Unfortunately, this deal has expired 8 November 2023.
Posted 24 October 2023

Energizer Industrial Alkaline AAA Battery LR03 1.5V - Pack of 10 - Amazon BUSINESS Account

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For some unknown reason Energizer Industrial Alkaline AAA Batteries are going for 87p for a pack of 10 on Amazon IF YOU HAVE A BUSINESS account.

A bit too good of a deal to pass up if you need any.


Fair to say that I didn't expect a deal for a pack of batteries to get so hot.
Thanks all!


This is still a live deal. If the initial price is higher, please look to the "New and Used" section on the right. You should see it there.
Amazon More details at

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Maximum of five units. Even if you buy two then go back to buy five, in which case Amazon says "oi, FIVE!" and changes five to three, to make five (2+3=5).
Edited by chrishamblin, 27 October 2023
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  1. sashforth's avatar
    Why do people keep expiring this deal. It is still available to anyone with an Amazon BUSINESS account. It is really easy to order. Yes, you have to pay for postage if you do not have a linked Amazon Prime account. Even then you can avoid it by using collection from an Amazon locker.

    I have rarely been so annoyed by the number of people on this forum who seem to be unable to read a very clear opening post and also the helpful explanatory posts by those members who can actually read. I would unexpire the deal but you can only unexpire a deal once unless you are the OP. (edited)
  2. sach1636's avatar
    Is it worth giving this as first order in account? sometimes amazon give 50% off first order.
    THESMITH7's avatar
    50% off 87p or 50% off a £100 order?
  3. brfc's avatar
    Is this price still available?
    I've created a business account, and linked it to my personal prime, got the email its all verfied, but I cannot see the 0.87p price on my business account, it shows up as 3.37 excl VAT and 4.49 Incl VAT
    mfactor's avatar
    51262551-uI22q.jpgYep still alive 5 mins ago on bottom right (edited)
  4. ethooo's avatar
    what a pain in the rear trying to find £25 work of stuff to get 3 packs for batteries - clever move by amazon, make many people spend 5-10x the price they would have.
    simba2585's avatar
    or deliver to a collection point for free...
  5. misiokicio's avatar
    ain't showing for me, tried "other" sellers too
  6. Ouzoherb's avatar
    not available for my business account
    sashforth's avatar
    It is on mine which suggests that it is on your one too. Check the section on the right hand side which says New & Used from £0.87.
  7. upu007's avatar
    still the price is .72. may i know how to find similar deals only applicable to buisness account. or how to know buisness account is cheaper than normal
    chrishamblin's avatar
    As far as I know there's no tricks.
    I just have to look on both sites / accounts to see which is a better price.
  8. RKRICH77's avatar
    Can anyone open a Business Account, they have been sending me email to open one for a while don't I have to have a business?
    indyjukebox's avatar
    They do ask for evidence.
  9. Asmu's avatar
    Offer expired I believe 😔
    hotrol's avatar
    No it hasn't
  10. Mentos's avatar
    Pity they don’t have AA aswell
  11. sunnygreen's avatar
    EliTeAP's avatar
    Energizer Cult Circle
  12. Manish_N's avatar
    Any trick to create a business account?
    PaulandPam's avatar
    Yes,but no trick needed you simply start a business and give Amazon proof I used my self assessment tax details.
  13. Nicolidus's avatar
    I just ordered without a problem, unexpired. 

    Don’t expire it just because you don’t have an Amazon Business account. 
    chrishamblin's avatar
    I think that's the issue. People are seeing Amazon, clicking and seeing about £5 and saying it's gone.
    It's an Amazon BUSINESS deal.

    I'm not sure how I could make it more obvious.
  14. farook_yakub's avatar
    U need business Acc
  15. stevilness's avatar
    Thanks OP. I now have 50 batteries and a business account........neither of which I need
  16. anjasola's avatar
    Deal is still live , please unxpire
  17. Adddddd's avatar
    50 batteries for £4.35. Sure, why not? Thanks
  18. minion_dave's avatar
    Utterly bonkers and I don't need any batteries at the moment ... so I've ordered the 5 packs!
  19. Deedee134's avatar
    Price increased
    FR123's avatar
    No it’s still 0.87p
  20. rudey_valentino's avatar
    Cheers op
  21. anjasola's avatar
    Still live , why does this deal keep getting expired?
  22. sashforth's avatar
    Please stop expiring the deal folks. The deal is still available.
  23. MG1909's avatar
    Price increased
  24. Myriad's avatar
    Still there, 5 packs for £4.35 thanks!
  25. Kiwi's avatar
    sashforth's avatar
  26. Mentos's avatar
    Cheers OP, ordered 5 packs.

    Sure this will end up costing me as the Mrs will get confused and start throwing our rechargeables in the bin again (edited)
  27. darren.bowers's avatar
    I am prime but the price is £4:22.
  28. EliTeAP's avatar
    Purchased 3 packs with my newly created Biz acc.

    Was verified as a sole trader with debit card.

    (I applied to make a Business Duo which essentially ties your Personal and Business together)
    mfactor's avatar
    I applied to make a Business Duo which essentially ties your Personal and Business together)

    Yep did that as well
  29. Android786's avatar
    Nice delivery date est amazon
    THESMITH7's avatar
  30. Astradyne's avatar
    Still available... NOT expired at 26/10/23 07:00.
    If you don't see 87p, please read above carefully. Business accounts only.
  31. FR123's avatar
    Now gone up to £3.29
  32. smegal's avatar
    This is back on!
    FR123's avatar
  33. steve17's avatar
    Thanks OP, ordered 10 packs as it let me do the order again...now I need to buy some TVs to make use of them in the remotes.
  34. RGW2121's avatar
    Maximum of 5 per account ...Cheers op
  35. r1mmm3r's avatar
    Limited to 5 packs. But well worth having.
  36. smegal's avatar
    Bought 5 packs. Thank you!
    hotukuser2015's avatar
    if at 87p, how? Have you a business acct?
  37. sashforth's avatar
    I have a business account but it's £4.49 for me.

    Edit: figured it out now (edited)
    UZZI54's avatar
    how did u figure it out? i have business but showing 4.49 cheers
  38. Steven_Johnson's avatar
    Nice one cracking deal thanks 5 packs ordered
  39. Nujol's avatar
    Great deal if you have an Amazon Business account, heat added.
  40. indyjukebox's avatar
    Thanks. Eventually found it on the right hand panel. Got a few!
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