Something wicked this way comes!

As the nights get colder and darkness grows
Something is lingering in the shadows
It sounds like a Flamedeer? Yes, and more than a few...
You’d better catch them, before they catch you!

How to play... if you dare

From 27/10/2020 15:00 until 02/11/2020 15:00, an assortment of festive creatures known as Flamedeer can be found frolicking through the hotukdeals landscape, popping up any time of day or night. To have yourself the merriest of hunts though, don't just stick to the hotukdeals website - there's an avalanche of tips and clues on our social media sites so make sure you stay ahead of the hunt by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Once you find a Flamedeer, click it to catch it. Caught deer will be automatically added to your collectors handbook. Some deer are only valuable in packs of 3. The white Flamedeer is quite common, so expect to encounter many. The silver deer are more rare while the golden Flamedeer is your ticket to win!

You can also catch Flamedeer on the official hotukdeals apps! Just make sure you’re running the latest versions. Once a Flamedeer is successfully caught you’ll be directed to the web version of hotukdeals to view your collection.

From Pepper With Love

As you will notice, we kept some of the most elusive Flamedeers for our most active users. Of course, lots of prizes can still be snatched by everyone, but we'd like to say a big thank you to the users who are helping the community the most, it's just fair! Don't worry if you just joined though: even our most dedicated old-timers started just like you – continue participating and you'll have access to all the collections next year!


The savviest hunters can also trade Flamedeer with other members and complete their collections by working together. You cannot trade Flamedeer via the official app but you will receive a notification when a trade has been requested. You can then view these on the website.

Please note:

Posting deals using the word Flamedeer, or voting like crazy, will not increase the likelihood of our Flamedeer appearing for you; in fact, it will usually make it less likely. Constant refreshing of the site will not help you either, in fact, our Flamedeer are rather shy and usually wait a bit before showing up.

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Instant Win Prizes

Collect these Flamedeer to instantly win one of these prizes

Win 1 of 25 £25 Argos vouchers!Required badge(s): Hotspot - Level 3
Win 1 of 10 £25 John Lewis vouchers!Required badge(s): Loved
Win 1 of 25 £25 M&S vouchers!Required badge(s): Contributor - Level 2
Win 1 of 400 £5 Amazon vouchers!Catch the Pumpkin Flamedeer to WIN!

Collect & Win Prizes

Collect all three Flamedeer in a set to win one of these prizes

Win 1 of 15 Xiaomi Band 5s!Collect all 3 Nightshade Flamedeer to WIN!
Win 1 of 5 £50 Curry's PC World vouchers!Collect all 3 Jason Flamedeer to WIN!
Win 1 of 6 Echo Show 8s!Collect all 3 Mummy Flamedeer to WIN!
Win 1 of 3 PlayStation 5 Digitals!Collect all 3 Clown Flamedeer to WIN!

Special Collect & Win Prizes

For our most active members only – you're a VIP! Collect all 3 of a set to win one of these prizes

Win 1 of 25 Flamedeer tote bags!Required badge(s): Deerhunter
Win 1 of 25 Flamedeer plush toys!Required badge(s): Deerhunter

Terms and conditions:

1. Members only, all members welcome 2. Badges for restricted collections must be won before the start of the game. 3. Cheating? Spamming? Trolling? You’re out. 4. We will contact the winners and announce them on the site. 5. Please read complete T&Cs ;)

Terms & Conditions