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Posted 4 October 2023

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II - PS4 / XBOX (Barnes Hill Birmingham)

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Decent price, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is just £15 at ASDA, on all consoles, PS4 and XBOX One & Series X.

PS5 was listed at £15 but appeared to be out of stock.

Spotted at the Barnes Hill, Birmingham store, though chances it may be national.

Good price for this game, not been this price for a while, though was £14.50 from Tesco a few months back, which was quite limited.

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Spotted at £15 for a boxed Xbox copy seems good, special price sticker in Asda (George) Team Valley Retail Park, Gateshead but confirmed in Rochdale and Newport too so seems to be national

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  1. mikewadkins35's avatar
    Ps5 in mine today and stock
  2. Assiel's avatar
    Was the same in Motherwell branch today might be nationwide
  3. placidsheep's avatar
    Seen in Llantrisant for the same price. Held off because game pass ini...(eventually)
  4. TobiRIP's avatar
    Yeah I picked up the last PS5 copy in Hyson Green Nottingham
  5. Wuku_Wuku's avatar
    Just buy a PS5 copy in Altrincham ASDA, but xbox copy is not available.


    Just buy a PS5 copy in Altrincham ASDA, but xbox copy is not available. (edited)
    ChristopherDias's avatar
    Thanks mate, will go there tomorrow morning. How many were left ?
  6. BMO's avatar
    Thank you so much OP! I took a chance on the whim and visited my local branch this morning and grabbed Dead Space and MW 2. I can’t remember the last time I got a deal like this at Asda (probably 10 years ago )
  7. Neil_Nash's avatar
    £35 on Gravesend!!! And they refused to reduce it!
  8. ChristopherDias's avatar
    Anyone know about greater manchester ?
    FTheK's avatar
    Same price Reddish Superstore
  9. buliztik's avatar
    Barcode for MW2 on PS5 is:


    Use it in the Asda Scan & Go app to see if your local Asda has it at the same price
    bob_hoskins's avatar
    Couldn't figure out how to get the app working as typing in the code for the game brought it up but didn't say the price or stock or anything.
  10. Phillip_Laidler's avatar
    Xbox 15 quid in wisbech and dead space 20 quid. Labelled at full price but scan correctly at CS
  11. bob_hoskins's avatar
    Did try Asda Barrhead but they don't allow you to buy them at the regular checkout and instead send you to the kiosk.

    The kiosk can't do it on their own either and call for assistance. They call for assistance again. The customer leaves as they can't be bothered to wait any longer.

    So, unsure about stock at Barrhead (didn't have PS4 or PS5 boxes out - just xbox), but I'm sure they won't sell too many to those with kids getting testy at waiting
  12. bob_hoskins's avatar
    Was at Glasgow Forge today and they had no stock of PS4 but some of xbox.

    Picked up one copy in xbox.

    PS5 shelf edge label was there but no dummy boxes so assume none.
  13. Mike199991's avatar
    Still on but when I took the case to the till they claimed to have none in stock in 2 Asda’s in Nottingham
  14. Mike199991's avatar
    In stock in Asda Langley mill. Not on the shelf you have to ask a member of staff to check if it’s in stock they’ll go to the cabinet and pull it out
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