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Posted 26 November 2022

2022 Hundred Teams Cricket shirts reduced to £15 + £5.99 delivery @ The Hundred

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All teams shirts available including the ones worn by the victorious Trent Rockets men. Reduced from £50-£15 most sizes still available. Ladies and children's also available.
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  1. Avatar
    Crazy to think these key stage 2 design hundred tee are normally £50
  2. Avatar
    Apparently if you lick it, it tastes of prawns?
    That's what she said.
  3. Avatar
    Why is all the ll t shirt in this competition crisp sponsors I'm I missing something??
    KP sponsored the whole competition, so each team wore one of the brands on their shirt
  4. Avatar
    Oppose the 16.4
    I'm a fan of The Hundred & 20
  5. Avatar
    Did Skips CC win The Hundred this year? Or was it KP Nuts CC?
  6. Avatar
    Football needs more shirts sponsored by food and drink, even more so if they match the shirt to the packaging
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    Would’ve bought one but one thing stopped me, the bleeding cazoo sponsor on the sleeve, I can’t STAND cars and cazoo is everywhere they’re a bleeding nuisance, nice shirt otherwise 
    Yeah hate cars, prefer walking
  8. Avatar
    Love the designs of some of these shirts.
    Agreed! I have bought 7 of the teams shirts; left out the Oval Invincibles...yuck!

    At this price it's silly to say no.
  9. Avatar
    Great deal tbf. Just gutted I’ve already got mine.
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  11. Avatar
    Good price and a great series
  12. Avatar
    Great price, but £5.99 for posting a t-shirt though
    Agreed...but when you buy 7 lol £5.99 isn't too bad! Summer wardrobe sorted!
  13. Avatar
    What is a cricket shirts material? Is it like a polo shirt or like a football shirt?
  14. Avatar
    Boo my size is out of stock 😔
  15. Avatar
    These would be really nice shirts without the crisps logos!
  16. Avatar
    That sponsor is horrible
  17. Avatar
    This format is too long. We need a new one where its just 30 balls each side.
    There is a T10 league on now in Dubai
  18. Avatar
    Thanks OP! Ordered one for my friend's birthday!
  19. Avatar
    Skips are way more expensive than the last time I bought them
    Do-op charge £2.15 for a multipack of 6, was a quid in Tesco last year!
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    I hear this is happening as all the shirts are changing for 2023.
    Just a warning
    Surprised they didn't change last season to make the most of getting money out of them.

    £15 for the original shirt from the hundred though...
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    This is too much, basically devalued since the 2022 season is over. Should be reduced to a tenner or less, if really reduced.
    how are you actually complaining about £20(w/delivery) for a £50 shirt?? football shirts never get this low so frankly anything less than £25 for a shirt for me is perfect
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    Shame about the crisp sponsors
    Better than sports betting
  23. Avatar
    Good deal if you like franchise cricket.  This will destroy the 18. County system 
    I’ll stick to my county , Somerset la,la,la 
  24. Avatar
    Wish they'd sent out an email to people that bought tickets notifying them, site is crashing now and can't order but prob seen it relatively late here just seen this was posted on 26th November! Would've been a great Xmas present (edited)