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Posted 18 July 2023

Dead Island 2 - Day One Edition (PS5 / Xbox X & One - £34.99 / PS4 - £32.99) - PEGI 18

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The zombie hordes are ravenous and waiting. Dead Island 2 is here and it's down to you to save humanity, or just kill a ton of zombies! You've been bitten and infected but instead of turning into a flesh-eating monster, you've developed extra powers.

You just have to learn to harness these skills to become the ultimate zombie slayer. Battle your way across the iconic and blood-drenched City of Angels or, as it's more commonly known now – HELL A.

Explore the sandbox open world, discover the truth behind the outbreak and, most importantly, show those undead decedents who's boss.


Metacritic PS5 (73)

Metacritic Xbox X (76)

Good to know

- Use as many brutal methods you can think of to slay your foes with both firearms and melee weapons galore
- There's loads of different breeds of zombie from slow, menacing Shamblers to ear-splitting Screamers
- Choose from one of 6 characters with unique skills, individual dialogues and a badass personality to boot
- Enjoy watching the blood splatter and guts fly with the updated graphics – it's beautiful in its own way
- Assemble a team of up to 3 people for the ultimate co-op adventure
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  1. pannan's avatar
    Xbox same price on amazon but there's the £5 off voucher
    Player_1's avatar
    £5 off voucher?
  2. Bodger77's avatar
    Love this game - it’s brill. Especially Co-op
  3. UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    On offer on the PSN store atm too
  4. Hazzsta's avatar
    Playing this on PC. It's a very straightforward and uncomplicated FPS slasher which is very refreshing to not be overwhelmed with a giant map and complex systems. Great fun in that it's keeping me coming back for more.
  5. dannyscun's avatar
    Great deal, CEX still giving £21 cash / £30 trade in too.
  6. mark077's avatar
    100% in around 20 hours, about the same as Ratchet for me. Great game.
  7. anttony's avatar
    Good fun (on pc) but not a huge fan of combat. It feels disconnected when the zombies try and claw you.. sometimes you feel you are far enough out the way but they swing and you get caught.. hard to explain but somethings not right for me!
  8. darkstryder360's avatar
    £15 Turkey PSN
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