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Bulk Chia Seeds, 500g for £3.49 or £3.14 Subscribe & Save @ Amazon

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About this deal

I went through the S&S process and was able to get it for 10% with del tomorrow!


About this item
  • High quality Chia Seeds from a leading sports nutrition brand
  • A great source of protein, delivering 20g per 100g. Contains 10g fibre per 25g serving
  • An ultra-convenient wholegrain food source
  • Can be added to meals to boost nutritional value or mixed easily with water
  • Comes in a convenient, resealable pouch to ensure complete freshness
  • Note: packaging may vary for a limited period of time
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    Amazing! You are correct - as they are on BOGOF.
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    What does Chia seeds do for you?
    There's a fair few reasons - not sure how many have been scientifically proven - but I put a spoonful on my cereal to help with fibre and protein intake.

    • calories: 138
    • protein: 4.7 grams
    • fat: 8.7 grams
    • alpha-linolenic acid (ALA): 5 grams
    • carbs: 11.9 grams
    • fiber: 9.8 grams
    • calcium: 14% of the Daily Value (DV)
    • iron: 12% of the DV
    • magnesium: 23% of the DV
    • phosphorus: 20% of the DV
    • zinc: 12% of the DV
    • vitamin B1 (thiamine): 15% of the DV
    • vitamin B3 (niacin): 16% of the DV

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    Costco currently have 4.99 per kilo if you have one nearby and are a member.
    bought few packs other day. Flax seeds & pumpkin seeds are also discounted.
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    Not as cheap as Aldi but good if you don't have an Aldi near you.
    Aldi 200g chia seeds £1.29 or 65p per 100g
    This is 69p per 100g unless you can get it with the 10% off via S&S
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    to release all their nutrients, best to soak Chia seeds before digesting them. I add a tablespoon of soaked chia to my overnight oats daily.
    Yea, i add mine to my breakfast, and leave them for a bit to absorb the milk/water.
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    Are all chia seeds the same? Tomato tomatoe....
    Organic cost more, don't believe white or black chia seeds are any different nutritionally and will cause the same GI distress if you don't consume enough water as they absorb something like x10 their weight in water.
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    Do the offer milled chia seeds?
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    Bulk do some good deals. sometimes be wary if you buy 1kg or 500g as the latter can be cheaper.
    Per 100g you mean?
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    Can’t trust Amazon with anything you put in your body!
    Their Happy Belly own brand peanuts do the opposite!
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    Gotta love Amazon's description!
    Product details
    Flavour Flavor 142
    Brand Bulk
    Item weight 0.5 Grams
    Format *Aerosol*
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    Is there much difference between eating them whole or milled?
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    £2.97 here cheera