland and buy three packs for £3 less the discount, so 90p a pack of six. That means no inflation.
    Haven't seen price going this low Ever, or at least 3-4 years.

    Not worried that it'll go cold, I just finish my 3rd.punnet (edited)
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    Do they have it in any other colours?
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    Funnily enough I have been buying them in a lot of places over the last month or so (Morrisons, Aldi, Sainsbury's, Lidl, FarmFoods and probably one or two others) and I had my first not great punnet last week from Lidl, quite a few were very very soft and I could not see a best before date anywhere. Other times they have been fine though so hopefully just a one off.
    No date on them, hence why I ate 2 punnets before posting.

    If comes to UK's blueberries flavor quality, available in shops, they didn't even stand close to wild Forest blueberries I used to forage in continental Europe. I never tried those from UK's forests tho.

    Hence i never buy them unless price is below 7. Except taste nutritionally they are inferior as well. (edited)
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    Most of them from any country are supposed to be full of pesticides, like raspberries, strawberries and apples for that matter. I always wash thoroughly but probably doesn't help that much. Occasionally I will treat myself to organic.
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    it's nationwide btw