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Floradix 500ml Liquid Iron & Vitamin formula - Free delivery - £12.40 @ Dolphin Fitness
Found 4 h, 13 m agoFound 4 h, 13 m ago
Seem like a good price - £17.89 in Boots and Holland & Barrett. Also further discounts added when you purchase more than 1.

You might as well buy snake oil. I don't know how this deal has gone hot.


Doesn’t matter what brand. No vitamins in medicinal form have ever been proved in trials to be beneficial to the human body. Complete waste of money.


Have a constant stock of this for my low iron! Thanks op will stock up... added some heat :)


Yes floradix is mostly fruit juice and you think it's worth triple the price of Feroglobin which is by vitabiotics the largest vitamin company in the UK. :S


Hadn't come across that brand, so just checked them out and judging* by comparing ingredients (*I am no biologist) it seems clear why it's cheaper.

BRITA Maxtra+ Water Filter Cartridges, White, Pack of 6 £19.95 free delivery at Dolphin Fitness
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Looking to buy this and hoping for a super deal on Black Friday but not much luck. The one on Amazon has gone up to £21.99. This seems a good deal. I've bought from Dolphin Fitness… Read more

You're right, price on Amazon has come back down


Same price Amazon


I went on the brita website and the pack of 6 there is £32 making it £25.60 with 20% off


Code for 20% off the brita website Your Voucher Code: BF2018 Ends 30/11


I am watching this for almost 8 months. The price never went below £18.

15% Off Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5lb only £36.51 with code OPT @ Dolphin Fitness
Found 12th NovFound 12th Nov
Very good price for probably the most popular whey protein. There's free delivery too.

Always does between now and Christmas.


Apologies, I was forgetting I get a further discount on there as I'm a subscriber to their All Access plans. I paid £34 each so not that much less really :)


You will probably get it even cheaper around Black Friday, but not right now.


Should be around £25 during black friday on Amazon


It comes about 50p cheaper but you have to buy 2.

Dr. Bronner's 18-In-1 Pure-Castile Soaps (946 ml) from £12.95 @
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Dr. Bronner's 18-In-1 Pure-Castile Soaps (946 ml) from £12.95 @
Concentrated, biodegradable, versatile and effective. Made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients, packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle. All-One!

Giving this a try, thanks OP


I have been wanting to try this. Just bought Hemp Rose free postage available to, many thanks.


Anyone tried this with a foaming soap bottle?


^^^ What they said plus heat from me. (y)


Great price, OP -Dr Bronner soaps are fantastic (y)

Mars 1.8kg 100% Whey protein (Possibly a glitch) - £8.95 @ Dolphin Fitness
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Mars 1.8kg 100% Whey protein (Possibly a glitch) - £8.95 @ Dolphin Fitness
Found this protein priced at £8.95 for 1.8kg. Site says reduced from £11.99 but the 908g tub is £28.95 sounds like a mis price.

So did any1 get it




If they made an error they don't have to honour it, even if that is a lie.


Still not got mine


No, they emailed me to say it was out of stock, which is clearly a lie!

Schiek 540 gloves with wrist support £25.95 @ Dolphin fitness
Found 23rd Jul 2017Found 23rd Jul 2017
Schiek 540 gloves with wrist support £25.95 @ Dolphin fitness
Schiek 540 gloves with wrist support £25.95. Free delivery over £30 elsewhere
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Oh no


Yeah obviously our they wouldn't sell them


Does anyone actually wear these?

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STAINLESS STEEL whey protein shaker £5.95 @ dolphinfitness
Found 15th Jul 2017Found 15th Jul 2017
STAINLESS STEEL whey protein shaker £5.95 @ dolphinfitness
cheapest metal protein shaker I could find - free delivery yes you can get plastic ones a lot cheaper but anybody who uses them regularly for protein shakes will know they start t… Read more
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Thanks OP. For the bashers: ordered, arrived yesterday. Used twice so far no leakage at all, as with anything make sure the lid sits properly. Ordered the blue color, one of the best looking shakers I've had. Also leaves no clumps or smell. People these days.


for those that want to try a different metal shaker there is the same priced item here


I find metal ones aren't any better really and leave a slight tinny taste to some fluids. The paint on these also comes off really easy leaving you with what looks like a bashed up drink cannister


Voted cold due to comments about the lid not sealing properly. That's pretty much priority number one for a shaker.


i've had this shaker well over a year and use it daily for work, gym and home. The only leaks i've had are when the lid isn't screwed on properly (as someone else has already mentioned) :P

MyProtein Peanut Butter: As little as £3.48 per KG tub, with FREE delivery.
Found 25th May 2017Found 25th May 2017
MyProtein Peanut Butter: As little as £3.48 per KG tub, with FREE delivery.
From I ordered two KG tubs of smooth, and it came to just £7.26 with free delivery. Delivery is also by DPD, which is the best courier by far. You get a one… Read more
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I think we bought all of their stock ;-).


seems they not selling it anymore


Tried this today and it's really good. Had to give a good stir in as all the oil was floating on top. Thanks OP


​Ah fair enough, and I haven't opened it yet. Now I know I gotta stir it as soon as I open it hah


Haven't tried it as yet to finish a previous bottle from Good Earth which is really good.

Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter 1kg - £3.99 - Free Standard Delivery @ Dolphin Fitness
Found 18th Feb 2017Found 18th Feb 2017
Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter 1kg - £3.99 - Free Standard Delivery @ Dolphin Fitness
Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter 1kg Tub + Free Standard Delivery Currently priced at £3.99 reduced from £5.49 Meridian are specialists in Nut & Seed Butters with over 25 years… Read more

Got mine ... expiry March 2018


Was going to order 6 but I can't see an option for free delivery. :|


Just had 6 tubs delivered with an expiry date of March 2018. At the rate I eat this stuff I doubt they will even see March 2017 :p


what would you use this in?


Cheers guys, I was running low on this beauty :)

Biona Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother 5000ml - £11.70 Free Delivery @ Dolphin Fitness
Found 6th Jan 2017Found 6th Jan 2017
Biona Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother 5000ml - £11.70 Free Delivery @ Dolphin Fitness
Biona Organic Unfiltered Cider Vinegar is made from fresh, cold pressed organic apple juice. To protect the valuable enzymes, aroma and full fruity flavour, this vinegar is not pas… Read more
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how would I spot a nematode and get rid of.them ?. to be honest they don't sound great to have!


Hi, Just seen your question. I've ordered with s&s, which is a little bit cheaper.



just curious, why would one need 5000ml of vinegar unless you own a chip shop


just curious, why would you need 5000ml of vinegar unless you run a chip shop.

NO SOAP NO HOPE: Dr Bronner 18-In-1 Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Soap (946 ml) £10.95 DELIVERED @ dolphinfitness
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
NO SOAP NO HOPE: Dr Bronner 18-In-1 Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Soap (946 ml) £10.95 DELIVERED @ dolphinfitness
My misses uses this at home. A bottle lasts for ages as this soap is concentrate. Top quality soap! This is usually £15.99 in stores. I can't find this cheaper anywhere online, es… Read more
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Best ever soap


Still available


Brilliant soap at a great price! my fav is the green tea one or the almond. These soaps are becoming harder to find. :-(


Sulphate free which is good. Usually get such things at TK Max, but have ordered this for a change.


Thanks for the insight, we personally use lavender and it's fab. It doesn't smell too strong or as if it were artificial, the wife is fussy about stuff like that and it has her approval.

Westlab Dead Sea Salt (25 kg) £29.95 delivered @ Dolphin Fitness
Found 9th Sep 2016Found 9th Sep 2016
Westlab Dead Sea Salt (25 kg) £29.95 delivered @ Dolphin Fitness
Works out at £1.20 per kilo.

This works, we have been using this for years and is really nice for your skin as has loads of minerals in it that normal salt doesnt. Also probiotics are good too, amazon sells 180 pot for £15 odd, works with both 2 year old and my wife. Also only cotton clothes and bed sheets, no polyester. Wash hands with pears soap, kind to skin well in our house. Wash clothes in non-biological powder/liquid.


I ain't sure, but it's possible. But Hopefully this will be a great help to her.


Have you tried propolis gel on her its amazing .


used to go down to the dead sea for a dip quite frequently back in 2004/2005. It's quite an experience but I'd say the health benefit claims are somewhat exaggerated.


Emj. My friend use's it . Its not a cure but he said it is a great help to him. Good luck...

1kg Peanut Butter £4.95 + free delivery - 2kg for £9.90 delivered @ Dolphin fitness
Found 8th May 2016Found 8th May 2016
1kg Peanut Butter £4.95 + free delivery - 2kg for £9.90 delivered @ Dolphin fitness
Meridian natural peanut butter 1kg tub for £4.95 delivered, £9.90 for 2kg Amazon is still at £12.55 for 2kg
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Have to back you up on this. As artificial as they are, Skippy and Jif are far better than any peanut butter I ever tried in the UK. You may as well eat something enjoyable and stop splitting hairs over tiny details about health. After all, the fat to protein ratio of nuts is pretty close to cheese. I can see nothing wrong with a little bit of what you like.


I love it, nothing comes close for me :3


That stuff is so salty. If you like *prefer meridian over other brands, I don't recommend it.


In my humble opinion you'd be better off spending £1 more and buy this Awesome stuff.


The wonders of eating peanut butter.

Maxinutrition Lean £14.95 inc shipping (Dolphinfitness)
Found 8th Mar 2016Found 8th Mar 2016
Maxinutrition Lean £14.95 inc shipping (Dolphinfitness)
For the gym lovers shaping up for the summer. Usually I can only find cheapest ones around £25 but this seems a good deal for 1kg as it includes postage (free delivery is a bit sl… Read more

What does lean mean to you? No/less carbs? You can still consume carbs when cutting, fit in your diet if you want the shake. If you take away the carbs you're left with a protein shake, just not a very good one. Sounds like you're after a protein shake. MyProtein do 80% protein powder. They always have sales.


This is called Lean, which for me would imply you could use it for cutting. I personally am after something without carbs added so I have more freedom with my macros. It's still a good deal for anyone that isn't bothered by that.


oO A mass gainer is supposed to have too many carbs.


This has too many carbs but it's a good deal.


Yes in store, the online website keeps crashing

5L of Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar £10.95 FREE Delivery @ Dolphin Fitness
Found 7th Sep 2015Found 7th Sep 2015
This is going to get HOT!!! Yeah, alright, it isn't - it's very specialised. REVIEWS: Best price I could … Read more
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Mine just arrive. You can clearly see the mother in it. It also came with a years supply of bubble packaging for eBay ;)


Very positive reviews on Amazon overall...


I love the gherkins (people who hate them are well weird)


If I can turn that into a pickle its a win!


mmmmm wonder how good this really is as its very cheap. Lots of reviews saying no sign of "The Mother" and it taste's really bad compared to something like Bobbys i wonder??

TYPO 500g for 250g price Sports Supplements Pro-10 AAKG Pre-workout / Pump product Better than Half Price £14.95 @ Dolphin Fitness
Found 26th Jun 2015Found 26th Jun 2015
TYPO 500g for 250g price Sports Supplements Pro-10 AAKG Pre-workout / Pump product Better than Half Price £14.95 @ Dolphin Fitness
Normally £31 fromt he vendor as per here or more from stores: Free delivery Pro-10 AAKG (500g) Pro-10 Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarat… Read more
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ok pete... just ordered now and hope it is 500g and as good as you say it is


This is great for pumps, you stay pumped all the time and get sthose nutrients in got on myprotein and try to get Arganine for under 30 quid... you wont


usual price for 250g, you get 500g delivered, expensive typo!


Comment just go on my protein site


RRP says £16 yes - this is for the 250g!! Its s typo!

NOW Foods Adam Men's Multi Vitamin (180 Soft Gels) £24.94 @ dolphinfitness
Found 11th Mar 2015Found 11th Mar 2015
NOW Foods Adam Men's Multi Vitamin (180 Soft Gels) £24.94 @ dolphinfitness
Very decent multi - good vitamin forms and doesn't break the bank; works out to around £8.30/month. Is my next purchase once I finish off my Holland & Barrett caps. :) Please… Read more
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Thanks for this Bought the Life Extension ones instead.


Expensive for what it is and it can cause big problems for some people because it has the cheap and synthetic form of folate called folic acid rather than the biologically active form. Some people, quite a significant percentage, cannot make use of folic acid and it can cause sever folate deficiency which can cause serious problems if you have the all too common MTHFR genetic mutation. Folic acid should be avoided unless you are absolutely certain that your body can make use of it! I use 2 per day from life extension which has all the important nutrients except for calcium/magnesium and the ones which are needed in large supply each day. It works out cheaper than this, available on Amazon and it is available in capsule and tablet form with 120 caps/tabs packs for about £15 delivered. Dolphin Fitness I like.


cold, snakes oil in all but name.


Say neigh to cyanide!


it's ace product. I've been using this for 6months. it has b12 as methylcobalamin!!!!

Orange triad multi vit / joint support £24.95 @ dolphinfitness free next day delivery.
Found 22nd Dec 2014Found 22nd Dec 2014
Orange triad multi vit / joint support £24.95 @ dolphinfitness free next day delivery.
Shopping for my suppliments and coming across some fantastic deals so sharing. Dolphin fitness currently have orange triad multi vit and joint support on offer for £24.95 Fantastic… Read more
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Get them shipped in from USA with 4 week delivery to save £3? hmm If that was the case this site wouldnt exist, hot "UK" deals This company offer free next day UK delivery


Cheaper at allstarhealth


Just a warning but consult your doctor first if you have those problems


A heads up for anyone thinking of buying this product for the first time.... Review Created as a mineral, herbal extracts and multivitamin blend meant to improve the muscular function due to fastening healing, hence helping people that are going through periods of intense workout, Orange Triad represents a supplement given to the nutritional area by a trustworthy company that has specialized in bodybuilding remedies. On the other hand though, it contains a wide variety of ingredients which can be dangerous if not properly followed. Pregnant or nursing women are advised to keep away from this formula and as so are those suffering from liver, kidney, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, anemia or anxiety. Vegans and vegetarians can’t consume this remedy.

Various Booja Booja luxury truffles w/ free delivery @ dolphin fitness
Found 3rd Dec 2014Found 3rd Dec 2014
Various Booja Booja luxury truffles w/ free delivery @ dolphin fitness
I was having trouble finding an edible gift for a vegan till I stumbled upon these. They're also organic and gluten and soya free and this the cheapest I've seen online.

Because they're Vegan? (Luxury chocolate not containing milk/watered down with milk shocker). They're very rich and taste lovely imo, hot. (Got a box for Xmas a few years ago.. ate them all in a day, so good but felt a bit sick after).


These are amazing! I have tried a few of the varieties and all taste good!


They sound like they'll be taste free too


I've updated. Variety.


Sorry what price are they?

usn whey hardcore  4kg £52.21 @ dolphinfitness
Found 27th Nov 2014Found 27th Nov 2014
usn whey hardcore 4kg £52.21 @ dolphinfitness
Tried all the proteins and this is the best one out there imo...Also very good price for 4kg as they have reduced the price by 20% also using code DFX5 will get extra 5% off ..not … Read more
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I don't mind I was just made up I got it so thought I would share. .no one on the internet is selling this cheaper..I challenge anyone to find this cheaper...This stuff is hardcore not cheap ass brand what most people use..


Well you've lost your natty card then, supplements aren't natural! Yes I am indeed a troll. I never used any supplements before, but I am cheap, so I would most likely go with Myprotein. I heard MTS whey is good? But expensive as F#C#


I used optimum nutrition for 3 years then cnp but find this the best in results...that's my opinion ;-))


But I never posted it though :( Sure you knew! Haha... You wrote "Well you should do a bit more research", implying me? So I had to go along!


lol... I know you are not the OP... I responded to your sentence "what if I post crap" :)