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Posted 30 July 2023

Cadbury Twirl Mint at Offerton “In-Store” (looks to be National)

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In store: Greater Manchester ·
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I saw these in Co-Op Offerton for 20p

I may get some horrible comments but as these were Limited Edition but I loved them!

I had to get a couple



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  1. hot1805's avatar
    Same in Hoole, Chester
  2. pauladam3954's avatar
    These were 20p in my local so I bought 5 . They were hidden in another aisle so hopefully they’ll be more when I pop in again 😋
    Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    Maybe the staff starting to twig on?
    I know I got some right glares from a female worker there. I took the whole box to the till but took out 4 and left the 4 in the area. Then went back and got the 4 haha. Im not sure the staff realise they are scanning at that price. I think they will now and hide the boxes .

    Mine were dated mostly till 20th Feb 2024
  3. drnkbeer's avatar
    Saw they were "reduced" in my local to 55p on the stand. Maybe in the system they've been knocked down further.

    Shame these are obviously disappearing as I enjoyed them more than the orange ones
    Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    Well I can tell you why they are reducing them. Because these are down as Limited edition on the packaging.

    They may bring them back as a regular item, as that is what they did with the Orange one
  4. RadioactiveDeals's avatar
    65p at my local shop
    Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    Was that the shelf price? The shelf price was still saying 80p on mine. I went to the 3 tesco expresses near me (sad I know) as they were selling them off for 19p but none had any.

    I drive past this co-op on way home and stopped in to check. Said 80p so I took it to self scan anyhows to buy and it said 20p.

    Worth a check if you haven’t check price at the till
  5. suz153's avatar
    Still 55p in my local. Still got one though
    Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    Scanning at 55p too? Ahh that sucks
  6. Iamthemills's avatar
    80p in Bedwas, Caerphilly store
    Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    I tried another one near me and it was showing 80p. Took it to the till and it scanned at 20p
  7. Thomasjhayes's avatar
    Still scanning as 55p in my local co-op, got it home and my wife ate it
    Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    Nooooo! Ahh that’s gutted. It worked at another one near me.
  8. Tanker11's avatar
    Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    I’d still take it to a self scan and check if you can because mine was showing full price but scanned at 20p
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