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Posted 5 August 2023

Credit Score Mastery: Unlock the Secrets to Rapidly Raising Your Score to 800 and Beyond - Kindle Edition

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How to build your credit score to upwards of 650… 700… even 800+ with these simple financial habits.Do you know why applying for a credit card can hurt your score? Or how carrying a balance affects your credit in more ways than one?

According to a recent survey from Capital One, these are some of the top “credit myths” that cause people to lower their credit score without even realizing it or understanding why.

It’s not their fault, though. The truth is many institutions make managing your credit more complicated than it needs to be.

In fact, the difference between people with high credit scores and those with lower scores has less to do with their knowledge or how much money they make… and more to do with a particular set of habits they practice on a regular basis.

These are habits that don’t just raise and maintain strong credit scores but also lead to powerful financial security and peace of mind.

This book covers these basic “Habits of Credit Mastery” that the credit elite use to create financial independence for themselves. It breaks down the core components of what makes up your credit score, and shows you how to develop a credit-building routine, one step at a time.

Here are just a few of the “insider secrets” you’ll discover inside this book:

  • 7 of the basic financial habits that people with “exceptional” credit use to achieve and maintain scores of over 800+. (This surprisingly has very little to do with how much you make and revolves around what you do with your money)
  • How having more than one credit card can help you build your credit - and how to know when to stop applying for new accounts
  • The 4 key mistakes to watch out for when checking your credit report. (These mistakes may seem small, but if they go unnoticed long enough, they could potentially have severe consequences on your financial life)
  • 9 of the worst financial moves that send people’s credit plummeting, plus what you can do to prevent your credit from taking a hit.
  • How to adopt the beliefs of the “credit elite,” and how this differs from the average adult. (This ultimately comes down to the same fundamental principles of money management. There aren’t any hacks necessarily, just certain ways of understanding how money works)
  • The 5 most critical factors that determine your credit score, and techniques you can use to improve each aspect of your score (The top factor alone accounts for over a third of how credit agencies calculate your rating)
  • How to check your credit report for free. (And why you should make a habit of regularly comparing credit reports from different agencies)
  • 9 step-by-step exercises to help you apply the key Habits of Credit Mastery to your own life. (These are designed to be easy and straightforward enough for anyone to use, without any financial jargon or complex calculations. As long as you follow the steps, this can help keep you on track to building back your credit)
And much more!

Now you can finally take control of your finances, without the overwhelm of figuring things out yourself. By adopting these Habits of Credit Mastery, you’ll naturally develop the skills and financial understanding that can allow you to kiss your money worries goodbye.

These habits are simple enough that anyone can use them to improve their credit score while setting themselves up for long-term wealth at the same time. So even if you feel behind or uncertain about your future, this book provides a step-by-step roadmap that can help you fast-track your way to financial stability and freedom.If you’re ready to take charge of your financial future and build back your credit for good, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.
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  1. benchaud's avatar
    Read up credit reports on moneysavingexpert has everything you will ever need to know
  2. hamsterboy's avatar
    Has anyone made the eBay joke yet?

    I bought a book on eBay called "How to Scam on eBay". It still hasn't arrived.
  3. Newbold's avatar
    Tip number one:

    Steer well clear of HUKD.
    BodisBest's avatar

    Top 3 tips going by some of the comments on here.
    "Don't want or need it but, buying another Kindle anyway, At that price!"
  4. JellyBaby88's avatar
    Useful if you live in america, where credit scores actually mean something but not in the UK. The numbers are just made up by the credit reference agencies. If you ever go bankrupt ( which I have ) I got a score of 999. It's what is contained within the credit file that should be checked to make sure it is correct.

    I hope nobody is wasting money to pay for this either. (edited)
  5. ninp's avatar
    79p now
  6. FleetFanatic's avatar

    Numbers are notional. What’s actually on your credit file is what matters.

    Don’t knock your debts, don’t max out your credit lines & pay stuff on time.

    You’re welcome.

    This time last year my credit rating was poor after some CCJ a few years earlier. We hit a financial wall, I did still pay them off eventually but obviously they are no longer on my file.

    August last year was huge as it meant we passed the credit checks for our house purchase in October. Now, in the middle of a cost of living crisis we are richer than we have ever been - makes no sense really.

    Lessons learnt about not paying debts!
    DigiDevil's avatar
    How did you get a 253 increase? I'm currently hovering around 600 because I owed PayPal £3 and I barely ever log into that app...but even before that I only hit about 700.
  7. mrTea67's avatar
    There should be one called Master you spending,thats more important.
  8. wanderer_forest's avatar
    Want to live free?

    Borrow less. Debt is enslavement.
    herrbz's avatar
    Want a good credit rating? You need to have had debt.

    That's how they get you.
  9. bozo007's avatar
    Unlike the US, lenders in UK actually don't use the credit score in lending decisions. Every bank has their own criteria and it is quite normal to be declined for a credit card with a high income and 900+ credit score.
  10. Tedman's avatar
    It’s free. Vote hot!  
  11. davidbrent's avatar
    I just checked my credit score for the first time ever...its over 900, thats pretty good isnt it?! Probably helps I I'm a tight fisted social recluse with an aversion to people and loans. (edited)
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    When we going for a beer then?
  12. mchcreations's avatar
    Can anyone make a 5 line summary ?
  13. SahmeeP's avatar
    Lots of interesting comments on here about how credit scores are pointless in the UK, but this book has a more significant failing: the "E" of "SCORE" on the cover is made to look like it's on a reel like a fruit machine (not clear why - perhaps to attract gamblers with rubbish credit scores?), but the letter above it is another E (or possibly an L). Surely it should be a D or and F. Unacceptable.
  14. deleted2919055's avatar
    Hey, you've got excellent credit, apply for a credit card.
    Oops we've reduced your score because you applied for a credit card.
    Oops we've reduced your score because you used your new credit card and have a balance on it.

    scores are meaningless.
  15. plasticleaf108's avatar
  16. BodisBest's avatar
  17. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP
  18. swall101's avatar
    It’s based on American system?
  19. xxxxbrettxxxx's avatar
    Thanks OP
  20. Amin_'s avatar
    Thought I'd share the credit score lesson I learnt last year...

    Before getting a mortgage I worked aggressively to increase my credit score and applied for a credit card just for that, actually starter about 3 years before. Paid everything off monthly, applied for a different card cos the credit limit wasn't budging, electoral roll etc. Checked my credit score on multiple apps, was a bit fun watching the number jump around nonsensically.

    I don't like credit cards and didn't want one, I was happy budgeting on my Monzo but I thought it was needed.

    Turns out, a mortgage is a 'secured' loan, and a higher credit score does not matter one bit. As long as there isn't anything negative on my file (which there wasn't, as I never had a credit card or missed any payments before), it really didn't matter.

    Got the mortgage, would've gotten the mortgage if I did nothing to improve my 'default' score. I guess I can get a good rate on car finance now? If that's how it works? No interest in financing a car ever. Don't have that sort of income.
    Newbold's avatar
    Secured or not, what you did will have considerably improved your prospects of the loan on property. No lender wants the hassle and complications of selling the property on which a loan is secured to repay the debt.
  21. DealHub's avatar
    We paid our mortgage off in February 2023, when will my credit score increase again?
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