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Founded to protect the UK’s heritage and allow ordinary people to access sights of historical interest, the National Trust manages over 350 locations, including some of the nation’s most beloved attractions. Anyone who loves history and architecture can see the Trust’s many sites and save money in the process thanks to the National Trust discounts at hotukdeals. How to redeem National Trust vouchers
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£10 Discount
£10 Discount
Free £10 gift card with National Trust membership
Get a £10 National Trust gift card when you sign up for National Trust membership with promotional code. New customers only From CoOp booklet

Government cuts leave them little choice if they’re to avoid financial collapse, sadly. Take it up with Johnson in a few weeks. If you ask him now he’ll tell you they’re all going to be free, with free ice cream and doughnuts thrown in


In Birmingham the council has started charging for parking in public parks, creeping privatisation of our public spaces!


Yeah, life membership is £1,730 that's senior memebrship @ the bargain price of £1,295 unbelievable,


Life membership was a bargain in 1972 at £50. It’s usually a bargain if you buy it when you’re young enough


Individual senior life only: £1,295 An individual aged 60 or over. you would have to live over 17 years to make it economically viable (based on £72.00 a year) How many 77+ year old's are active members! if you live to 90 you get over 12 years free, now you have something to live for

£5 M&S E-Gift card and National Trust binoculars with Direct Debit membership plan
UPDATE: NT17004M0 gives you a £15 National Trust gift card, to spend at National Trust locations (some small-print restrictions will apply as usual). Think this is a much better o… Read more

OK thank you very much for the help!


I went for the £15 gift card, that came in the post with my membership card and the NT book in about a week. I think the £5 M&S is an Electronic voucher so assume it should be in an email once it's been processed...Within a day or two at a ramdom guess (?). (Keep an eye on your junk mail folder just in case) If you don't get anything by the time you get your membership card arrives I'd contact NT support and chase up on it... Kylebailey seemed to get some useful support from them so there may be no harm is asking them if something goes amiss.


Thanks for the quick reply. I just place 2 different order with the £5 ms code, but at summary page under joining gift line, only shows binoculars. (shock) hope they will still send the voucher. Btw how long will you receive the voucher? is it send you thought the welcome pack?


On the second stage, 'payment method' make sure you've chosen a direct debit option, further down in the page you should have 3 options, and "I would like a pair of binoculars", "I don't want a gift" and "I have a promotional code". If you chose the 3rd option and input the promotional code you want to use this should reflect correctly on the summary page under the 'joining gift' line. (assuming you want the £15 gift card, OR the £5 M&S voucher with binoculars, Or just the binoculars)


at order Summary page is say Joining gift justNational Trust binocularsis this normal?

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Free binoculars with Joint (2 Adults) yearly direct debit subscription, £5/month per adult - £120 @ National Trust
-162° Expired
Posted 16th Dec 2020Posted 16th Dec 2020
Free binoculars with Joint (2 Adults) yearly direct debit subscription, £5/month per adult - £120 @ National Trust£120
Same membership price, just the addition of the free binoculars. Just signed my parents up as a Christmas gift and they are now including a free pair of binoculars with the yearly … Read more

Go woke, go broke. And so goes the NT


Cancelled my membership due to their WOKE outlook.


At no point have I said that slavery was right, I simlpy pointed out that you refusing to visit historical sites because they are somehow tainted by history is just plain dumb. No country or time period on this earth is historically immune from mans inhumanity to man. History is important, it should be remembered and we should learn from it. History should also be looked at in perspective, what is wrong now was not seen as so at the time. You accuse me of just trying to concentrate on the achievements, but by refusing to visit these sites and look at the good along with the bad it is actually you who is cherry picking which parts of history to remember.


Don’t forget the Normans Norman. (lol) :D (lol)


To sum that up, the end justifies the means. God given right, manifold destiny, Ubermensch. Let's just remove all the troubling bits and concentrate on the achievements. Problem with history is that it has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

National Trust - Help with Membership. 25% renewal discount or 3 month payment holiday
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Posted 27th Apr 2020Posted 27th Apr 2020
My membership is close to renewal and I wanted to check what my options are under the current circumstances. If you pay your membership fee annually via Direct Debit or cash, you … Read more

I applied for the 25% discount on my renewal and had confirmation that the request had been received. My renewal has just come through, but no discount appled as far as I can see. Did anyone actually get the 25% discount on renewal?


They’ve shot themselves in the foot. Houses are shut ? Though how many times have you been and it’s that crowded? Cafes are closed yet they have masses of parklands they could have the cafes open with out door seating providing premade ‘picnic bags’. You can’t get a slot when you try and book. And why book in the first place ? Sorry to say but they’ve really messed this one up and we aren’t renewing our membership


They are so poorly managed this was inevitable . Even now they are still only allowing pre-booked visits for parks and attractions that can easily take 10 times the numbers of people they are allowing. No wonder they are losing money ! I pay for membership and cannot get to visit anywhere unless i pre-book over a week in advance - absolute madness for outdoor parks and gardens where social distancing is easy at the regular pre-covid attendance levels. If they don't change this soon - i will not be renewing my membership ( and thousands of others are likely to feel the same). Why should i pay , when i cannot get to visit anywhere.


It's so unfair on their hardworking and dedicated staff


And this is the consequence...

National Trust Free Access
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Posted 18th Mar 2020Posted 18th Mar 2020LocalLocal
National Trust Free AccessFREE£0.01
Statement from the National Trust We're aiming to open many of our gardens and parks for free during this difficult time, so the nation can use open spaces to relax and refresh, w… Read more

I wish this had more publicly...but also seems to have kicked in early. We visited Lyme park hoping to have a nice open park space away from others. They closed the car park and the main walkway entrance...essentially making thousands of people go down a 3ft two way path, bunched up and passing each other. Had driven almost an hour to get there with two screaming toddlers, but took one look and had to turn around. Honestly the most irresponsible action by an organisation I've seen this week. If they'd just let people park onsite and stick to their small household groups in the parkland it would have been both safe and beneficial...but obviously everyone saw it both here and via the National Trust email database and decided to go. Why can't they send another email to say it's been cancelled as it'll be the same tomorrow I'm sure.


We have expired this in light of the National Trust's statement today:- The National Trust has announced it will close its parks and gardens from midnight on Saturday to help ‘restrict the spread of the coronavirus’. The decision has been taken ahead of Mother’s Day, which the Trust predicts will attract more people to its open spaces despite Government advice on maintaining social distancing.


Shopping is essential, visiting a national trust garden really isn’t!


They're encouraging the old and vulnerable to go to shops early morning and can use their bus passes before 9:30am!seems to be mixed messages


SImilarly, National Trust Scotland are offering free access to gardens (not sure there's any change): "We’ll be keeping our accessible gardens, country parks and gardens open free of charge, enabling visitors to escape isolation in a safe environment where ‘social distancing’ is easy to maintain" Places to visit:

25% off National Trust for senior (60+) membership - £54 individual or £90 joint (Existing members of 5+ years only)
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Posted 17th Jul 2019Posted 17th Jul 2019
25% off National Trust for senior (60+) membership - £54 individual or £90 joint (Existing members of 5+ years only)£54£7225% off
To say a big thank you to our loyal members and to make sure everybody can continue to enjoy the places they love, we offer a 25 per cent senior discount. If you’re 60 or… Read more

so to sign up to that for me wife and 2 kids i just need to buy a joint one for me and missis and two of the free ones for kids? which cost me £30 compared to £126 with national trust? if i can still access the carparks with it?im game and ill just buy a cofee and a cake each time i visit


Go sign up for the Maltese one, point out to me where it says you need to be a Maltese resident to support the charity? If the reciprocal agreement goes then so be it, I'll still support the Maltese one and pay an extra 30euro for me n the missus too. Is that OK for you or would that sill be a morally apprehensible act? Lmfao indefensible for supporting a foreign charity? is it the f word what's got your back up? Or do you think we should all stop supporting ones that aren't based in the UK? Stop talking utter twoddle mate


Totally agree, it’s like coming to the U.K. to get free NHS after we’ve paid for it all our working lives! IT’S WRONG!


Simple question. Are you resident in Malta or the UK? If the latter you're cheating the system. Try to justify it as you might, you're simply wrong in trying to defend the indefensible.


You a NT Shareholder or something? :p Should I mention that I get a £35 refund for buying a joint NT sub? iI you see this as stealing as well then please take this up with NT themselves as again was thru an agreement with them ;) Then again you could just label this a scam that highly offends you? As I said above we already have our NT sub for me the missus and the bairns direct with NT for parking. My mum and dad visit the places far less frequently than we do they normally with us anyway and won't use the parking. We all travel regularly to Malta and Gozo, the money that's been spent there in the last few years is certainly noticeable, moreso on Gozo than Malta tho. I think Din lart Helwa need far more support than the NT given the size of the place so they got me mums sub opposed to another NT sub sorry if that's against your moral code and still counted as stealing from a charity shop. I understand you feel it's terrible that people are allowed to support the charities they choose ... what a disgusting situation. They recently spent I think something around the €20 mil mark restoring the Citadella on Gozo an even uncovered further parts they didn't know about! It's been on the Unesco waiting list I think since late 90s and well deserving imho. Both Malta and Gozo have little sites dotted around the place that until recently didn't seem to got anything spent on them. If you enjoy history and heritage I'd deffo recommend you visit. I hope that meets your strict code of conduct /T+C's for what you deem to be approapriate/acceptable morals and it's doesn't upset you any further than you clearly already are. Now come over here with your horse as it needs it legs shortened you plonker,

Stonehenge admission for child (5-17 years) £10 inc 1 year National Trust membership & free pair of binoculars.
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Posted 8th Jul 2019Posted 8th Jul 2019
Stonehenge admission for child (5-17 years) £10 inc 1 year National Trust membership & free pair of binoculars.£10£11.7015% off
Stonehenge child (5-17 years old) tickets usually cost £11.40 but if you buy a child (5-17 years old) annual membership to The National Trust it costs just £10 and you can use that… Read more

They were disappointing when you could walk in between them. But at least your approach is free. Personally I feel they're best viewed in a car rear view mirror.


You go and see them for free!! You pay for the bus ride to get there and get to see it a little bit closer than the free area... You have to walk a good 20mins and see them from a barrier. if not many people are on the bus you can just get on it on the way back...


Don’t understand how this is a paid entry place?


Still regretting even after 8yrs for wasted money on it.


National trust and Cadbury’s Easter Hunt @ National Trust and National Trust Scotland
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Posted 14th Apr 2019Posted 14th Apr 2019
National trust and Cadbury’s Easter Hunt @ National Trust and National Trust Scotland£2.50
Thought I would share this today as family going for an Easter egg hunt. A bit of fun in the countryside and an egg at the end (y) 🏻 Fancy painting and other stuff to do … Read more

North Wales was a bag of Cadbury mini eggs, think it was only £2..


Depends where you go, only cost me £2.50 each for us and we ain’t a member, just paid £6 parking


I guess you're not an NT member, which makes it much cheaper on the day. Ho hum, each to their own.


So £7 parking plus £10 each for entry to the gardens plus £2.50! Think I’ll buy my £1 egg from home bargains and stick it in the garden. Plus these aren’t egg hunts there “walks around the garden” with an egg at the end. Did one last year.... total joke!


Sounds an awesome day arguing about collective nouns.... We were happy to see a rabbit 🐇, not worrying how to say the word (lol) (lol)

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National Trust - up to 50% off sale including homeware, kitchenware, clothing accessories & toys (£4.99 delivery / free £50+)
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Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
National Trust - up to 50% off sale including homeware, kitchenware, clothing accessories & toys (£4.99 delivery / free £50+)
Up to 50% off selected lines of homeware, kitchenware, clothing accessories & children’s toys.

The post is about the online shop not membership.


Thats because they are a charity ;)


You need to check your facts they do not. They do allow on certain properties trail hunting which is perfectly legal and monitor it very severely. Ethically they are one of the best companies in the UK.


Would be great if it was any other company. Can’t abide National Trust due to allowing fox hunting on their land. Sorry


Some interesting items. Xmas cards are really nice

National Trust - Expired
340° Expired
Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
National Trust - Expired

I'll delete then as I don't want it to be an issue. Thanks for pointing it out :)


This is the list of places included in the full offer as mentioned in the original post. National Trust properties are already included as part of the full list of attractions in first post. Attractions: RBSA Gallery The Coffin Works RSPB Sandwell Valley National Trust Birmingham Back to Backs National Trust Baddesley Clinton National Trust Packwood National Trust Stourhead Trowbridge Museum Fleet Air Arm Museum, The National Museum of the Royal Navy Outside of Skipton Town Hall Beginners' Birdwatching at Holes Bay Bucknowle Roman villa threshold stones RSPB Arne National Trust Corfe Castle National Trust Kingston Lacy Smithills Estate WWT Arundel Bristol Old Vic Aerospace Bristol National Trust Tyntesfield National Trust Mount Stewart WWT Castle Espie National Trust Rowallane Garden The National Museum of the Royal Navy, HMS Caroline RSPB Belfast's Window on Wildlife National Trust Castle Ward Museum of Free Derry National Trust Giant's Causeway The Stables Coffee Shop, Benburb Priory Library & Museum Owenkillew Community Centre National Trust Acorn Bank Tullie House The Fitzwilliam Museum Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology University Museum of Zoology IWM Duxford National Trust Anglesey Abbey, Gardens and Lode Mill Kettle's Yard The Stained Glass Museum National Trust Wicken Fen Nature Reserve National Trust Dyffryn Gardens RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port RHS Garden Hyde Hall Mercury Theatre Colchester Gainsborough's House Christmas Tree Festival Preview Night Clare Castle Country Park National Trust Lavenham Guildhall The Naze Centre Canterbury Cathedral British Motor Museum National Trust Charlecote Lion Salt Works Anderton Boat Lift Visitor Centre National Trust Red House V&A Dundee Montrose Basin Visitor Centre Derby Museum & Art Gallery Deda Markeaton Park National Trust Kedleston Hall Hopkinsons House National Trust Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum of Childhood National Trust Calke Abbey St Georges Church Ticknall WWT Caerlaverock RSPB Mersehead Open Treasure at Durham Cathedral Darlington Hippodrome The Station Richmond The Station, Richmond The Green Howards Museum The Auckland Project Tees Cottage Pumping Station Dales Countryside Museum RSPB Blacktoft Sands All Saints' Church, Winterton The Ropewalk National Trust Max Gate National Trust Hardy´s Cottage Severn Valley Railway Black Country Living Museum Oxford House in Bethnal Green National Trust Sutton House and Breaker's Yard Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Scottish Seabird Centre Lowewood Museum Epping Forest District Museum Seaton Jurassic RHS Garden Rosemoor Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery Fingle Woods Isaac Dixon Boathouse, Fairhaven Lake Mackintosh at the Willow National Waterways Museum Gloucester Gloucester Cathedral Gloucestershire Archives at the Heritage Hub WWT Slimbridge Corinium Museum Westonbirt, The National Arboretum The Lightbox The Lightbox RHS Garden Wisley National Trust Petworth National Trust Uppark House and Garden Petersfield Museum Gilbert White & The Oates Collections National Trust Hatchlands Park National Trust Winkworth Arboretum Standedge Tunnel and Visitor Centre RHS Garden Harlow Carr National Trust Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Water Garden National Trust Hughenden National Trust Waddesdon Manor Hereford Cathedral & Mappa Mundi The Courtyard Hull People's Memorial Museum Burton Constable Hall & Grounds Eastern Angles Theatre Company Bawdsey Radar Transmitter Block RSPB Minsmere Ancient House Museum National Trust Ickworth Coigach and Assynt Living Landscape Scottish Maritime Museum National Trust Claremont Landscape Garden Volleyball at Loch Leven Community Campus RSPB Loch Leven Bluecoat National Trust Speke Hall, Garden and Estate Museum of Liverpool WWT Martin Mere National Trust Rufford Old Hall National Trust Fell Foot The Dock Museum Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House RSPB Leighton Moss National Trust Sizergh Greyfriars townscape heritage initiative Leicester Cathedral Newarke Houses Museum National Trust Erddig National Trust Bodnant Garden Yr Ysgwrn National Trust Porth Y Swnt National Trust Penrhyn Castle National Trust Plas Newydd Holyhead Market Hall Lincoln Castle Lincoln Cathedral International Bomber Command Centre Royal Armouries Museum Leeds The Hyde Park Picture House Stockwood Discovery Centre ZSL Whipsnade Zoo Manchester Museum People's History Museum National Football Museum The Historic Dockyard Chatham Royal Engineers Museum National Trust Stowe Union Chapel Union Chapel Woodberry Wetlands Walthamstow Wetlands Walthamstow Wetlands Camley Street Natural Park Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children's Books Chilli Studios Chilli Studios Discovery Museum Discovery Museum Hatton Gallery Laing Art Gallery National Trust Gibside Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre and Cafe shrub South Shields Museum & Art Gallery National Trust Washington Old Hall WWT Washington National Trust Hadrian's Wall & Housesteads Fort National Trust Wallington Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre National Trust Cragside YMCA International Community Centre Nottingham Castle Mansfield Museum The National Holocaust Centre and Museum Long Bennington Village Hall Newark Air Museum National Trust Belton House Bulwell Forest Garden National Trust Canons Ashby Canal Museum Wicksteed Park Church of St Peter & St Paul National Trust Tredegar House RSPB Newport Wetlands National Centre for Writing Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery National Trust Blickling Estate Creative Arts East Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell Norfolk Wildlife Trust Cley Marshes Time and Tide Museum ZSL London Zoo The Royal Air Force Museum London The Story Museum Museum of Oxford Peterborough Museum 900 Voices VIP launch Metal Culture Peterborough WWT Welney RSPB Frampton Marsh Lynn Museum Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk RSPB Titchwell Marsh National Trust Cotehele Eden Project National Trust Lanhydrock Theatre Royal Plymouth The National Museum of the Royal Navy at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Royal Navy Submarine Museum Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower Royal Armouries Fort Nelson Pallant House Gallery The D-Day Story Preston Little Theatre Co Ltd National Trust Sandham Memorial Chapel National Trust The Vyne National Trust Basildon Park National Trust Greys Court National Trust Nymans National Trust Standen House and Garden RSPB Pulborough Brooks National Trust Polesden Lacey RSPB Rainham Marshes Greno Woods National Trust Hardwick Grimm & Co RSPB Old Moor Cannon Hall Museum Park and Gardens National Trust Clumber Park National Trust Aberdulais WWT Llanelli National Trust Dinefwr Penllergare Valley Woods National Trust Llanerchaeron National Trust Colby Woodland Garden BFI Southbank St Alfege Church Horniman Museum and Gardens RSPB The Lodge National Trust Wimpole Estate Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre National Trust Lyme Buxton Crescent Restoration update at the Devonshire Dome National Trust Quarry Bank National Trust Cliveden National Trust Dyrham Park National Trust Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot Museum and Village National Trust Avebury National Trust Winchester City Mill National Trust Hinton Ampner National Trust Mottisfont Bishopwearmouth Townscape Heritage Scheme National Trust Shugborough Estate RSPB Ynys-hir Middleport Pottery National Trust Biddulph Grange Garden WWT London Fulham Palace Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Natural History Museum Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings National Trust Powis Castle and Garden National Trust Attingham Park and Sunnycroft National Trust Montacute House Abbotsford Museum of Iron and Enginuity The Dorothy Clive Garden National Trust Emmetts Garden National Trust Ightham Mote National Trust Knole National Trust Chartwell National Trust Sissinghurst Castle Garden National Trust Bateman´s National Trust Sheffield Park and Garden RSPB Dungeness RSPB Dungeness National Trust Scotney Castle National Trust Bodiam Castle Drawing Life Yarner Wood Christmas Panto National Trust Godolphin National Trust Trelissick RSPB Saltholme The National Museum of the Royal Navy, Hartlepool Lost Treasures of Strawberry Hill National Trust Ham House and Garden Egham Museum National Trust Osterley Park and House Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew University of West London Heathrow: The Journey at UWL Design Museum National Trust Dunham Massey On board the Daniel Adamson steam tugboat British Museum National Portrait Gallery National Trust Nostell Priory and Parkland Yorkshire Sculpture Park Pontefract Castle Worcester Cathedral National Trust Greyfriars' House and Garden National Trust The Firs National Trust Croome National Trust Hanbury Hall and Gardens National Trust Moseley Old Hall National Trust Wightwick Manor and Gardens York Army Museum RSPB Bempton Cliffs


The post I linked included all free activities in the offer, given that the national trust activities mentioned above are already clearly included in the original post I personally would class this as a duplicate post.


Totally agree. Best thing to do is find out how many places of interest, theatres, sporting events, schools, museums e.t.c. receive lottery funding and boycott them. Or better still go to one of the NT properties listed and pay to enter, as a protest to this shameful promotion.


National Trust is only available till the 7th December. The other thread is till the 9th December, but does include NT properties as well. I'm happy to delete this if it's an issue as I didn't notice the other thread when I searched before posting.

National Trust Membership £34.50 under 25's
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
National Trust Membership £34.50 under 25's£34.50
If you are 25 or under, you can become a member for as little as £34.50 for the year, £2.88 a month! Gives you free access and parking to so many amazing venues, walks and beaches… Read more

It’s 350 dollars for New Zealand. The loop hole no longer exists. Too many people must have applied. Any other cheap deals out there?

rboyo2010 Looks like you can put uk and get sent the card(s) etc


If I apply for the NZ one, do I need to use a made up NZ address or my UK one?


Good. May the silence reign.


as above, but as said dont mention it :)

Free £10 Amazon Voucher with New Annual Direct Debit Memberships (from £69) at National Trust
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Posted 25th Mar 2018Posted 25th Mar 2018
Free £10 Amazon Voucher with New Annual Direct Debit Memberships (from £69) at National Trust£69
For those who are interested VoucherCodes are offering a free £10 Amazon Voucher with New Annual Direct Debit Memberships at National Trust. Normally around £5 cashback from Quidc… Read more
View Deal

Yes, adult senior membership. Possibly not much of a saving, I took out the plan last year and they auto renewed.


And that's for the senior membership not adult joint? It's £85.20 for thr England one and with the £10 voucher there's not much of a saving.


I don't know, Scottish NT now costs almost the same. Best to check ahead before you travel.


Thank you. Bloody racist again English people buying Scottish NT passes ;) Outrage on Twitter to follow XD


No - free car parking is for members of the [English] National Trust only.

Newest National Trust Discount Codes:

DiscountNational Trust Discount DetailsExpires
10%10% promo code off with Newsletter Sign-Up @ National Trust31/12/2021
10%10% off Shop Items with this voucher @ National Trust24/09/2021
Get a £5 M&S VoucherSave at National Trust with Get a £5 M&S Voucher when you purchase a National Trust Membership24/09/2021
10%Save 10% at National Trust online shop9/10/2020
10%10% Off @ National Trust Shop for New Accounts29/10/2019