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Posted 23 May 2023

Edinburgh - Travelodge Plus Edinburgh Park - Jan/Feb night stay inc Fri/Sat £24.99 to £30.99 @ Travelodge

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If you fancied a cheap Winter getaway in Jan and beginning of Feb 2024 to Edinburgh, Travelodge Plus Edinburgh Park (newly built) have a number of rooms from £24.99 to £30.99. This is a saver rate based on a double room for two people including Friday and Saturday night stays, dates are listed below. If you want a family room with 2 adults and 2 children, the rates are typically £14 more e.g. from £38.99. This is not a central hotel but is a 7-minute walk from South Gyle train station, 3 miles from Edinburgh Zoo and 7 miles from Edinburgh Castle. Free parking and very good reviews. Typically you would pay £90+ for a Friday/ Saturday night.

For those wanting a more central stay in Jan and Feb have listed some rates for Edinburgh Central, prices range from £33.99 to £37.99 for the listed dates.

Lots of things to do, even though is Winter. Would recommend visiting the Edinburgh National Museum of Scotland which is free.

Travelodge Edinburgh Park - from £24.99 based on 2 people

4.5/5 Google reviews

Rates based on 2 people double room. Saver rate, Non refundable. Arrival date can be amended subject to availability. Rated as a 3* hotel (Travelodge Plus). If you want a family room with 2 adults and 2 children, the rates are typically £14 more e.g. from £38.99. Free parking.

Jan 2024 rates

  • £24.99 - 6 (Sat) / 20 (Sat) / 24 / 27 (Sat) / 31 Jan
  • £25.99 - 19 (Fri) / 26 (Fri) Jan
  • £26.99 - 12 (Fri) Jan
  • £28.99 - 10, 16, 17, 23, 30 Jan
  • £29.99 - 9, 13 (Sat), 18. 25 Jan
  • £30.99 - 8, 11, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 Jan

Feb 2024 rates

  • £24.99 - n/a
  • £25.99 - n/a
  • £26.99 - 2 (Fri) feb
  • £27.99 - 3 (Sat) Feb
  • £28.99 - n/a
  • £29.99 - 5 Feb
  • £30.99 - 1, 8 Feb


Travelodge Edinburgh Central - from £33.99 based on 2 people

4/5 Tripadvisor

For those wanting a more central stay, Edinburgh Central has some cheap rates, more than Edinburgh Park but still competitive from £33.99. Rates based on 2 people double room. Saver rate, Non refundable. Arrival date can be amended subject to availability. Rated as a 2* hotel (Travelodge Plus). If you want a family room with 2 adults and 2 children, the rates are typically £15 more e.g. from £49.99

Jan 2024 rates

  • £33.99 - 31 Jan
  • £34.99 - 16/17/23/24/30 Jan
  • £36.99 - 9/10 Jan
  • £37.99 - 11/19 (Fri) / 26 (Fri) Jan

Feb 2024 rates

  • £32.99 - 7 Feb
  • £33.99 - 1 Feb
  • £34.99 - 8 Feb
  • £35.99 - 5, 25 Feb
  • £37.99 - 6 Feb


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  1. ellbee's avatar
    There's a rail station almost adjacent to the hotel so really easy to travel into the city centre.
    jb66's avatar
    And tram stop too!
  2. OXNOPE's avatar
    It’s a great deal BUT - look at the three or four central Edinburgh lodges - they are only typically a fiver more than this airport / outskirts one (same dates).

    So once you factor in the distance and the train fare plus convenience - it’s probably better for most to book the city centre.
    andisitadeal's avatar
    Agree, though this location is v convenient if you have an early flight
  3. tayfun's avatar
    I wouldn't visit Edinburgh in mid winter if they paid me for it Short cold days, not too much to do. Generally windy and soggy. Best time to visit it August and prices quadruple for the festival. Still much better than this though.
    UncleWilly's avatar
    What a strange post. You could spend the entire winter in Edinburgh and find something different to do every day.
  4. AlDulaimi's avatar
    Im sorry if its from Jan to Feb why it still here
    andywedge's avatar
    We also have a January and February in 2024
  5. Ross81's avatar
    This is a few years old and in a residential area next to an office/industrial park.

    Its a 10/15 min walk to a train or tram stop and maybe 20-25 min on the bus to Princes St. Great carvery almost next door.
  6. desmond.kerr's avatar
    Stayed there just before/during covid, decent for travelodge.
  7. Canary0500's avatar
    Worth noting looking at reviews, this hotel overbooks, and any late arrivals get sent to another hotel.
  8. digbys's avatar
    At these prices, you can afford to take the wife and the mistress!
    BarryJohnDavies's avatar
    And afford an electric pump, to inflate the pair of them🫣
  9. ses6jwg's avatar
    We stayed in one just off the Royal Mile back in Feb 2017.

    It was a bargain at £89 for three nights!

    It was really cold but dry we had a great time. One of the UKs best cities.
  10. TheHomelander's avatar
    Good deal
  11. Meenabeti's avatar
    Great deal
  12. Craig_AndersonySf's avatar
    Great price but that isn't a location I would recommend. It's technically Edinburgh but it's not really.

    I would recommend paying extra and stay in town.
    chrsphr's avatar
    Edinburgh isn't that big a city. Yes, it's on the edge but is very well connected to the centre. 20-30 mins max. If you are driving, you'd also probably find this much easier to get to than one of the hotels in the city centre. Not really much to complain about for £25
  13. happenstance's avatar
    You wouldn't get the tram in from there, takes ages. Edinbrough gateway is far quicker. Rather pay £15 more and get somewhere central without a long ride in. (edited)
  14. sussexroyal's avatar
    i enjoy the near central Travelodges that are converted terraces. Easy walk into the action and lovely views from big windows
  15. Nuggy96's avatar
    What's a Travelodge "plus" compared to a normal travelodge?
    Any ideas on parking costs?
    desmond.kerr's avatar
    Last time I stayed there, parking was free.
    As for the difference, better decor, better shower, better matress and a coffee maker...I guess. (edited)
  16. Gigi_Gali's avatar
    Just checked 2 rooms for 2 nights £880 in February.
    travid's avatar
    “Only” £550 for me, 2 nights in Feb. It’s cold, just like Scotland in February 🥶🥶
's avatar