Euro Car Parts discount codes

Euro Car Parts Discount Codes

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Euro Car Parts are the UK’s number one retailer of car components, accessories and tools. They stock everything from Sat Navs and power drills to paints and chassis moulds, and regularly offer big discounts via promo codes. Their latest deals can all be found at HotUKDeals. How to redeem Euro Car Parts vouchers

All Euro Car Parts Voucher & Promo Codes for June 2018

-37%Get Extra 37% off Everything at Euro Car Parts

Conditions:Excludes performance parts, tools, accessories, summer essentials and gifts.

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-37%37% discount off all Purchases @ Euro Car Parts

Expires:in 4 days

Conditions:Excludes performance parts, tools, accessories, summer essentials and gifts. 

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-35%Get Extra 35% off Orders at Euro Car Parts

Minimum spend:£10

Conditions:Excludes performance parts, tools, accessories, summer essentials and gifts.

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-34.5%34.5% discount off all Items @ Euro Car Parts

Conditions:Excludes performance parts, tools, accessories, summer essentials and gifts. 

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-35%35% discount off Car Parts @ Euro Car Parts

Expires:in 1 day

Conditions:Excludes performance parts, tools, accessories, summer essentials and gifts. 

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35% off
35% off Eurocarparts 35% OFF ONLINE*: MID MONTH SALE
Eurocarparts do 35% off (Excludes performance parts, tools & summer essentials) until the midnight of the 20th June. I hope someone will find it useful.

That should be their normal price. What is even the point of having sale 29 days of the month. Just make an actual deal once a month or so and keep the prices low


Topcashback also working with these guys :)


Or relevant sales apart from usual overpriced stuff being sold (with 'discount') to a normal price....


Do they ever have sales with money off the non-car parts?


oh look another sale (annoyed)

33% off
33% off 33% off everything at Euro Car Parts
Euro car parts use code SPRING55 to get 33% off your order

To be far they are cheap and even their branded stuff is competitively priced in my experience. Their customer services is apparently poor but thankfully have not had to use them. The queues in my local store for click and collect is always long due to one person serving most of the time and getting the parts out of the back. One bonus is that they now offer same day delivery on some parts (obviously locally stocked parts) for orders over £10. Have used this service and it was spot on.


overpriced from my own experience. I needed diesel glow plugs - cheapo ones there were £13-14. Every other local supplier were around £10 for branded.


Yep, thanks to this site got Brembo discs and pads for £120. Code was Flash50 I think.


I know for a fact kwik-fit do, had to use them for a cv boot replacement and it got delayed because euro’s sent them the wrong part (lol)


Lol what for?

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Free shipping
Free shipping 35% off car parts online @ euro car parts

Yes already posted but to be fair to the poster they posted this as a voucher which it is and the other one is posted as a deal


Already been posted please remove


I think this has already been posted


If it isn’t at least 40 % off then unfortunately there will be a lot of cold votes :|

50% off
50% off 50% Discount on Brake Discs and Break Pads + Huge Discounts on more @ Eurocarparts
Great offer including Brembo parts ! Also 45% of Filters 40% of Batteries 35% of Oil

I second this. Also, I know this is going to sound weird but check Amazon too.


Brembo pads on the front and rear of my Cooper S and no brake squeal. Came with fitting clips and new screws for mounting the caliper to the sliders/bracket so that was a nice touch. Put Brembos on the front of the MR2 (unfortunately didn't come with clips or screws, though I'd replaced the latter recently anyway) and again no squeal. I know Brembo 4 pots used to squeal badly when people retrofitted them from a 406 to a 306 but unless it's a car specific problem with pads, can't say I've had the same. With regards price/inflation for these offers, I paid £22.02 on the last promotion on 28 April. The same pads on this offer are £19.74.


Watch their prices, they inflate towards the beginning of their discount periods. They are not doing you a favour. If you are lucky enough to get trade, it will make your eyes water, the difference in cost is huge - even compared to a discount code. I.e. pads and discs costing £160 with a discount code can be bought via a trade account for £80.


ECP is the new DFS (lol)


Brembo discs and pads at the front and Ferodo Premier discs and pads at the back...great combo...

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50% off
50% off 50% OFF Air, Oil, Fuel & Pollen Filters - EuroCarParts
Vauxhall Astra H: MANN-FILTER Air Filter £5.70 MANN-FILTER Oil Filter £4.99 MANN-FILTER Cabin Filter Activated Carbon £12

Because it was on the work sheet & shiny clean when I checked. Most importantly, it's listed as being done, good for resale.


How do you know they changed it?


Eurocarparts is always overpriced, they have sister website where you can buy everything much cheaper than in eurocarparts. the funny thing is that everything is send from eurocarparts warehouse. 8)


I don't know if it's any help, but I told my main dealer I wasn't paying £30 to have a 3. 99 pollen filter fitted, so to leave it off. I got £30 off the service bill, but they did it any way. I was prepared to do it myself, but it saved me a job & 3.99. Worth a try if you're in a dealer

50% off
50% off 50% Discount @ Eurocarparts
50% Discount off brake pads/discs using code FLASH50 7pm-9pm

Forgot about them, yes it does pay to shop around. Just had a look though, none of the codes above worked, the one on their site (may12) worked out a £6 more than I paid (£16 more than this).


Just copy the product code and go to "car parts for less".


It was with the 'sale75' that I got my discs/pads last week and they cost just shy of £10 more with that. It's up to 75% off, so just try a few codes and see what works best.


Put sale75 in still works will end soon tho


Use spring55 for 33% off everything else

33% off
33% off 33% off with code and if you will spent 9.99 you'll get free same day delivery - Eurocarparts
33% off use code "CLEAR55" at the checkout. Spent min £9.99 and you will get Free same day delivery.

Thx, I found the clear75 code took more of the final price - just bought a bosh battery. Euro car parts is always a bit random with prices and discounts though so try both.


Worked for me, 33% off some wiper blades, also free standard delivery which is good


As per normal ECP codes, only works on some things and after just having a look at some bulbs (not included) the prices seem to be up too


(excited) you wish. But it's good to use same day delivery when you need something quick and don't have time to wait for ebay delivery.


Hang on, Euro Car Parts is having a sale?! (horror)

50% off
50% off Eurocarparts 50% off all Brake parts
Just been emailed a flash Sale for 50% off all braking parts. Ends at 9.00pm tonight so be quick!

Like others I normally use their sister site carparts4forless. Code still working 5 mins ago. Just had a quick look, not particularly scientific though, and was surprised that this deal came out cheaper that CP4L using code BRAKES18. Problem I’ve found is that the Slough branch are incredibly slow, you end up waiting ages so not great.


LOL absolutely. ECP have been around for ages. They are often the cheapest but like you say it pays to shop around. I posted an ECP deal previously and it got hammered. Lots of ECP trolls around unfortunately.


Never had a problem apart from spark plugs which they swopped immediately for the correct ones. Use them all the time but only if they are cheaper and in stock but always collect so you can confirm you've got the correct bits. I think most of the comments are from people who probably don't like sports direct and sky as well


Yes it’s a subsidiary. But online only so cheaper.


Never had a problem with them but then ive never had to return anything. Ive found their discounts as good as any of the others most of which ive used over time. I tend to return to ECP as ordering is a breeze and free delivery is a bonus. Personally I would go to my local ECP store to return goods. Sounds like they need to improve their Customer Service.

35% off
35% off EuroCarPart 35% to 45% Discount on Brakes, Pads, Oil, Batteries and many more
EuroCarPart is offering 35% to 45% Discount on Brakes, Pads, Oil, Batteries and many more. I just spent Total of £293.93 and got Discount: - £128.77. Awesome. Use code EGG75 a… Read more

Yeah I assume having artificially high prices and offer constant discounts must work as a business model. Check out their prices on eBay for what you should be paying.


Problem with ECP is they Price Hike there prices up every time they do so called Discount Offers.


Best of luck if you need to contact Customer support!


Awesome deal. Thanks.


Pro tip. If buying a battery get Eurocarparts to price match Tayner Batteries and you'll save a packet. Saved £56 last month doing this on just 1 battery.

45% off
45% off eurocarparts - End of month sale upto 45% off
code SALE55 Looks like various items discounted.

Can't go wrong with this offer. Bargain. May buy another 2 bottles at this rate.


Always worth noting the part number from ECP then going to their sister company and searching for that part. Apply any discount code you can find for CP4L - code WEEKEND14 gets 14% off this weekend, you can always get 14-16% off - and see which site is cheaper. They also sell on Ebay so you can search there with the same parts number. If you forgot to see if CP4L is cheaper than ECP, then remember that ECP promise to refund the difference if you can get the same item cheaper elsewhere, including at CP4L. Just contact them and it's a painless refund.


Go gsf car parts get decent parts nearly 60% off all the time


DFS springs to mind with these guys. There's always a sale on.


Upto being the key here, just tried it on a Tamiya Grasshopper (they stock some R/C cars) and it knocked a whopping £1.72 off Erm i'll pass thanks

35% off
35% off 35% OFF Online @ Euro Car Parts till Midnight Sunday
I was looking for tailored car mats and saw the discount. It says the 35% off doesn’t work for performance parts, tools or accessories , however the car mats are classed as accesso… Read more

Eurocarparts will never stop having a sale as there prices are inflated to absorb the discount code. Always check on eBay before going these guys.


Most items they sell can be had for 35% less on Carparts4less / Ebay / Amazon anyway.... So this code its really just a marketing ploy - letting people think they're getting a "deal".


Weekend35 gives 35% off Marchmadness38 gives 38% off But both codes do work


Both codes work :)


Huge heat headed your way! Just saved me £120

35% off
35% off 35% off online Excludes Performance Parts,Tools and Accessories - Valid until midnight on Sunday 04/03/18 only@Euro Car Parts
Please note - Free delivery is not available for N. Ireland orders, International orders, and some out of area postcodes in the UK. A full list of out of area postcodes in … Read more

worth checking ebay, eurocarparts shop as usually cheaper there on bits over cp4l


That’s true mate. I agree with you on that one. (y) (y) (y)


Carparts4less - same company - have 12% and 10% offers on parts and performance parts. Their initial prices are generally cheaper so worth making the comparison between both sites before buying.

50% off
50% off Euro Car Parts Sale - Up to 50% Off using code
Up to 50% Off sale at Euro Car Parts using code "FEB70" At checkout 8)

Less than £12 delivered for air, cabin and oil (bosch) filters, can't complain. It's just a shame there customer service sucks if they send you the wrong parts, lets hope they get this order right.


Surely thats a silly way to compare things. It might be cheaper from Autodoc getting cheap, substandard parts but try using decent parts like Bosch and Brembo Bosch Wiper blades at ECP using code FEB70 will get you 50% off and are cheaper than anywhere else. Sure, you can probably get rubbish chinese ones which last 2 weeks for £5 but you can't compare cheapest parts vs cheapest parts as there's a difference in the quality even between those cheap parts!


Also keep an eye on carparts4less. Europarts - Headlamp - £264.99 less £87.45 = £177.54 CP4L - Same headlamp - £178.32 less 'sale16' £28.53 =£149.79. Just saying you need to check.


Eurocarparts take the total pee Some prices for my car Pollen filter Eurocarparts £31 Autodoc £7 Glow plugs each Eurocarparts £35 Autodoc £9.61 Front brake discs Eurocarparts £37 Autodoc £18 The cheapest brand from each seller was chosen to avoid brand bias, rigging etc. Even with vouchers etc eurocarparts works out ridiculously expensive vs autodoc


Thanks new battery works out £46 delivered

50% off
50% off 50% Off Wiper Blades at Eurocarparts

All blades are overpriced big time.


Ordered and delivered in 90 minutes. Probably take the afternoon to work out how to unclip the old wipers.


Cold for me this. Seam to be generally very expensive blades in the 1st place, for my Golf £47 on here (without the discount) and £18.94 delivered from Amazon. No brainer by from Amazon


50% off for me, also email from euro confirming deal prior to ordering.


That code gives you 50% off wiper blades and 35% off everything else.

£6.39 off
£6.39 off Various parts with 35% (possibly more) discount. Use MID35 at Euro Car Parts
Might be worth a punt for some. i know this is a well trodden site. However I have just bought a set of wiper blades today for almost half price and certainly more than the 35% di… Read more

Lol autodoc! They send from Germany and it takes a week! They also substitute parts I bought a Behr thermostat from them. Ended up with a Stark- cheap Chinese junk. Had an absolute rigmarole getting my money back!


Cheapest at Autodoc for a Note front axle brake disc is £18 or Blueprint was £24 might not be Brembo but under half the price too. Luk clutch kit is £114 with no codes


Autodoc is consistently a FRACTION of the price of eurocarparts, GSF & carparts4less!! Eg Glow plugs Eurocarparts £35 each Autodoc £9 each


Eurocarparts Brembo front Brake Disc Nissan Note £53.29 with code MID35 GSF Brembo front Brake Disc Nissan Note £68.40 with code FORUM40 Eurocarparts Luk Clutch Kit Nissan Note £122.84 with code MID35 supply good GSF Luk Clutch Kit Nissan Note £123.30 with code FORUM40 poor supply LOVE60 only worked for a day at GSF. Eurocarparts code continues to work and they are the cheapest I can find on most items I have checked. So this is a deal unless anyone can tell me otherwise. Anyways I only posted this for those like me who are always looking for parts for my cars. Mega cheap if you can fit yourself. I take to my local garage and still much cheaper than having the garage source and fit the pads themselves. Mark up can be up to 100%.


I’m with you...

50% off
50% off 50% Off Brake Pads and Disks - Ends 9pm TONIGHT - Euro Car Parts

I had to pay someone else to get them checked out as first they were really bad and 1 side was fitted the wrong way. So now they make a little bit of noise but not bad as before. My main concern is if i do change them i would have to pay fitting again


worst thing is their insistance of putting your vehice or reg in..... can't see half the stuff they have if the screen wash isn't recommended for you 2002 micra...


...on the back of the pad :) .... tha never nors with some folk ;)


Copper grease the pads when fitting stops squeaks


Not a mechanic but could there have been another contributing factor to why new pads would squeak? Hope you got it sorted anyway (y)

33% off
33% off £5m stock clearance @ eurocarparts using the code below
Good saving especially on some products from eurocarparts Seem to have a constant offer on Most things you can get cheaper from their sister website But this … Read more

Thanks OP. Just saved myself some money thanks to you. Not sure why this is cold, there may have been bigger discount codes previously but at the moment this is the biggest. Hot :)


Just had a look as I didn't realise they had a retail operation and not just trade. Some prices are cheaper but some work out more expensive than gsf and ECP after the discounts. However certainly will add them to my list of sites to compare. Much more positive suggestion than the EBay marketplace - well done


There's an andrew page in every town.... probably..


Oh dear my point is- If your happy to have your car off the road while the parts arrive in a week or so than I'm sure might get a bargain off eBay but make sure you've ordered the correct bits or it's a bit of pain posting them back. Alternatively do the sums and pick them up half an hour later from your local ECP. Obviously there's also Halfords and the motorist discount retail outlets which may be cheaper on occasions but in my experience it's a rare occasion. I've been into ECP and they won't give you the discount unless you order the parts online first however they will exchange it if you order the wrong part. Also they price is sometimes a little cheaper in the shop but dearer without the discount so I always order online first. But if you know of any RETAIL outlet you can get the bits straight away at a good price please share. However I did just buy a battery from GSF with the 56% discount which someone kindly posted which worked out 5 quid cheaper than the equivalent at ECP


Your point being?.... most stuff on ebay delivered to your door.... 95% of the bargains on here are delivered ;) no biggy

35% off
35% off 35% of this weekend with code at eurocarparts

Must've been a system fault!


Thanks OP. Stumbled across this myself on their website when looking for a battery, and was going to post it before I saw you already had. I'm sure there's cheaper available online, but I need to have it before Monday and they offer collection. Did wonder if it was the case that they had a 'permanent sale'!


Just a joke.


Even with the discount applied, Carparts4less was 28% cheaper for the same parts!


Somebody just posted a 55% off at GSF Car Parts - when I priced up front and rear brake pads at both GSF and EuroCP - GSF came out sloghtly cheaper with the offer, HOWEVER...... my local ECP is much closer than GSF so makes sense to shop at ECP for me

Newest Euro Car Parts Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
37%Get Extra 37% off Everything at Euro Car Parts16/08/2018
37%37% discount off all Purchases @ Euro Car Parts22/06/2018
35%Get Extra 35% off Orders at Euro Car Parts16/08/2018
34.5%34.5% discount off all Items @ Euro Car Parts16/08/2018
35%35% discount off Car Parts @ Euro Car Parts19/06/2018