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DFDS Seaways is a leading ferry operator that connects you from Dover to Calais or Dunkirk, Newhaven to Dieppe, and Portsmouth to Le Havre. The ferry operator also operates ferries to Esbjerg in Denmark and Amsterdam, Holland as well as short cruises, wildlife cruises and cruises for special days such as New Year and so on. Find out more about group bookings, special offers and on board facilities for the various routes from the official website.
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2 Night Cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen £4p/p (£8 total) @ DFDS (Add UK return flights from £20)
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Posted 8th Feb 2020Posted 8th Feb 2020
2 Night Cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen £4p/p (£8 total) @ DFDS (Add UK return flights from £20)£8
Very good price for this 2 night cruise :) The cruise departs Oslo at 16:30 and you will travel overnight to Copenhagen at 09:45 the following morning. The cruise then departs Cop… Read more

For anyone looking to stay at the Stanstead Premier Inn as per the example.... Hope that helps someone! (highfive)


Pay for 2 nights, might get 2 weeks cruise due to Corona (lol)


thank you so much for putting these breaks on, we have had some lovely breaks thanks to you


The UK version won't.


Very tempted, but after that coronavirus cruise ship incident, it may not be a good time to travel I guess?

2 Night Cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen £4.26p/p (£8.52 total) @ DFDS
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Posted 24th Oct 2019Posted 24th Oct 2019
2 Night Cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen £4.26p/p (£8.52 total) @ DFDS£8.52
The page is in Norwegian, it is therefore advised that you use a translation tool (e.g Google translate plugin) to aid you through the booking process. Dates are available for Mond… Read more

Good find... I set sail on Monday for the last deal, can't wait!


Two nights on a ferry on a rough, cold, dark winter sea for five or so hours in Copenhagen, maybe less time if the ferry is delayed. No thanks.


Can you see a fair bit of Copenhagen in a day? Also what's the journey like? I'm not amazing at Sea admittedly, done a 4 hour ferry once and was ok after a tablet but 2 hours whale watching on choppy waters had me sick as a goat.. this seems a very cheap way to visit 2 expensive places but should I just fly to both destinations separately?


Was on this cruise back in 2004. It's 16 hours one side.


Cruise? It's a bl@@dy car ferry, like that one full of geordies from newcastle.

2 night mini return cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen 89p (Min 2 Passengers) - £1.78 total @ DFDS
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Posted 24th Sep 2019Posted 24th Sep 2019
2 night mini return cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen 89p (Min 2 Passengers) - £1.78 total @ DFDS£1.78
Silly price :D Useful if you have already booked a trip to Oslo or are looking for something to do. The page is in Norwegian, it is therefore advised that you use a translation to… Read more

Here we go, about to board! Thanks for the bargain @reindeer333


Is there anything to see on journey? Or I should it all about shopping? How long is trip?


For Cruise read Ferry


Thanks for your post - this is very helpful!


Just back from Copenhagen booked the minicruise when it was offered as a freebie on Danish Diabetes deal a couple of months ago. Had a great time although the offer said 2 minimum it did let me book solo. The food package deal offered is not necessary as there are 2 restaurants that do not need reservations. I ate at both. They do an amazing buffet breakfast at about £14 which will last all day. Cereals, cooked breakfast, pancakes, salad, meat, cheese, bread, fruit, danish pastries and three or four types of yoghurt. There was juice, tea, coffee and hot chocolate to drink. Also options for gluten free soya etc. I noticed that the car passengers brought cool bags on board and there is a hot water tap near the coffee shop that people used to make hot drinks and fill flasks as kettles are not allowed to be used in the cabin. There were trips offered in Oslo which is about a 20 min walk from the port. I flew into Copenhagen for a few days - easy to get from airport 36dkk each way and 26 bus will take you to the port. Ryan air have been doing flights from Stansted at £14.99 when I last looked and Southend has flights at £4.99 showing before I went.

Return flight to Copenhagen + 2 night mini cruise Copenhagen to Oslo £29p/p (£58 total) (Sep - Dec dates / Departing STN) @ DFDS/Ryanair
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Posted 1st Sep 2019Posted 1st Sep 2019
Return flight to Copenhagen + 2 night mini cruise Copenhagen to Oslo £29p/p (£58 total) (Sep - Dec dates / Departing STN) @ DFDS/Ryanair£58
Fantastic price to visit both Denmark and Norway :D The price is based on departing from London Stansted on the 26th October and returning on the 31st October with the cruise lasti… Read more



Looks like you've got a lot of digging to do to make a case! Up to you whether you feel it's worth pursuing. Did you get names of any other passengers do u might try for a combined legal case? Best of luck whatever u do!


Yea, I looked and you can file a claim online with the Irish small claims court equivalent. The grey area is that they said they won't pay because of 'exceptional circumstances'. Basically (in the words of the captain) the flight the day before had a warning light come on which was fixed on the ground before they then flew the next flight out to my departure, during which the warning light came on again and so we couldn't leave until the engineers had "fixed" it again. Then when I made the claim apparently the reason why we left so late was because the previous flight was struck by lightning..... and they say that is exceptional circumstances. Frankly I don't think they are in the right, but as it's Ryanair I don't expect them to obey the law.....


I've done it successfully a few times over the years. Just make sure that you have a watertight case ie that you have correct grounds for the compensation and not what you "think" you are due. If you have good grounds they will probably not defend it and you win your case. Ryanair is an Eire based company so I'm not sure what effect that might have in Court. Give it a go. I think the cost is £35 so you have a lot to gain and not much to lose. Good luck!


Have you done it successfully? It has only been 10months so I could still go down that route, as I hit a brick wall with complaining.

(4 Adults) 2 Night Mini cruise to Amsterdam + 1hr Canal Ride +  Drink at Amsterdam Pub (Aug- Oct dates departing Newcastle) £36.09p/p @ DFDS
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Posted 18th Jul 2019Posted 18th Jul 2019
(4 Adults) 2 Night Mini cruise to Amsterdam + 1hr Canal Ride + Drink at Amsterdam Pub (Aug- Oct dates departing Newcastle) £36.09p/p @ DFDS£144.36
Low price if you fancy a short break :) Select the option with the arrow (1st image below) :) Different dates have differing cabin availability, although the price is based on an… Read more

The deal aside, travelling to the Netherlands is great ( Im currently here with my wife and 2 1/2 yr old) for kids. They cap train costs to i think 27 euros. Rotterdam has a great park for young children (Plaswijck park) and also there is an amazing theme park (Efteling) the school holidays end the last week in August for most of the Dutch children so that first week in September is a great time to visit as its the beginning of the low season.


Was over £450 for flights for the same dates we wanted unfortunately. Figured the kids might fancy the ferry as an adventure, the one time I've done it (back in 2011) I honestly felt like I was still on a boat about two days later. Got a city centre hotel for about £110


Our family love this trip, parents and two small boys. Someone always comes on these threads and says, "Bobbing about in the North Sea for two days isn't my idea of a cruise." Got a laugh once and can't let it go, should be along soon...


It’s worth noting that the transfer from the ship into Amsterdam and back isn’t included and is £14rtn per person


Canal or anal ride....you choose

Return flight to Copenhagen + 2 night mini cruise Copenhagen to Oslo £23p/p (£46 total) (Aug - Dec dates / Depart SEN or STN) @ DFDS/Ryanair
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Posted 1st Jul 2019Posted 1st Jul 2019
Return flight to Copenhagen + 2 night mini cruise Copenhagen to Oslo £23p/p (£46 total) (Aug - Dec dates / Depart SEN or STN) @ DFDS/Ryanair£46
Insane price to visit the Nordics :D Additionally, within your £23 spend, £6 will be donated to the Danish Diabetes Association (the cruise is free in return) :) The price is bas… Read more

It should be your own cabin


Love to do this but so messy with living in the Shire ( as in Devon...heck still waiting on local news in HD (lol) ). As for five countries in three days, I just did 3 in 10 days in the Baltic and that was busy enough. :/


Will I need to share a cabin if I travel on my own and choose a 3 or 4 cabin? Is it cheaper to book food during booking or is it the same price on the ferry?


Then don’t be that guy I guess?


really hate to be that guy but going to places just to tick boxes really is pointless. 9 hours in krakow and an airport hotel in vienna .... i mean the first 2 days just sounds absolutely hellish. each to their own i guess but this really sounds like an awful way to waste 3 days.

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Newcastle to Amsterdam 2 for 1 from £43 DFDS Mini Cruise offer through Blue Light Card (Emergency Services Staff).
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Posted 12th May 2019Posted 12th May 2019
Newcastle to Amsterdam 2 for 1 from £43 DFDS Mini Cruise offer through Blue Light Card (Emergency Services Staff).£43£6534% off
2 for 1 Newcastle to Amsterdam Mini Cruise from £43 through Blue Light Card (Emergency Services Staff) https://www.bluelightcard.co.uk/

It is getting ever so repetitive here it's hardr to spot the spam.


Or buy the Aerolite Medium 25″ Lightweight ABS Hard Shell 4 Wheel Hold Suitcase £28.99 delivered @ Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags for £28.99 and pop it all in there. You may even have room for a midget?


We have done thr mini cruise theres almost no customs on the way back you could carry 2kgs under your arm


I wonder what my mate Philip is up to? Although I will have to drive I saw what he did to his range rover



Visit Copenhagen & Oslo (Including a 2 night return mini cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo) £27 (May / June departures) @ DFDS / Ryanair
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Posted 7th May 2019Posted 7th May 2019
Visit Copenhagen & Oslo (Including a 2 night return mini cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo) £27 (May / June departures) @ DFDS / Ryanair£27
Use the code M9MAJ on the homepage :D Awesome price :D You need to book the cruise and flights separately. I suggest you first decide which dates you can make for the cruise (a… Read more

Thank you Jack Dog :)


OK, in no particular order: Tivoli Gardens - https://www.tivoli.dk/en/ Little Mermaid - it's tiny, but again it's another one of those things you 'have to' see when you're in Copenhagen. You have two options, either walk to it (takes about 20 mins from town along the harbour front and is a nice walk on a good weather day), and you'll also get to see Amelienborg (the palace), the Opera House and Fredrik's Kirke (a big cathederal). Directly behind that is Kastellett, a 15/16C part of the city's defences and now the HQ for PET (the Danish Intelligence Service), you can walk through it and also see the memorial to all fallen Danish service personnel since WW2 , the Eternal Flame is also there. The other option is to do the Canal Boat cruise which you can pick up from Nyhavn (which is also a must see I guess, just don't eat there, it's for tourists!), take the boats on the far side of Nyhavn, not the ones at the top as they're more expensive! The boat takes you to see the Little Mermaid but you can't get off and do the tourist pictures with her. You should do the canal boat cruise anyway as it's a good way to see some of the city you wouldn't otherwise have time to visit. Christiania - it's an eye opener but relatively safe - just make sure you follow their rules (no running, no shouting and NO PHOTOGRAPHS! Although there's lots of pot dealers there (and more besides) it's safe enough). Round the corner from there is Copenhagen Streetfood (Address: Trangravsvej) on Paper Island (check opening hours), there's a load of different types of scoff in there and it's all pretty good and you get a nice view of the city. In the same area is a church called Vor Frelsers Kirke (vorfrelserskirke.dk). This is unusual as you can climb the outside of the spire and it gives a great view of the city - only go up it in good weather! You can get other good views of the city from the Parliament (Christiansborg Slot - www.christiansborg.dk), it used to be free to go up there, not sure now. There's also the Rundetarn (rundetaarn.dk) which is step free as it was designed for some king or other to walk his horse up. Stroget - is a long shopping street in the centre. Take the time to wander the side streets as there's little bits off on both sides. There's also a lot of bars and restaurants in that area, some not bad value. Carlsbery Brewery Tour - If you have time, then the carlsberg Brewery Tour (https://www.visitcarlsberg.com/#) is pretty good (but nowhere near as good as the Guinness tour if you've ever done that). If you do the tour make sure to add on the Jacobsen's tasting session (you get a couple of free beers anyway). Jacobsen's is Carlsberg's craft ale brewery and the tasting session is worth the extra 80NOK - top tip, if you do it make sure the other people on your table are Japanese tourists (or similar) as you'll get more beer and leave a bit pi$$ed :) There used to be a free bus that took you to the brewery as it's in Fredriksburg (a bit out of town) but you'd need to check for this time of year Bars - There's the bodega type which are basically small, smokey bars mostly used by locals, they're good craic but you come out stinking afterwards, they're the cheapest. There's the regular bars which are reasonably priced - The English Pub (opposite Tivoli), The Victoria Pub (Gammeltorv) is ok, then there's Strecker's and The Dubliner on Stroget. Basically there's no shortage of bars, you shouldn't be paying more than 60Kr for a beer and preferably a fair bit less. If you like gin there's the Bird and Churchkey, it's not particularly cheap but it's great for gin! Also try here as well if you get chance https://taphouse.dk it's not the cheapest but it has over 60 beers on tap! Ask for a sample before you choose one! You could also check out Warpigs but it might be a bit out of the way if you don't really know your way around - if you stump up for my flights, hotel and a bit of walking around money I don't mind being your guide ;) Can't really advise on restaurants as we rarely ate out in the centre It's a great city, clean, safe and easy to get around as it's fairly compact. Have a good time


I would be looking at 4 days 3 nights, probably on my own, like architecture/culture/sightseeing, not at all fussed about shopping ;)


Holmenkollen ski jump... Royal Palace Aker Bryggen


Haha.. Arhüs... Obviously 😁

Mini cruise from Newcastle to Amsterdam £30 with DFDS Seaways
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Posted 12th Oct 2018Posted 12th Oct 2018
Mini cruise from Newcastle to Amsterdam £30 with DFDS Seaways£30
Price based on 2 people sharing, return. Selected departures until 29 Dec. Book by 14 Dec.

Takes about 18 hours to get there, you take a 2 hour coach ride to amsterdam, you get about 4-5 if your lucky on motorway traffic. Food on the ship is about 39-50 pp each meal


You sleep on the ferry 2 nights and I love Amsterdam so I'm going to call it a cruise :-) Wouldn't thank you for a trip on one of the big cruise ships that travel round ruining small island economies with a load of people who think they have made it because they spent £8k on a holiday lol


A long ferry crossing is now marketed as a mini cruise? Can I interest you in tickets to the London M25 slow car parade? Perhaps the Heathrow cavity check? Free background checks included and the opportunity to upgrade to the intensive conversation package. Or maybe my patented wallet weight loss plan? How secure is your internet banking? We can test it!


Oh I do like a smoke and a pancake <3


Watch out for the onboard Maritime data roaming charges!!!

DFDS Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry tickets Summer 2018 from £49 Seniors Extra 20% off
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Posted 28th Dec 2017Posted 28th Dec 2017
DFDS Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry tickets Summer 2018 from £49 Seniors Extra 20% off£49
Good news the sale of Newhaven Dieppe are now open up to the 30th September 2018. Tickets were released yesterday according to their twitter post. The fare structure is similar t… Read more

Darn, wish I'd seen this earlier! £221 return for a week at the end of August... but am sure it'd be more of I left it any longer! Thanks for posting x


Wish i knew if my VW transporter is classed as a car or van. Vans are £119 each way :( but the Transporter was converted into a disabled vehicle and has PLG on the V5 doc.


What dates did you book ?


Great price for summer sailings. Managed to get an £85 return in last years sale and enjoyed the trip. Would definitely do this route again.


should have added £49 is for a car and 2 people one way

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