Euro Car Parts discount codes

Euro Car Parts Discount Codes

348 hot deals
Euro Car Parts are the UK’s number one retailer of car components, accessories and tools. They stock everything from Sat Navs and power drills to paints and chassis moulds, and regularly offer big discounts via promo codes. Their latest deals can all be found at HotUKDeals. How to redeem Euro Car Parts vouchers

All Euro Car Parts Voucher & Promo Codes for December 2018

-37%37% off Everything with this voucher @ Euro Car Parts

Conditions:Excludes performance parts, tools, accessories, summer essentials and gifts. 

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-50%Get Extra 50% off Wiper Blades at Euro Car Parts

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

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-35%35% off Car Parts with this voucher @ Euro Car Parts

Conditions:Excludes performance parts, tools, accessories, summer essentials and gifts.

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-35%35% promo code off Car Parts @ Euro Car Parts

Conditions:Excludes performance parts, tools, accessories, summer essentials and gifts.

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-35%35% promo code off Car Parts @ Euro Car Parts

Conditions:Excludes performance parts, tools, accessories, summer essentials and gifts. 

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50% off
50% off 50% Wiper Blades @ Eurocarparts
I know they have deals on all the time but the wiper blades are rarely included so thought I'd share this one.

Just posted another flash sale with this same code 24 hrs only.




see every comment and this would should be freezing how on earth did this get as much heat :(


Got mine Bosch ones from Bosch selling on Amazon for 17.99


does the code still work ? getting when adding rear wiper blades for and audi a3 -> "One or more of the products you have choosen are not included in the promotion code you have used and will therefore not benefit from the promotion code."

More Info
More Info 50% off Brakes, 50% off Filters, 45% off Batteries, 35% off Oils - Free Delivery @ Euro Car Parts
Get the car ready for winter with some great discounts on service parts.

code still works btw


When does this end? Says 2 days but need a time? Need to speak to my mechanic before ordering.


I agree it is inflated - but I just tried too and it does come out £50 cheaper for my pads and discs with Euro Car Parts. Same for @bb123


They always inflate the prices af, and with the discount you got the same price as in other stores


Battery for my car, exide, 12 quid cheaper on ebay - 1500 sold

50% off
50% off 50% off Brake discs and pads - Flash Sale @ Eurocarparts - ends midnight (Free C&C)
As per title, Performance parts excluded, standard parts only. Works out at £40 for 4 sets of brake pads for me .. seems like a good deal.

Bear in mind that brake discs shown on their website are for single units only and everywhere else i have bought from they come as a pair. £75.00 for discs and pads for my car is pretty good though.


Winter35 knocks of 35%


Need a new car battery, does anyone's crystal ball illuminites when this deal is going live?


Nice one. Ta!


they'll be same price later when the sale ends and the have to deflate the price,

50% off
50% off EuroCarParts 50% car parts
Early Black Friday deal. 50% off car parts. Use code - early

Euro Car Parts are really dodgy with their prices. Like pRiM8 mentioned, they adjust prices before hand. Funnily enough, the code *WEEKEND37* results in a bigger discount than the "early" one which is supposed to give 50% off!


Dodgy with their pricing and pot luck if you get the right part from them at 1st shot.


This 50% off just means they have increased their normal price of the items on sale like they always do. These guys are dodgy AF with their pricing.




(lol) (y) 🏻

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50% off
50% off 50% off Air, Oil, Fuel & Pollen Filters only today in eurocarparts
50% off Air, Oil, Fuel & Pollen Filters

Maybe I'm just lucky but Oil filters for my Hyundai are now£3.32 can't get them cheaper anywhere else.


I don't know how they can get away with this all the time.


Yeap. And if you go on carparts4less website which is own by eurocarpart there are prices lower then eurocarparts web site.


Air, oil and pollen = 26.97..... yet in 'sale' = £25.57 AFTER 50% off....


They are selling a Crossland air filter for 20.99....yet somehow they are also selling it at 13 on their eBay page... its not the fakery of their sales, it the fact they are happy to con people who would still buy if they were just honest about a £2 saving.

More Info
More Info 50% off wiper blades using code @ Eurocarparts
Eurocarparts have a flash sale with 50% off wiper blades for one day only (7 November 2018). Use code FLASH50.

Mine were cheaper here with code RAINGRAM


Have a quick google of your blades you need first, had mine for £30 with discount for front and back where as amazon has them for £22


I never said eBay.


Added 60% on but 50% discount (lol)


Seconded :o

50% off
50% off ECP Flash Sale 50% off Brake pads & Discs - 1 day only
Enter Code FLASH50 at checkout to receive 50% off discs and pads today only. Plus I got free same day delivery.

I bought some McGuire's stuff on a 50% off sale with Europarts....went into the store to collect....cheaper on the shelf without any sale. Conmen.


Ah damn... Just bought a set of brake discs and pads today!!


When I ordered new brakes from them in August they sent me second hand used ones, vowed never to use them again. Against my better judgement ordered 5 Ltr -15 winter screen wash, they sent me 1 ltr All Seasons screen wash. Screen wash must be one of the most basic things you can order from a car part supplier, if they cannot get that right what hope is there? :/


Only exclusion I can see is performance parts


Can’t get it to work, is it only certain brands?

More Info
More Info Eurocarparts Halloween discount - 50% off breaks & filters - 45% off batteries & 35 % off oils
Big discount at Eurocarparts. Can't go wrong if you need anything for your car.

Not like euro parts to have a sale on


Google code for that site? It is cheaper, but not everything available. Thx for heads up (y)


Use carparts4less & Google discount code, far cheaper


Pads and disks. I needed new pads anyway. Good save. (y)


*brakes lol

More Info
More Info Euro Car Parts Mid-Month Sale
Various discounts on filters, brakes, oil, batteries. I got £303 worth of oil, filters and pads for £182. 1 day left.

Terrible customer service... It had taken 5 weeks and a bad review for them to reply to me. I never got my item and it was 6 weeks before I got a refund.. they oversell most of their items and it's not stocked .. my item was in stock and ready L0L. Av0id


Looked at Bosch blades on here with discount it came to £28, however Amazon their £20 and eBay car part supplier £17.99. So they’ve ramped the price up and still after a big discount there still more than 50% more than other suppliers, cold from me!




Happened to be looking at car batteries today. Some were actually still cheaper via Amazon marketplace/eurocarparts, even after the reputed discounts. As they say it always pays to shop around.


Indeed, some security sockets were £5.62 at CP4L and over £25 at ECP. ECP massively inflate their prices in the same way Sports Direct does with its various other brands.

35% off
35% off 35% off car parts online with code at eurocarparts

Europarts...the favourite 'sales' con of them all. Bought stuff with 50% off but you go into the shop to pick up and they are cheaper at full price on the shelf. Liars all


Their marketing approach is interesting. There are rules and regulations around ‘sale’ marketing that prevents businesses from being misleading about whether price is a real reduction or not. Using a constant stream of price fluctuations and discount codes that changes from week to week (without the price of the product changing by more than a few pence each time) allows ECP to skirt this regulation. It may say sale, but it is not. (Note: there may be some exceptions to this in their listings. When it comes to servicing my car, the prices are consistently similar...)


There is no week without vouchers

Free shipping
Free shipping Euro Car Parts discount code
Just got me some nice oil for our TT cheap (£31.75) for 4 litres compared to Audi Lincoln wanting £18 a litre and it’s the one for the 2.0 Ultra Diesel. Link for the oil is https:… Read more

Carparts4less might be even cheaper still


Always used gsf Saw this and they were way cheaper for a pair of front discs and pads


I got some castrol edge 0-30 for about £26 a few months ago and this code makes it £33 so not as good


Wowww seriously


No Way !!

More Info
More Info Euro Car Parts Sale - Service parts 50% Brake Discs and pads 50% Batteries 45% Engine Oils 35%
Euro Car Part sale Discount up to 50% Service parts 50% Brake Discs and pads 50% Batteries 45% Engine Oils 35%

I bought Petronas 4Ltr few months ago for £18.84. Best oil i've ever used. Not a great deal from euro carparts this time.


I've heard that quantum oil is best?


Looking forward to the 50% off oils again need some more castrol edge

37% off
37% off Euro Car Parts 37% Off Weekend (Not all products)
Apply the code WEEKEND37 to your basket to get a reduced price. Excludes performance parts, garage equipment, toys and tech, gifts, clearance and tools. Remember, you can collect… Read more

Car parts for less work out cheaper, same company.


Shock euro have another sale on, its on 247, 365! Big con from euro inflate online prices and discount them to shelf prices 👎👎




Except they put the prices up to cover the extra discount. Was looking at parts earlier in the week, they were cheaper then, and GSF are cheaper now for what I want.


Have you tried searching for Skoda Citigo or Seat Mii instead? Exactly the same car...

50% off
50% off 50% Off Brake Discs & Pads

WED60 was sent out today for GSF. 60% discount.


Just make sure they are not second hand and previously fitted like the brakes they sent me! (poo) Poor customer service too.


I agree that the prices are always about the same with the various vouchers. I use them often and find them reliable they take returns with no quibbles and honour warranties. I have nothing bad to say about them. But yes its always some special discount. I don't mind.


Just bought some rear pads a couple days ago. Just checked the same brand and after discount ECP are still £1.75 dearer than I paid... Phew. No thanks Euro Con Prices!


Euro car parts are the new DFS since the PE acquired it from mr Singh. It’s a joke, provide a good price without the moronic marketing.

35% off
35% off 35-50% off Euro car parts
Hi this might be a late post didnt see it on here so I thought i would share enjoy use "USE CODE: HOLIDAY70"

same thing happened to me after using a 50% discount code


All the 5ltr Auto Finesse products seem to have coincidently increased from £41 to £49 .......


Had a few minor issues on and off but nothing major and always sorted by store. Just a note about the above comments regarding price - from what I gather, the brick-based stores are franchise stores as the invoices I tend to get have another company header with ECP under it. So maybe thats why the prices differ where online is a sep entity. Just a thought :)


Most of what I'm interested in is 50% off. No mention of 70% off other than in the 70 in the code so could just be a reference number rather than indication of discount. Still some decent savings over Amazon for the bits I'm after. Also agree that they are useless but it usually works in my favour once I put a negative review on trustpilot.


same experience,bought a charger online for 99p, went to pick up from store, to my surprise rescued to 45p in a large bucket

37% off
37% off 37% off car parts, this weekend!
Great promo code if you're looking to do some repairs this weekend! From the site: With over 200+ branches nationwide and 130,000 parts available Euro Car Parts is the UK's number… Read more

Was 50% last weekend with sale50. Having used a 35% discount code to order online before I went to the shop, I then reordered whilst standing in the queue as someone told me about sale50! I'm not sure how ecp get away with all this variable pricing stuff. Surprised trading standards allow it.


This is a current discount code posted in the discount code section


Be carful ordering from them. O have ordered brakes twice for two different cars and both times they have given me the wrong ones, despite putting in my car reg on their site. The attitude in store when taking them back is just as ******.


it's available every weekend.. sometimes it's even more discount like 45%


Try carpartsforless same company. I priced up brakes on euro £40. The exact same ones on their sister site £15 with a weekend discount worked out £11

35.50% off
35.50% off Euro car parts online Voucher code applies to everything 33.5% off
Was pricing up roof boxes and came across this code. Gives a good discount seems to work on everything. Ends today

Use CODE SALE50 saved more for me


Wow!!! Your post says everything!! Overly aggressive response!!(shock)


Voted cold as it's not a "deal" it's a normal voucher that they have every week for years..


Do you want me to check it works on every single item they sell?? It worked on everything I put in my basket, hense why I said "seems to work on everything"


Misleading!! Not on everything so cold from me.

More Info
More Info Upto 50% off on Eurocarparts
Bought some parts for half price. Use code SALE50 to get 50% off!

Nice car battery with 40% off!


Yep 50% off a 100% price increased product ill have some of that.


Suppose it depends on oil type maybe? I was gonna order same oil on Opie oils which I've used before, saved about £30 ordering through ECP with free delivery.


Not much of a deal..same car oil was 16£ in November and 20£ 2 weeks, after discount code 21£


I had the same with some brake pads I ordered

53% off
53% off July Sale On Parts and Accessories at Euro Car Parts
Euro Car parts biggest July sale now on. Head on down to grab as much stuff for your vehicle as this will end soon.

Certain parts are listed in stock, nothing turns up and then you get an e-mail weeks later to say its delayed a further few weeks. Ridiculous customer service, but if all is in stock then no complaints.


Just a update.... Car parts 4 less have phoned me LoL. I have been given a refund and I should await a another call from them to discuss a satisfactory result... Let's see... It's now 9.35pm. And no returned phone call..


batteries discount increased this morning until midnight agreed the "original" prce is a joke but the price with the code is the best i could find my car battery all the same


Thank you... I have just left them a 1 star review ...


The prices on line are way overpriced, but with the code the prices are good. Even people in the motor trade dont get those prices over the counter. You can get cheaper bits on eBay, but in the unlikely event they send the right parts, they usually last about 8 months before needing replacing with good quality bits.

Newest Euro Car Parts Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
37%37% off Everything with this voucher @ Euro Car Parts9/02/2019
50%Get Extra 50% off Wiper Blades at Euro Car Parts9/02/2019
35%35% off Car Parts with this voucher @ Euro Car Parts9/02/2019
35%35% promo code off Car Parts @ Euro Car Parts9/02/2019
35%35% promo code off Car Parts @ Euro Car Parts9/02/2019