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Trade a grapefruit for a 1/2 pint Elvis Juice in Brewdog bars - 50p
TODAYTODAYLocalLocalFound 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
For one day only on Tuesday 26th March, simply swap a grapefruit for half a pint of Elvis Juice at your nearest BrewDog bar! Easy peasy...
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I asked on Twitter but they didn't reply. Assume they'll be binned


An absolutely fabulous brew. Elvis Juice! (party) :o :D


They couldn’t risk someone tampering with them. Can’t see them going in cocktails.


:o (shock) (horror)


Best beer they do imo.

J20 Orange and Passion Fruit 10 pack £2.50 Instore @ Asda (Leigh)
LocalLocalFound 21st MarFound 21st Mar
10 pack j20 orange and passion fruit £2.50 Leigh Asda

Great find. (y)


See pic, reduced from £5 -£2.50,


Asda Swanley had them too


Bought 10 pack for £5 yesterday. £2.50 was for 4 pack.


Got some thanks OP, lots left too

Nicotinell 2mg 72’s Fruit gum £1 instore @ Superdrug
LocalLocalFound 21st MarFound 21st Mar
On-the-go craving control when the urge to smoke strikes Helps control your nicotine cravings! I thought 1 pound was a good deal
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I wish my husband would give up smoking.


Great these. Got me off vaping and smokes for nearly 7 months now


Great (y)

J20 orange and passion fruit 3 for £1 @ Hero Foods (Hull Calvert)
LocalLocalFound 21st MarFound 21st Mar
F ound in Heron Foods, Hull. Calvert
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No I would say Bransholme centre is the biggest in Hull?


Is the Calvert store the biggest herons...!?


Very cheap, heat 8)

Robinson's My-5 Fruit Shoot Juice 200ml - Apple & Blackcurrant - Home Bargains - 19p
LocalLocalFound 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Robinsons My-5 Fruit Shoot 200ml bottles Apple & Blackcurrant Flavour Juice ( from concentrate) 19p

This is a great deal, if I do buy fruit shoots I always buy the my5 ones as they’re based on juice. They’re always more expensive!


Ok wasn't sure as I have seen these with replacements to sugar as ingredients


It doesn't say sucralose in the ingredients


The all important nutritional panel...

LIDL DEALS 21-27th March- Potatoes 65p, Plums 59p, Lemons 65p |||| 28th Mar-3rd April- Leeks 65p, Cauliflower 77p, Aubergine 45p, Apples 77p
03/04/2019Expires on 03/04/2019Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
LIDL DEALS 21st March Thursday - 27th March Wednesday Fruit And Veg Sugar Snaps 150g 59p British Supreme Salad Potato 750g 65p Plums 400g 59p Lemons 65p Meat XXL 4 Breaded Cod… Read more
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Thanks for posting as always


Thank you once again for posting always appreciated :D


If you click on 'Show More' at the top of the post you will see all the deals.


I like the fact that healthy food gets discounted unlike the big players who seem to line the end aisle bargains with sugar based rubbish.


Thanks for posting.

Lidl Super Weekend 23 & 24 March Streaky Bacon 99p, Fruit & Nut Bars 99p, British Rapeseed Oil 99p, Argentine Red Wine Malbec Mendoza £4.29
LocalLocalFound 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Usual decent deals for this upcoming Saturday & Sunday - save up to 50%. Just for the sake of good order and before the "posted already Stasi " click the report button Modera… Read more

Bought 6 bottles of the Argie Malbec . They've ramped the price up from the £3.99 it was on an early November Super Weekend. Finished the final bottle of that 6 last week - very nice


Cheap jibe


Enjoy your school day (y)


Posting deals is not a requirement if being a member on here and has never been a requirement. Reposting other people's deals (lol) is just sad. Not even a link to the real deal.


(lol) (lol) You're in the minority..... posting a few items & photo from a long list of publicly viewable lidl website weekly deals is not a repost and Moderation don't regard it as such. When did you last post a deal - hot, cold or repost ?

Free Kellogg's Bran Flakes or Fruit & Fibre 750g worth £3 @ Tesco (Code - Also £1 off Organic Milk)
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Apply code at checkout Free Kellogg's Bran Flakes or Fruit & Fibre 750g Code: GR4TRM Expires on 01/04/2019 Links.... Kelloggs Fruit & Fibre Cereal 750G Kelloggs … Read more



Why should the OP have to do all that!


Minimum spend - £40 or a £4 charge added to order if total basket is below £40! Would have snapped this up otherwise.


Thanx @chocci that makes a lot of sense :) Im still getting used to how all these save apps work lol


Thanks, hubby will be well happy with free fruit and fibre :D

Tropicana 100% Pure Pressed Fruit Orange Juice Extra Juicy Bits 950ml - 89p @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Great saving on RRP £2.48
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Seen in my local heron foods, Moreton /wirral


Was it in a fridge?




Once again great deal from heron,us down south can only look on with envious eyes.

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Fanta fruit twist 1.25L 59p instore Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Dated April 19 Full sugar :o :o :o
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Thanks for your valuable input, but I never said they caused cancer. Aspartame does give me symptoms within 20 minutes of eating or drinking something that contains it.


Voted hot



[ ] Another with (Acesulfame K &) Aspartame. Voted cold.


yup sugar and sweetener generally means not full sugar infortunately.

All-Star Fruit Racing PS4 FOR £8.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Jump into a bumper career mode! - Pick your favourite character and battle for the first-place trophy in a series of testing championships. Balance speed and skill as you battle ni… Read more

Better than Mario Kart!


60 on Metacritic, a far higher score than I was expecting :).


Banana, strawberry, cherry, potato and grape.


What the fruit is this game?

Tesco Fruit Trees 2 for £10 (£6 each) instore
LocalLocalFound 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Seen this morning in store, a variety of fruit trees on two for £10 or one for £6. Varieties seen Apples (Golden Delicious, Discovery, Jonagold, Cox's Orange Pippin) Conference … Read more
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Probably be £3000 then , n ifwe don't want the next owners cursing us how large do they grow so I can plant them further away.


I want your cherries 🍒 (cheeky)


Is this nationwide?


You cant beat a nice pair. <3


You sound a bit bitter

Dole Alliance with Captain Marvel Commemorates Female Superheroes in Food, Health & Wellness! Dole Mandarins In Juice 4 x 113g £2 Ocado
05/05/2019Expires on 05/05/2019LocalLocalFound 7th MarFound 7th Mar While Carol Danvers fights to save Earth from a galac… Read more

Well at least it's not as bad as the BB-8 lettuce


(lol) :o (lipstick) (strong)


Offer not available in Northern Ireland or to white men


Its not a bad deal, (Voted hot) But I'm just wondering how long the Yank Male marketing people are going to use "empowering women" in adverts... (I'm assuming they were male as they mansplaned with "Female" infront of superhero just in case someone wasnt aware Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel was a woman and American as they appear unaware of the word "Heroine*" .... ) *glad I spell checked as I misstyped that word as a white powder that I think most marketing people would be well aware of.....


It deserves heat? For what reason? Shes so brave? Congrats gamescoop. Another epic troll

Strawberry Full Season Collection - 36 Plants £7.99 & Fruit & Veg Collection £15 plus £4.95 delivery at Thompson & Morgan (with code)
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
These are 2 brilliant deals. 1. Strawberry Full Season Collection 36 Plants £7.99 + £4.95 delivery. I've grown Cambridge Favourite which is great eaten fresh or made into jam. … Read more

I saw that too and it didn't make sense.


I wonder how many will go for the second option?? option 1 36 strawberry bare roots - 12 of each variety Save £21.98Only £7.99 with order code TM_TNDSEW option 2 12 strawberry bare roots - 4 of each variety Only £13.99 with order code TM_TNDSEW


Thanks op x


I know! So hard to resist! I've got more plants than space even with an allotment! (lol)


Ooooohhhhh I only ordered on Saturday oh lord do I need this though? Might do :p

LocalLocalFound 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Spotted these in a Liverpool branch of Home Bargains. I imagine they're available nationally though? Had a little looksie online and they're from a Dutch company called Qwensh. Ma… Read more

Fruit in the compartment? XD It’s too small for that. You put the fruit in the main bottle and the compartment filters/holds it in.


Maybe there's a part off mine missing but if I add fruit to the compartment then there's nothing holding it in, would be ok for water only but not for anything else imo.


To drink out of it I think you just take off the top tab and draw up the spout?


Got one off these yesterday and am trying to work out how you drink out off it, do you have to remove the whole lot because if you were to use fruit or the tablets and take the top bit off it will hit you up the face (lol) (lol)


Picked two of these up today in Blackburn, nice find OP

Fruit trees approx 5 feet high in B&M  £5 in store only
LocalLocalFound 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
as title really - plum cherry apple

None in any stores near me however the are also selling fruit trees 2 for £10 at the range (y)


What do you mean? Just pointing out we don't get that much fruit and veg from Europe in the winter as you also point out. Though Spain/Morocco still produce a very large amount. We get a large amount of our food from elsewhere these days. For example.South American/South African/India grapes in the winter are no different in price in the winter than what we seem to pay in the summer where we get them more locally.


Add 4-5 tea spoon pure honey in 1litre water and spray them on flower which will attract polinator insects.


I got one last year and it really took off but didn't produce any fruit. Then in winter it list all is leaves. I'm seeing signs now of new leaves coming out so hopefully this year might get some fruit. I'm growing mine in a big pot indoors.


Yeah they had granny smiths not sure on the other question

Monty Bojangles Ruby Fruit Sunday Truffles 150 g Pack of 8 @ Amazon £13.26 Prime £17.75 Non Prime
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
these can also be added to subscribe and save for as little as £11.27 Monty Bojangles; 8 x 150g; Ruby Fruit Sunday Truffles
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thanks @moneyspinner79 :)


stated 5 but there was maybe just one at the advertised.damn amazon dynamic pricing its farcical ;)


£28 FOR me too but they only had five in stock so probably sold out But it did say more stock soon so gonna keep an eye out :p


Thanks. I'm learning slowly. Ps your deals are awesome.


sorry money amazon dynamic pricing.put on your wish list and monitor. :(

Grow your own 5-a-day fruit and veg deal - £15 + £4.95 Delivery @ Van Meuwen
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
The offer includes: 12 Strawberry 'Elsanta' bare root runners, 6 Raspberry 'Polka' bare root canes, 3 Gooseberry 'Invicta' bare root bushes, 1 x 9cm potted Blueberry 'Bluecrop'… Read more

Apparently because of the recent warm weather these are not getting sent out until the end of the month.


They'll all work in pots but the Raspberry and Gooseberry will take up a lot of space and grow outwards and get very big. The Blueberries will also need a special soil (acidulated?) which may cost a few £££ but they work very well in pots. I have the same dilemma, no space but I love growing, tempted by this and I'll maybe guerilla gardening the Gooseberry and Raspberry on some space close to my house. Strawberries will produce abundantly in the first year. You'd pay £15 for the strawberries alone in a garden centre although I'd have preferred a mixed season bag instead of just one variety. Edit: I rented a private allotment a few years ago that was very expensive (£200 p/y) although it was more the 8 mile round trip drive that became monotonous, especially in heavy traffic that was my reason for packing it in.


Would it be possible to keep these fruit plants in a windowsill and grow them out into bigger pots with eventually a good amount of fruitage? Or would they have to be potted outside for a proper amount of fruit?


I got it last time, all good, the only issue I found is that with seeds "£10 worth" doesn't mean 10 bags of seeds for £1 - I got cabbage, Brussels sprouts, radish and tomatoes for about £2.50 each so it all adds up £10+ but could buy it locally for £4. Strawberries were nice, started showing new leafs week after planting, all berries in good shape too. As mentioned before, it's a no brainer for anyone who doesn't have established fruit garden.


For those wondering, there is a code attached to the O/P which isn't that clear to see (it's a HUKD problem, not the O/P's fault) TM_VN406W

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