Posted 8 February 2023

Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolate Box 530g - £3.99 @ Morrisons

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Update 1
13/03 - Offer is avaialble again
Decent offer on this large 530g Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolate Box from Morrisons, working out at around 75p per 100g.

Currently £5+ elsewhere and only 50p more than the 360g box, so looks to be a good price currently.

A delicious selection swirled, smothered and set in Cadbury chocolate


Caramel Softy
Milk chocolate matched with its caramel sweetheart

Hazelnut Swirl*
Whole roasted hazelnut in a whirl of milk chocolate

White Truffle**
A white chocolate truffle wrapped in milk chocolate

Raspberries & Creme**

White creme filling with raspberry pieces covered in milk chocolate

Orange Truffle**

Milk chocolate truffle with an orange twist

Salted Caramel Charm**

Chewy caramel with a touch of salt enrobed in smooth milk chocolate

Truffle Heart**
Smooth chocolate truffle, locked in a milk chocolate heart

Honey Crunch**
Honey flavour milk chocolate truffle with crunchy pieces

Fudge Duet**

Vanilla flavour fudge covered with milk chocolate

Perfect Praline*
Hazelnut praline encased in a milk chocolate gem

* Contains Nuts
** Contains Soya

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store finder*
Morrisons More details at Morrisons

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    It's a terrible offer! The worst quality choclates imaginable fit only for the bin which is where the last box of these went. Mondelez has ruined Cadburys and the solution is to punish them by not buying their poor quality products until they return to some semblance of what they once were, instead of a name on a box being the only thing. If they didn't have that name no one would ever consider buying this rubbish.
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    You must have been a serious chocoholic to notice. I indulge in chocolate maybe once every couple of month and I haven't noticed any change in the taste of Cadbury products
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    That's mother's day sorted (edited)
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