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Decathlon is a major retailer of sporting goods and other fitness related products. With shops located all over the UK and an extensive online selection, anyone who runs, plays football or swims can find the equipment and clothing they need. And they can save money too, thanks to the Decathlon offers at HotUKDeals. How to redeem Decathlon vouchers
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£40 Discount
£40 Discount
£40 off using coupon code @
This is my first deal post so please be kind. Order at Decathlon and enter code CASHFORKIDS40 to get up to £40 off. Order less than £40 and just pay £3.99 postage.

I cant find where you add a promo code on their website either... does anyone know


Aww very disappointed got an email to say the order has been cancelled


I'd imagine the rocket scientist that allowed the code to be multiple use will be getting a stern talking to as well. There is just no way, in the modern interwebbed world, you can release a code like this and only expect one person to use it.


Game over. I think the winner of the coupon is gonna have some explaining to do ;)


Cancelled my order just now, I hope they don't give the prize winner theirs either for sharing the code!! I am very sorry for the cancellation of your order. 'The voucher used was created for a competition for one-person to win £40 to spend towards their trainers in the Great North Run and linked with CashforKids. This voucher was intended for a single use as the competition prize and was not available for usage by others. We certainly did not intend this one off voucher prize to be used by our entire customer base and did not make it available ourselves other than to the competition winner. As such I hope that you will understand that we cannot complete orders made using the incorrect application of the competition voucher code. You will be refunded within the next seven business days depending on your bank. We very much apologise for any inconvenience caused. ​David Commercial Director​

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
£10 Off £50 Spend using coupon code @

Saw this thread today (13th) - it did not seem fair that the discount code said 'expired' when the voucher said 15th, so I rang their customer service department on 0845 4507936, and they apologised and honoured it for me! Do this just before you place the order, and they will ask for the order code, and make the discount. I actually spent £79.99 and the code took £12 off for me!! Hope this helps


Ah that's a shame :( gotta hate it when they give you expiration dates but end early


sadly popup says expired now :(


I have just tried using the code but says invalid - did it all in uppercase - any tips pls?


Working now! Thanks op

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Yonex Nanoflare 380 Sharp Badminton Racket - £69.99 @ Decathlon
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
RRP £120. The next best seller is selling it for £75.99 , however they are nowhere as reputable as Decathlon. Otherwise it's usually priced in the region of £95.99. … Read more

Thank you for the above, I wasn't aware that there were any defects that all.


You are correct is personal preference - from my experience, when you have a head light racket and try to force shots over technique it is less obvious you are damaging your joints with overextension. Compared to a head heavy racket where pain will tell you nearly straight away you are doing it wrong. Increased racket head speed from a racket requires more discipline to maintain (ie timing). It will also inclined to make you lazier on footwork because you can contort your arms in ways you're not supposed to. You can build muscles to compensate for this, but as mentioned imo; its more trouble than its worth. As for issues, its the same for present and previous - Don't have official documentation for the 99 and 'early' batch issues, can you imagine Yonex releasing that? (ninja) Hear it from sellers, obviously you need to know them well before they share this... Past examples would be the AT700, Nanotech 8000X (or whatever that used to be called), FB also had a short stint I think? I ventured onto other brands after those times so I wasn't paying attention to other models, until recently looking at 88D vs 99. Surprisingly 88D is similar (in feel) to the Lining 7000i. Keen to try the 9000d... PS I haven't voted on the deal. (y)


We all have our personal preference and style of play, some players do prefer more head light rackets, so I think it's unfair to say that it's more trouble than it's worth. Do you have any information/links about the defects for the Astrox 99?


Meh, head light rackets, been there done that, more trouble than it's worth. Astorx was good though, however they had a spell of defects for the 99, still giving it a pass. Like you say, got to get back on court first! (zombie)


Good deal

Yonex Astrox 99 4U Badminton Racket (Collection Only: Cambridge, Warrington, Rushden Lakes and a few selected stores) £89.99 @ Decathlon
412° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Collect only: Cambridge, Rushden Lakes, Warrington. This is the lowest I've ever seen it. The next best price (£110) is with, who don't have the best review, this u… Read more

Do you have a link for this at £85 - am looking for a new racket and this looks a great price


The infamous HUKD effect in action! (lol)


I think this has expired, the link gives me a 404 and when I search for it it's coming up for 169.99. Great deal for those than managed to get it!


Thank you for posting. Your thread has been selected for our Highlights section (y)


6 comments since 2013 with one of them blasting this deal which has 400 heat, on Highlights page saying it's crap like other hot deals? (confused) Is that better? Can't see how you can defend a zero contributer whose last comment was to put down what this site is about

Run Dry Men's Running T-shirt Club Yellow 9p (Free Collection / £5.99 Delivery) @ Decathlon
245° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Our runner-designers developed this product for your training sessions in hot conditions and your competitions. The ideal T-shirt for clubs, associations and race organisers. Our b… Read more

If anyone still checking this deal, there are two XL left and plenty XXL




Just ordered last ones from Milton Keynes thanks op


Nice 1 op, ordered 2 xl shirts for 18p, click n collect at my local store


Checked every single store in the UK, nowhere available.

Thule Roof Bike Carrier Proride 591 £89.99 at Decathlon
97° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
cheaper than Halford if anyone interested. Halford is doing it 103.99

Not that I'm aware of


I’m after some Thule aero bars does anyone sell these branded cheaper?


you can get the thule 598 version from here for £80. has volvo branding on it, but that is no issue Aluminium bicycle bike rack Thule ProRIde 598 (


yes, just be carefull on the total weight ie bike + roof box


If i have a roof box on the car, can I slide it to one side and use this at the same time as well?

LAZER COMPACT MTB HELMET - BLACK £17.99 @ Decathlon Free click and collect
180° Expired
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
The ideal helmet for Mountain Biking, Leisure cycling and riding to work. This Compact model from LAZER fits comfortably thanks to the dial adjuster. Suitable for head circumferen… Read more

Thank you!


Thought this was a gaming mouse at a glance!


Well if it makes you feel better I'm a casual cyclist who sometimes rides on the road & have never heard of MIPS. I shall look them up & upgrade to a MIPS helmet. So posting this has been informative to at least one person. Credit @Nitrous too. (y)


Just a quick note I got a MIPS helmet from Costco for£35 and had a built-in led light and well


Haha, not your responsibility to guide peoples purchasing habits. For what it is, it's a good price. But the info is here now, it's up to them to take it or leave it. Some people might not cycle on roads, maybe just stick to cycleways and country paths so a MIPS helmet is probably overkill.

MEN'S Mountain Trekking Padded Jacket (TREK 500) £29.99 + £2.99 del at Decathlon
183° Expired
Posted 18th FebPosted 18th Feb
MEN'S Mountain Trekking Padded Jacket (TREK 500) £29.99 + £2.99 del at Decathlon£32.98
from the website .. This warm padded jacket is made from 70% recycled polyester wadding and is perfect for trekking in cold conditions (up to -10°when active). With its high coll… Read more

Hood £40 + £3 del:


Agreed. Wife just got the hooded version. Obvs bulkier than a high-end brand that costs 3x as much. Great VFM.


-10? Geordie would just be thinking of putting on his T shirt :p


I picked my jacket up from my local Asda today and very please I am with it


I’ve got the version with the hood and it’s a really good jacket. Very warm and feels well made. heat added!

10kg Dumbbell £33.98 delivered @ Decathlon
-194° Expired
Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
10kg Dumbbell £33.98 delivered @ Decathlon£33.98
Decathlon cast iron 10kg Dumbbell. Free store pickups £8.99 Delivery

28mm is a standard measurement, though. Just not in the UK.


Not worth it now it was amazing at first but pointless now.


lol.. (popcorn)


They are the same price & you have to pay the shipping because you cannot collect. Nice try.


By your calculations these are a steal ...

Kettlebell 20 KG - £49.99 (+£6.99 Delivery) @ Decathlon
229° Expired
Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Kettlebell 20 KG - £49.99 (+£6.99 Delivery) @ Decathlon£56.98
Free C&C at selected Decathlon stores, £2.99 at Asda. I know this is RRP but might help someone as these are hard to get at the moment. Our design team developed this kettle… Read more
gregshukla same weight for 42.99 - stock can be hit and. Reserved one in Chadwell heath at time of this comment.


Put one in a rucksack and do squats,I can no longer do barbell squats due to my knees,they about Shag,d,yet can do high rep BW squats which are one of the most undervalued exercises going for cardio and general strength and mobility,built up to doing 100rep set and it really pounds your leg muscles and works your breathing system,heart pounds.My current routine is Chins Dips and Deep knee Bends for five supersets three times a week and it's working really well,as I'm losing weight my reps total reps are increasing which is positive motivation.Anyhiw kettle bells in a rucksack works well for squats and Dips and Chins


I’d go with lighter to begin with. Watch some goblet squats on you tube and try them out with a bag of rice or something to gauge your strength.


If you are doing hiits / tabata where you may need one weight for one move and another weight for another, there may not be time to switch them over. I ended up buying individuals in the end, as the rest periods should be resting, not panicking that you can't switch the weight in time!


Would this 20kg kettlebell be considered good for heavy squats? Or maybe go for half this weight? I'm pretty unfit to be honest😁

SHIMANO CYCLING OVERSHOES S2100D - BLACK £24.99 + £4.99 delivery at Decathlon
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Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
SHIMANO CYCLING OVERSHOES S2100D - BLACK £24.99 + £4.99 delivery at Decathlon£29.98
I've had it with coming back home with my feet soaking wet.. so decided to research various types of overshoes, these ones seem great and have good reviews on Decathlon's website. … Read more

I've got Boardman overshoes in large (should of got XL tbh but none in stock) they just about go over my size 12's so think you'd be ok with XL.


I use a big boot instead when it's raining. Just chuck the bike in the back and off I go. I'll get my coat.


Thats my BD present sorted! Cheers


This is standard price - not a deal. You can get Sealskinz Halo which are properly tough and regularly posted on here for £22.98 delivered . If you have smaller feet and want cheap Caratti deep winter are £7 plus delivery from . You can even get 5 prs of Planet X Flanders oversocks for a tenner and change them every day. Sealskinz hydrostop socks can be found for £20 delivered Personally after messing around with multiple overshoes nothing beats properly fitting winter boots - Fizik R5 Artica for me For flats try Endura MT500 which you can get for £28 delivered - but most overshoes rely upon having a stiffer sole than trainers for the rand to cling onto. Why not stick to walking boots and gaiters.


Thanks, I figured you'd most likely end up sweating on them so I'll pass. I don't like the sound of the wetsuit! I dont often plod along so I think I'll stick to the overshoes I've got and decent, wicking socks.

G100 Waterproof Tall Wellies - Khaki £9.99 (£5.99 Delivery) @ Decathlon
93° Expired
Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
G100 Waterproof Tall Wellies - Khaki £9.99 (£5.99 Delivery) @ Decathlon£15.98
Tall wellies for country walking and other outdoor activities. These super lightweight waterproof boots will keep your feet dry on a rainy day. They are also tear and abrasion res… Read more

I've created a link - never had that happen before ; no idea how


Waterproof wellies now!! What a time to be alive.So much better than Crocs wellies i've got now

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