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Optimum Nutriton Gold Standard 100% Whey 4.5kg £65.25 @
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Use code DEAL25 to get it at this price Great deal, get free gift (protein shaker, weight wraps, fitness log or t shirt) and free delivery at this price. Can use code across diff… Read more

a very warm welcome newbie.have some heat :)




Myproteins whey isolate with 40% discount is better. Much prefer the quality of MP


£14.50 per KG. No thanks

25% OFF Big Brands @
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
25% off a lot of brands currently on until Monday. A lot of the products are cheaper than amazon too. Some examples: Gold Standard 100% Whey 2.2kg - £35.99 Pre JYM - £29.99 Q… Read more

Yep - £16.49 for 2.2kg or £37.49 for 6.8kg


been after mutant mass all day, is it included?

2.2kg of 100% Gold Whey £35.99 w/code  / 25% OFF Major Brands + Free Delivery @
Found 25th Aug 2018Found 25th Aug 2018
2.2kg of 100% Gold Whey £35.99 w/code / 25% OFF Major Brands + Free Delivery @
£35.99£ Deals



Very good deal, 25% off code works on most of brands and products. Ordered Animal Pak + some pre work-out. 25% flat off all prices + Free Gift on any order over £65

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 2.2KG £35.99 delivered -
Found 14th Aug 2018Found 14th Aug 2018
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 2.2KG £35.99 delivered -
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey 2.2KG - 73 Servings for £35.99 delivered with discount code ' AWARDS25 '. Delivery is usally within 2 days. Personally I find this Prote… Read more



Incredible progress dude, well done. Keep competing with yourself, try to ignore the social media noise and you'll keep progressing. Haha, last time I cleared out £900 worth of stock at superdrug for £70. Best protein haul ever!


Really appreciate the advice and my short term goal has changed to long term i used to be 120kg all fat now im 96 but lot more muscle evident by my original max weight lift increase max running time increase and max press ups went from 7.... yes.. 7.... to now 60+ in 2 mins slow and steady and improvements come... congrats on 10 years dude thats insane keep it up! You should be buying 100kg bulk at a time at this rate haha, thanks again mate take care.


Smart move. I've hardly missed a session in 10 years so bulk is the only way forward. This consistent habit will support/teach you to win in life. All the best dude.


Haha love it thanks will start buying bigger from now tbh was just a saftey net as if i bought 3 tons of protein and stopped gym after a week that woukd of been a waste now im in schedual and sticking to it i can plan long term.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein -BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF @
Found 10th Mar 2018Found 10th Mar 2018 are doing buy one get one 50% off. on Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey protein and other brands too. You can save a further 10% by signing up to their mailing… Read more

Even with this 'offer' their price of £47.99 for 2.2kg makes this extortionate.


Thanks guys, I'll get in touch with them. This deal was on in Jan and I ordered 2 tubs. My first tub was fine but the second one seemed as if it had been tampered with.


Even with the half price it's still only an average deal. £32 is my max for these tubs. Probably due an offer on amazon.its been a while.


I’ve always had good service from them and they use dpd for delivery along with texting a time slot.


Really good offers and quick when they deiver

Scivation Xtend BCAA 90 SERVINGS £31.10 @
Found 16th Jan 2018Found 16th Jan 2018
Scivation Xtend BCAA 90 SERVINGS £31.10 @
£31.10£ Deals
90 servings of scivation xtend down 20% With 7g BCAAs 2.5g glutamine and 1g citruline per serving. Add to basket for 20% off
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Carb Killa Bars £1.38 each RRP £2.49
Found 14th Oct 2017Found 14th Oct 2017
Carb Killa Bars £1.38 each RRP £2.49
I ordered 24 bars tonight for just £33.21. 12 cost £19.99, but if you use the code ‘friday13’ when prompted you receive 13% discount. At the time of ordering every flavour were a… Read more
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UPDATE - The code now says expired :(


Good price! I quite often have one of these as lunch replacement, so £1.38 for lunch it's a bargain! I think people on here vote cold because they're comparing the cost with a mars bar. Have some heat


Heat added, great price and these are one of the best protein bars on the market

MusclePharm combat crunch protein bars x 12 £16.68 + £1.99 Del (orders under £29) @
Found 12th Mar 2017Found 12th Mar 2017
MusclePharm combat crunch protein bars x 12 £16.68 + £1.99 Del (orders under £29) @
Voted one of the best protein bars and this seems to be the best price i can find. Sign up to their newsletter and get a 10% discount which makes them either cheaper but at £1.39 t… Read more
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May be worth checking the protein both bars use, I done quite a bit of research and from what I found the carb killa uses mainly milk protein rather than Isolates.


Oh dear. Make sure you're using the correct words, especially when pulling someone up on their use.


​Nothing wrong with his spelling. Maybe helping someone distinguish between spelling and grammar would be helpful.


"Their newsletter" is the correct use, maybe you should watch the video.


Good price for these, however vs something like Grenade's Carb Killa bars these bars lose out in almost every department. Carb Killa has significantly less carbs and sugars and also more protein per bar. Although I know everyone has different requirements and tastes. The Carb Killa bars are around the same price too using S&S on Amazon (if you take into delivery here) and there is wider range of flavours. Thanks for posting though.

ON Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard Pre-Workout 2 X 30 Servings £25.35
Found 7th Mar 2017Found 7th Mar 2017
ON Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard Pre-Workout 2 X 30 Servings £25.35
Just got an email from about this being on offer, Buy 1 get 1 half price which seemed a good deal and is eligible for free delivery! Then used code BACKDAY10 to g… Read more

To get 5mg of creatine (the recommended amount for the average 'meat head') you would need to eat a very large amount of red meat, expensive and not ideal if your trying to limit the intake of fat. To get a large enough amount of caffeine from regular food to make a training difference (and I presume you mean coffee) you could have a couple of strong esspresso's


Why should we buy if that's caffeine and creatine mixed? We can get them from our regular food items! I think there must be something better inside :)


I've just ordered bsn syntha6 and reflex bcaa from their website... the 10% discount code is still working Thanks


What way do you make your own? It's all the other stuff in these pre workouts that worries me a little. The ingredients are rather scary.


​That's the beta alanine for you - great stuff!

USN Diet Fuel Meal Replacement Shake Powder 30% off (£13.35 for 1kg and £20.75 for 2kg)
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
USN Diet Fuel Meal Replacement Shake Powder 30% off (£13.35 for 1kg and £20.75 for 2kg)
In a continuing effort to try and not be a fatty anymore i've decided to try some of these meal replacement shakes. These USN ones seem well reviewed and are well priced at the mo… Read more

Had a £5 voucher off plus 5% subscribe and save, brought it down to £10.19


Well it's not that now. Price tracker says £16 is the lowest it's been on amazon...


2kg was £10.19 last week on Amazon.


Why cold?

BSN Syntha 6.  b.o.g.o 50% off. £30.70 each plus 20% quidco too @ bodybuilding
Found 29th Dec 2015Found 29th Dec 2015
BSN Syntha 6. b.o.g.o 50% off. £30.70 each plus 20% quidco too @ bodybuilding
Price works out at £30.70 each when buying 2. Plus free gift Plus possible 20% quidco =£49.12 for 2 Obviously there are cheaper protein supplements out there but I seem to stay… Read more

46.7% ... a good protein should have at least 70% if not 80%+. Therefore even with the discount is very expensive for what you get.


​I here your comments, but why is it on forums when people vote their favourite protein supplements, the same few are always at the top of the list?


IF you buy 2 for £61.40 it equates to £13.95 a kilo when i pay around £7 a kilo with my protein (impact whey promos) . plus a much higher protein content too at MP. at the end of the day protein is protein and im sure dam well i would not spend £14 kilo just coz it tastes nicer . still a good deal here if you use BSN .


With my proteins offer on at the moment. You can get 7.5kg of flavoured protein for just over £62 not including delivery. Granted it probably isn't as good as BSN.


Ordered thanks

Gold Standard 100% Whey 2.2 Kg £37.14 + free delivery (complete survey) @
Found 4th Aug 2015Found 4th Aug 2015
Gold Standard 100% Whey 2.2 Kg £37.14 + free delivery (complete survey) @
Follow the link and do the quick vote on your favorite products. At the end you will be emailed a 20%off voucher to use on up to 100 products. The best deal i thought was the Gold… Read more
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Very Hot......shame that's it's being voted cold by the cheapskate protein buyers. The same sort of people who probably vote cold automatically when they see an Apple product. This is a quality product and the best Whey supplement


This is about the particular product being at its cheapest not comparison to other protein! Let's keep it simple


hot for me, just got a code :)


You can get the same quality protein from numerous sites such at myprotein. You can even check the protein grade and for that price you will get 5kg. They do daily deals which give 15-25% off everyday. Check it out :)


Have you found it cheaper or a protein powder with = quality for less?

Usn Whey Protein Plus Free Usn Shaker £37.88 delivered @
Found 7th Jul 2015Found 7th Jul 2015
Usn Whey Protein Plus Free Usn Shaker £37.88 delivered @
This is usn whey protein premium with a blend of whey and isolate protein Any flavor of your choice Contains tolerase which helps lactose digestion in those that have lactose int… Read more
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lol thanks for reading it


Nice story


Let me vote cold. I got 3 boxes of this at 9£ a pop from GNC. It was strawberry only at this price. I was gonna buy 9 boxes but some one mentioned that it might be short dated. Actually it wasn't at all.


£25 worth of filler protein and a £2 shaker.

Amino Energy Optimum Nutrition Buy1 Get 1 Half Price £18.29 @ Bodybuilding UK
Found 7th Jul 2015Found 7th Jul 2015
Amino Energy Optimum Nutrition Buy1 Get 1 Half Price £18.29 @ Bodybuilding UK
Found this today, If you buy an amino energy 30 servings at £18.29 you get the second one half price. Useful for maintaining energy levels and muscle when trying to lose fat. Ch… Read more
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No codes by the looks of it, may have to make an account though


Any codes ?

MUSCLETECH Platinum Multivitamin, Buy 1 get 1 free  £12.81 at (£1.99 for standerd delivery ) (£14.80)
Found 28th Apr 2015Found 28th Apr 2015
MUSCLETECH Platinum Multivitamin, Buy 1 get 1 free £12.81 at (£1.99 for standerd delivery ) (£14.80)
Buy 1 get 1 free. Good for the aspiring bodybuilder, fitness enthusiasts etc. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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I orderd mine when I shared the offer, they arrived today with a free t shirt. You need to add the t shirt via a link on the shops home page.


'On backorder'


Personally I am an Optimum Nutrition guy, but opti - men loses against this every time at that price.


Nice find! I prefer Mega Daily One from Scitec but this is also a good starter!

Reflex Instant Whey 4.4kg + 909g FREE (5.309 kg Total) + Gift + Free Delivery + Up To 15% TCB For New Customers £74.07 @
Found 28th Dec 2014Found 28th Dec 2014
Reflex Instant Whey 4.4kg + 909g FREE (5.309 kg Total) + Gift + Free Delivery + Up To 15% TCB For New Customers £74.07 @
An excellent quality protein at a super price considering you get almost an additional kilo free. Even more so if you get Top Cash Back. Free gift's to choose from include headphon… Read more

Mine has been delivered free and checked my credit card statement and no extra has been taken for p&p. If you have no joy, perhaps contact your credit card company. They are equally liable and will refund the extra taken.


Yes - that's what I thought !! - Still arguing with them...


Free delivery on orders over £49


watch the postage I got caught for 12 quid as it came from the Netherlands


Oh okay. My bad, protein doesn't increase muscle mass as whey has no high protein value. And the PT's with their physiques and lean muscle who use whey to compliment their diets to top up their protein needs clearly have no clue either. Must be all in their minds too...

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein All Flavours, 4.5 Kg £71.93 Del @
Found 1st Dec 2014Found 1st Dec 2014
ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein All Flavours, 4.5 Kg £71.93 Del @
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Agreed! It's a good protein but even with 20% off it's very over-priced. Much better protein out there at much cheaper prices. With this you're paying for the name, financing the advertising and sponsorhip.


Great find and thanks for the discount - just ordered !


Personally I find this very easy on the stomach and the price is excellent for the product from a reputable supplier.


Comment Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolates* [Contains Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin], Whey Protein Concentrate*, Whey Peptides*), Flavorings, Color (Curcumin), Salt, Sweeteners (Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose), Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Beta-D-Galactosidase, Lipase). No, it's not. It's a whey blend, like all Whey proteins. It contains isolate and concentrate. It's also mixed with soy lecithin when most of the industry is now moving to sunflower lecithin. The product is highly marketed and practically the same as any other. Probably has more sweetners though. Whatever the difference, it doesn't warrant a 50% higher price tag


This is whey protein isolate. If you compare with the same grade you would understand