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Posted 16 September 2023

Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover | Removes new and dried-in stains | includes applicator brush 650 ml

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Product details
BrandDr. Beckmann
Item formLiquid
Specific uses for productEliminates tough stains and odours
Material featureFor new or dried-in stain removal
Item volume650 Millilitres
Unique carpet stain remover brush for residue-free carpet cleaning - kind on colours and textiles
Eliminates road and pet grime, and a variety of stains e.g. red wine, grease and coffee from carpets and rugs - including wool carpets
Special ingredients combat odours - vital for dirt and stains caused by pets e.g. vomit or excrement
Powerful cleaning formula with active oxygen and organic alcohol - Easy-to-use applicator brush ensures optimal results
How to use: Turn the bottle upside down to moisten the applicator sponge. Apply product, gently rub into the area and leave to work. Dab up any residues with a damp cloth
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  1. GapsOfTheGod's avatar
    And remember, don't remove the bottle seal! Just poke a hole in it! That'll teach me to read instructions! (edited)
    azda81's avatar
    Yup ... me too
  2. Envx's avatar
    50998940-jCG5U.jpgThis stuff is cheap for a reason. I did a video once about how flammable this stuff is on social media. It goes up like petrol. Imagine what will happen to your carpets once they've had 3/4/5 bottles of this squeezed into it over the years and a fire starts.

    Your 30 second window to escape has now gone down to 10. I honestly don't know how the makers sleep at night or how it's allowed to be sold as a stain remover when it doesn't technically remove anything it just bleaches the stain.
    Spindle_Peep's avatar
    I made an account on HoT deals to counter your false information.

    This product is not flammable and it will not burn. You've taken the last part of the safety data sheet (SDS) and applied it to the product. Like almost all cleaning and personal care products, it is made up of a number of ingredients which, individually at 100% concentration, do possess the hazards listed in section 16.

    However, if you read the SDS in section 3.2, you will see that the concentration of the those ingredients in this product is small (sodium etasulfate less than 5%, Isotridecanol, ethoxylated less than 2.5%, hydrogen peroxide less than 2.5%).

    The majority of the product is water, with some cleaning agents and some bleaching agent.

    I cannot comment on the efficacy of the product, but it is NOT flammable. If it was, it would be labelled as such on the bottle.

    Source: I work in the chemical industry. I am not a regulatory expert but I work with people who are and SDS files and labelling regulations are heavily controlled and the people that write them are experts.
  3. Technoman2's avatar
    Does not remove dried in dog urine stains or in our case it didnt.
    Envx's avatar
    You should get yourself something called Stain Break. It's not sold to the general public but you should be able to buy it. If you follow the instructions you should be able to remove most of the yellowing on your carpets. (edited)
  4. fishmaster's avatar
    This is utterly useless. I've used half a bottle already and wow what totally useless performance. Plus that comment about it being flammable very concerning.
    Envx's avatar
    What are you trying to remove ? It's just I own a stain removal company so may be able to offer some help (check out the carpet cleaner post where I help dozens of people on here)
  5. SteveJonas's avatar
    Decent stuff. Spilt red wine on a carpet a few weeks ago and the last bits of a bottle of this got it out of a light cream carpet. Well impressed.
  6. BobIzYaUncle's avatar
    Decent product
  7. Cyb's avatar
    Always a good price. Spotted in my Aldi for £2.69
  8. PatTheCat's avatar
    It gets good general reviews for household stains, but I had some artist's paint medium (Liquin) spill onto the carpet from a faulty cap and re-applied this about a dozen times over a long period, it hasn't completely removed the circular stain that had been left. Tried a few other methods but it's hell to fully remove. (edited)
    Envx's avatar
    You'll always be left with a " bloom " after removing paints. You'll need someone to do a dye correction on the carpet to remove the last of it and that will be costly.
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