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PUMA PROTRAIN MEDIUM BAG ( 50L) Free C+C £7.99 @ Decathlon
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Puma medium sports bag C+C

Great deal


Yeah , Spotted them but the quality should be far better with the puma bags for the price given the discount margin


This seems to be a better deal if you can get away with 40L


Thanks Ordered 4 to solve storage solution as an alternative to 4 plastic boxes that i could not get hold of the correct sizes needed. These will squeeze into position if need be. Free Home delivery over £30 as well .

QUECHUA NH100 10-L HIKING BACKPACK 3 colors – for £1.59 Free C&C @ Decathlon
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
PRODUCT BENEFITS CAPACITY 10 litres CARRYING COMFORT Foam-filled back and straps. Thumb loops. VENTILATION Simple back and straps without ventilation system. MULTIPL… Read more

If you dont buy this bag, that's another 2 weeks of potatoes then.


Thanks OP, just ordered. Black one, full price + £0.99 delivery to my local asda. Perfect! Heat added too! ;) (y)


Someone forgot to teach you about the value of money alongside a lesson of perspective being everything. Just because you wipe your own backside on £5 notes doesn't mean some of us couldn't serve a 2-course meal for less than £2! That 90p saving is a weeks worth of potatoes in my house of 4. Not that I want you to feel like your "better" than anyone else, but shove your snobbish attitude of this forum if you're going to belittle people's opinion like that with zero qualification of your own attitude!


I have about ten of these.


Absolutely. It's just for me it adversely affected usability so much it's a deal breaker. Aside from this it's a great bag for £2.49 and a steal for £1.59. I'd buy it at £3 with dual sliders on the zip.

B'Twin Ultra 520 AF GF £879.99 @ Decathlon
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Great deal on a bike with hydraulic disc brakes and decent wheels with thru axles / components (deda / fizik). Difficult to find hydraulic discs in this price range. I'm consider… Read more
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Same here, I'd like to think no-one could genuinely be that daft but worryingly it looks like they're not joking....seems like they chose the wrong username. Great price for the bike particularly hydraulic disc brakes which I much prefer over rim brakes.


Of course I am. They use the road. They should pay. They cause accidents, they should be insured. Common Sense? :) (y) :D


I'm actually worried you are serious now...


The congestion is caused by cyclists, who are too slow for many roads. Some idiots cycle on the road when there is a dedicated cycle lane. Introduce a cycle tax and compulsory insurance scheme and use the money to fund cycle lanes. Since these cycles are cheaper than cars and they save money on transport, £100 a year should be the cycle tax.


I'm so glad my size is sold out. I'd find it hard to resist this deal.

Solognac Steppe 500 Jacket Camo Island for £13.99 @ Decathlon - free c&c
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Quality jacket. Great value at the moment. Limited sizes. Free store collection available. :) Multipocket jacket, comfortable and durable. ABRASION RESISTANCE Component… Read more
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Good, save me £13.99 :)


what is this ?


Tell that to Raoul Moat


3XL left but the sizing in that store is bad ! That will more likely be like a true XL


(mad) L not available

ITIWIT 10ft 7ins inflatable SUP (Stand-up paddle board) - £269.99 @ Decathlon
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
2017 model with bag but not paddle. Cracking price for a decent beginner SUP.
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Then maybe you should know a bit more by now ... (lol)


Only a few years experience 😄


You are nuts. You know nothing about SUP.


Also, Red Paddle boards that you recommend are three times the price. So not a decent comparison


There you go then whatever you say, I just don't want anyone wasting their money on a board that might not be suitable before they do their homework. But that's up to them! It's a predictable response because this is what the board is worth.

Cheapest complete Shimano 105 groupset - B'TWIN ULTRA 900 AF ROAD BIKE - 105 - £699.99 @ Decathlon
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Bought this bike in November for £799. After a long research found that it was cheapest complete Shimano 105 bike. Now £699, I'm gutted but hopefully someone else can benefit
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Thanks bud, much appreciated. Total newbie here XD


That's a wide question, depends cleats or no cleats, what type of cleats... I can say that although it says no pedals I received this bike with basic pedals. I swapped those for I find dual pedals most convenient so you can ride with or without cleats


Could anyone recommend pedals for this?


The weight limit of 100kg is applied across pretty much all bikes with the only exception I know of being a rather robust folding bike. The one with the instant fold I forget the name of. They also have some history of frame failures with one model having 4 years production recalled and another where only the largest rockrider frames (i.e. tallest heaviest riders) were failing with some examples only weeks after purchase. I've seen comments where it was stated the bikes appear to have the same rider weight limits as many bikes sold in China itself who as we know tend to be shorter lighter people. It's quite possible using frames to the spec as retail Chinese models with reduced strengthening saves btwin some money. I have to say though I bought a cheap Btwin rockrider frame its the Rockrider 500 model and it seems very well made and strong. However on a visit to a Decathlon store perhaps 6 months ago I saw the current models which do not look anywhere near as strong. It's a wierd thing though to state 100kg for all bikes. Heavy city bikes should be able to take more weight you would think but the manual lists them all at the same level. In my opinion though we should take btwin at their word and the specifications they give. If you wish to use a bike beyond its load capacity you can but for heavier riders at least btwin should not be recommended until their weight limits increase. I do plan to ride my Rockrider bike when assembled despite being over their 80-85kg rider weight limit (bike will be 14-15kg when assembled) it will probably be a bit of an abomination as I'm using older components I have that have been lying about, it might end up with a disc brake at the front and V at the back etc..


Quite alot of the lighter wheel sets have weight limits of 100Kg - if Decathlon put such a set of wheels on a bike then regardless of frame strength, the whole bike weight limit will be set at that of the lowest part - more likely the wheels than the frame in most cases. Ironically, cheaper bikes using cheaper wheelsets often have a higher weight limit because they have robust but heavy wheels.

Forclaz Trek100 Men's Mountain Trekking Down Jacket - Black/Blue/Sepia for £14.99 @ Decathlon (Also Women's Available, Free C&C)
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Men's lightweight down jackets available in most sizes. Free store collection available. Our team of mountain trekking enthusiasts has developed this padded jacket for trekking… Read more
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Just got something very similar to this for £16 at Tesco.


Not for me, I didn't liked the elastic hand cuffs.


where do you live... just curious being your clothing ideas there... :/


Taping some old newspapers around you would be warmer than these jackets.....


Nice looking jacket. Picked one up in the Reading store this afternoon. Looks like they had just been put out. There is this one without a hood for £15.99 and one with a hood for £19.99. Thanks OP.

4 Person inflatable tent: QUECHUA AIR SECONDS 4 XL FAMILY CAMPING TENT - Half price at Decathlon - £99.99
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Just spotted this and looks a great deal. I've looked on hukd and it was posted this price in November so worthy of a re post at this price. Great for summer hols or glamping. F… Read more
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They are in mine - enough space for three of 'em! XD


Derived from mankind, meaning human race not sex-specific.


Sorted. Thanks.


Look above, I've listed which pump and adapters. Decathlon sell an adapter kit for £1.99 or a complete pump for under a tenner.


Great deal. Thanks op. Now delivered. What are people using to inflate. My Paddle board pump should do it but don't have right attachments.

Domyos 500 Gym Stretching Hooded Jackets - Black / Light Grey for £7.99 @ Decathlon (Free C&C)
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Good value gym hoodies. Available in all sizes atop. Now on clearance with free store collection. 500 Gym Stretching Hooded Jacket - Light Grey Our designers developed this… Read more
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haha, it's bloody hard work maintaining it though!


Apologies for the delayed response... I think they would be a bit too baggy for you tbh.. 28"? Ha, I remember those were the days.. (embarrassed)


I'm 28" waist , would these be ridiculous on me? Looking for some skinny ones like the decathlon ones! Would be perfect.


Picked up my hoodies today and they are excellent for the money. I also took a punt on some £2.99 Domyos bottoms for a laugh. They are apparently supposed to be a 41in waist ( my other half is excellent on the old sewing machine ) and thought I would adjust them.. Firstly they are no way a 41in ( I would say they are around a 36 ), unless they are a super skinny fit, secondly they have a back pocket ( win for me ) and lastly they even come with decent hangers (shock) I liked them so much I just bought another 10 pairs for the grand total of 29.99 (party)


Heated. Good spot OP. I love using Decathlon stuff for cheap training gear. I will load up on the black hoodies. If you are an elite level runner you will prob buy proper gear but if you are like me and just getting into regular running their stuff is perfect. I highly recc the £1.99 tees and £3.99 base layer bottoms. The fit is really good, they dry really quickly once washed and they actually take a fair amount of hammer. Top and bottoms for a quick training session = £6 (y)

QUECHUA Travel 100 Warm Men's Shirt Blue - £4.99 @ Decathlon - free c&c
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Excellent value travel shirt. Available in all sizes S - 3XL,. Free store collection available. Our backpacker-designers created this shirt for travelling around the world with… Read more
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Sadly only available for delivery in the North. CORRECTION, IT IS AVAILABLE FOR CLICK AND COLLECT. Said not on store page, but allows it when ordering. Heated.


Thanks will do. No shops near me so ordered 6 and a bag for free delivery. Heat added and thanks OP


I went a size up. I'm usually an M in tshirts but got L in this as I prefer lose fitting shirts, and it fits well. Not that baggy TBH, so maybe go a size up yourself if like me you don't like a fitted look?


Can I ask is the sizing true please?

Child’s wind proof jacket, bargain at £3.49 age 12 and 14 available but may be suitable for someone and free delivery today at Decathlon
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Ideal for any teenage runners in your family. i have checked the description and it doesn’t really stop wind so still have to hold back on the Brussels sprouts this Christmas,, :D



just ordered one for my granddaughter


How thick is it please?


Great price


Ordered thanks. Great stocking filler for my little Parkrunner (y)

Free delivery on all Decathlon orders - Sunday 16th only. E.g 10 litre Quechua backpack £2.49 delivered
Refreshed 16th Dec 2018Refreshed 16th Dec 2018
Free delivery on all Decathlon orders for today only (Sunday 16 December). No minimum order by the looks of it. Plenty of options, e.g 10l Quechua backpack for £2.49 delivered. … Read more

Just had that wedze top indicated above delivered and for 3.99 looks a decent top to wear as an inner long sleeve top in winter or outer for summer


It’s a partnership, D is French, also the largest sports retailer in the world.


Brands eh! I’ve got some Primark cotton ones for £1.50 each that have lasted 5 years with loads of winter use, my expensive apparently cycling ones fell to bits like yours after 2 years!! Meant to be solid given their proposed active use, my arse. Even the H&M ones I got in the sale have lasted. Yes in winter I’m a cold tattie, I feel it, experience has me feeling spending more has never worked.


My nearest Decathlon is actually in an Asda store for some reason. C+C becomes moot as reserved stock would only shift a couple of yards anyway from one counter to another. Does Walmart own Decathlon?


Thanks OP, used, saves me a drive to the store

Roe Deer Special Cartridge £6.99 @ Decathlon
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Designed for the tracker on big game drives. Suitable for standing guns on fox or roe deer drives.
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Wouldn’t post this to try get a Flamedeer :( poor deer


I’ll try anything right now to get me my gold


Wonder it this will help be bag a gold flamedeer




Might be by the 25th. (shock)

Decathlon Slough are offering a free bike check
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019LocalLocalFound 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
Saw this in store and its a free bike check, they will give you a report on the Condition and an estimate of any work that may need doing. No obligation and their charges are chea… Read more
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dont get how this is a deal?


Bike checks are free at Halfords, always have been as far as I know too


That's a different shop altogether


You too (y)


On ya bike

QUECHUA ULTRA COMPACT 10 LITRE BLACK RUCKSACK £1.99 free delivery @ Decathlon (free C&C)
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
HOW IS BACKPACK VOLUME MEASURED? The volume of each backpack is measured using a standardised method: we fill the main compartment as well as each pocket with little balls. We then… Read more
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Anyone else received spam calls since creating an account with this company ?


Cheers 2 bags and a pair of boots .


Decathlon are doing free delivery today on Cyber Monday


Older ones seem better looking!


You need a military grade bag for those sort of items

Decathlon Triban Btwin 520 Road Bike £349 instore
LocalLocalFound 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
It doesn't look like it's online but excellent value for money from decathlon if you can grab one. Spoke to staff and apparently it's only on for this weekend. "Designed for hitti… Read more

No modern road bike should need to go above 28mm absolute max. From a btwin right up to an s-works Roubaix


A lot of bike for £350. Interesting to have a triple chainset too, not very common nowadays. Should mean higher speeds on the flats are possible if a masher and make steep hills easier. Not one for heavier riders though.


Pretty sure Aquacadabra is right, when I bought my 540, that was £499 and the 520 was £350.


What you on about precious???


It's not online. Decent bike for £350, but been riding 40mm tyres now for 2 tears after 35 years if 23-25's and there's no going back !