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Pack of 12 LOGIK AA / AAA Alkaline Batteries - £2.99 each delivered at Currys/ebay
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Cheap batteries, might suit someone. LOGIK LAAA1216 AAA Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 12 Specification Brand: LOGIK Model: LAA1216 AA Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 12 MPN… Read more

bought the aaa's once...poor longevity as i remember.


Picked up from shelf


They must have sold you all the duds.


Bought from store


They must have sent you all the duds.

48 AA + 24 AAA duracel batteries £30.98 @ Groupon
-143° Expired
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Great deal on groupon ,48 AA & 24 AAA Duracel batteries 28.99 + £1.99 delivery

Proof there never been a good deal on groupon.... £3.99 per pack of 12 £3.99 times 6 = £23.94 plus £1.50 postage £25.44


I already done my research, Yeah fair enough when they have the offer but unless I'm mistaken you can then only buy 1 pack of batteries


Actually its £3 for 12 when they do the offer so would be £18 for the same amount of batteries as I said, YOU should do your research 100% before getting on your soapbox.


Actually its £2 for 4 so would be £36 for same amount of batteries, you should do your research before knocking a post


This is an awful deal. The Simply range are the Duracell ones you get in Poundland. I think they are £3 for 12 making it £18 for what you get in this deal.

Duracell Ultra Power AAA Batteries – 8 Pack £5.99 @ Robert Dyas
123° Expired
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st JulLocalLocal
Keep all your devices running for longer with these Duracell Ultra Power AAA batteries, Duracell’s longest lasting batteries ever. Plus, with clever Powercheck technology, you’ll … Read more

Beware, shocking poor company for online purchases.....still awaiting a refund for £549. Four months since item purchased originally.


Thank you. Great if you're not near a Robert Dyas and fancy waiting for Amazon to get the extra 9p off. 🙃 :)


Mods just deleted our msg. Anyway, sorry pal, you right it wasn't the same Here you go than: ultra ;)

Universal Battery Charger for AA AAA C D Rechargeable Batteries Type C Sold by EBL Official and FBA £15.80 (Prime or + £3.49)
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Price is for prime members, using the 7% discount checkbox Bought one of these last month when was £19. This is a decent charger, charged all my batteries which are of different … Read more
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Ok thanks for confirming that. Tbh I thought that would be the case, i.e. the only real significant difference. Although I must admit being able to charge via USB is a nice feature to have too.


You're not comparing apples with apples. The charger you've linked to only charges AA and AAA batteries.. 🍎


Is this significantly better than the EBL808? I've had my eye on one of those for a while and have noticed expired HUKD deals for them at around £16-17 including 4xAAA + 4xAA batteries in the past? For example this one is currently on offer including batteries as above for £17.99 (after 10% voucher):


Dropped to £14.44 for charger only now.


6% discount has gone from 4 plus 4 battery option pity thats the one i wanted :(

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30 x Arlec AAA alkaline batteries - £2.10 at Homebase in store (Sheffield)
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th JulLocalLocal
Bargain for a pack of 30, Found these in Homebase Sheffield, was told is nationwide. I posted this deal before, at that time I've got some and used them, decent quality in my opini… Read more
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Thanks! Don't know in other places, but I've seen these in the past 6 months every time I visited my local. I think this may be last time, as there were not many left, unless they have more in the storage.


Brilliant price if you can get them (y)


Use by 2023, Australian brand.


Wow that's a great price heat added

Salter Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter - Easy to Read OLED Display, 2 x AAA Batteries Included £24.99 at Amazon
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Salter Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter, Measures Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate, Perfusion Index and Pulse Bar – Dual Colour Easy to Read OLED Display, 2 x AAA Batteries Included HIGH … Read more

I hope it will work with Series 5.


Just received mine - absolutely excellent. I'd returned a nasty cheapie (actually the same price as this one) to Argos recently - this one is so much better with excellent reviews, including one stating theIr visiting nurse used the same model. To get one used in doctor's surgeries you need to spend 10 times as much - so this will do for me! A brilliant piece of kit.




There are some, I forget the names, they’re ~£200


These are all clones, you need to pay £20+ for one of these and stick to Amazon. I got diagnosed with hypotension and wanted to keep a eye on things and bought one of the clones and a blood pressure monitor. Both work fine. I was also worried about reliability so took my equipment to the doctor with me and checked it against their readings. Both have same results. If in doubt check at the doctor's.

40 x Duracell AAA batteries 1.5V Industrial Procell Alkaline £11.96 at goto7dayshop/ebay
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Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Nice offer, hope it helps. All batteries are brand new - Extra Value Bulk Pack: Procell alkaline batteries have been designed in collaboration with manufacturers to work best… Read more

If you missed this deal, like I did, they can be had here for 93p more.


AFAIK, Duracell Procell are standard Duracell cells, branded by Duracell for the contractors' market.


From personal experience, standard duracell are the worse. thats why i don't buy them anymore.


these things leak worse than any Other branded battery, have ruined Several gadgets. standard Duracell are much better


Very nice price heat

GP Batteries 8 ReCyko Pro 800 mah Rechargeable AAA Batteries £5.99 - Sold by Batteries247 and Fulfilled by Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
GP Batteries ReCyko Pro 800 mah Rechargeable AAA Batteries Pack of 8 Batteries £5.99 on Prime

Thanks, OP. Bought 2 packs with no rush reward so 16 batteries for £11 suits me fine.


How do you get the no rush reward for two packs. I can’t see this option


Good to know. I just ordered another two. Started using some and found them really good. I find newer high capacity batteries are not as good as these ones that came out a few years ago.


Technoline BL-700 (although it is available rebranded under different brands) is a sound intelligent charger. The only caveat is that it won't charge completely discharged batteries so I keep a regular charger handy to jump start them then put them in the Technoline.


Thanks @LD2DVD, there is a no rush reward of £1 when you order two packs (y)

LOGIK LAAA1216 AAA Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 12 - £2.99 @ Currys
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Hope it helps someone Alkaline Voltage: 1.5 V
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Or buy 2x12 for 1p less




I ordered the AA ones from Currys Ebay, they turned up loose in a bag with different dates on (very short dates as well). They could be half used for all I know. No reply to my messages either.


Cheap batteries like these are a waste of resources. They are also a danger to soil and water supplies when not recycled or disposed of carefully. Rechargeables are just much better all round and arguably just as cost effective.


Had these before very poor batteries

Energizer Alkaline Power AAA or AA Batteries - 16 Pack for £5 @ Homebase (free click and collect)
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Reduced by £7 on both 16-pack AAA and AA batteries. Was £12, now £5 and available in-store or with free click and collect. Energizer Alkaline Power AA Batteries - 16 Pack … Read more
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How right you are! ;)


Seen 5 packs for a pound but not a 6 pack, must be that shrinkflation thing


Agree with you! they all last the same length !! Not worth £12 at the beginning any way


We've posted compariosns so many times that show there is little or no difference. Low drain and high drain can affect performance apparently. But, I'd still just buy 6 for £1 Kodaks at Poundland if I were you!


B&m hitchin 30 aaa panasonic alkaline for £4, not known if national; aa the same price but oos.

Duracell rechargeable AAA 900mAh pack of 4 batteries - £4.97 (+£4.49 non prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
If you missed out before the price has gone down again to £4.97.

Thanks. I’ll expire


Expired went back up to £8


Any 2000+mah batteries, lasts much longer than those charge kits. I got the energizer kit on Amazon ( 4x rechargeable as batteries + recharge kit ) works perfect, batteries last ages even with rumble on + headset through controllrr


If you are not totally swayed by the Duracell marketing machine, then Home Bargains sell 4x AAA 900mA JCB branded rechargables @ £3.99


These are AAA 900mAh is pretty good.

AmazonBasics AAA Industrial Alkaline Batteries (Pack of 40) £7.99 Prime / £12.48 Non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Back in stock (y) High-performance alkaline batteries, perfect for everyday use in all your devices Bulk pack of 40 provides great value, and comes in convenient, recyclable p… Read more

Now oos


Usually they get top comment!


Surprised the rechargeable battery mafia haven’t commented much or voted this cold already. (horror)


@zap009 Something that pulls power like a motor or big radio will flash low battery please change from the start with zinc batteries. They have limited power, but fine for torches or TV remote. Sometimes shows on packet what they are good for. Take a look


Maybe some no rush credit applied?

Duracell rechargeable AAA 900mAh pack of 4 batteries £4.97 prime (+£4.49 non prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Duracell Rechargeable AAA 900 mAh batteries stay charged for up to 12 months, when not in use Unused Duracell Rechargeable AAA 900 mAh batteries are guaranteed to last 5 years Dura… Read more
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Price gone back down


Price has gone up


Missus goes through a lot of batteries for some reason, hopefully these will help her out.


25% off first subscribe and save purchase offer possibly.


Awesome! I think I'll be going for this. The reviews on Amazon are great too. It's cheaper on eBay though (your link) but can't help but wonder if Amazon's service would be worth the extra cost in case it was to break down in a few months. Also, I'm thinking of using these to power my flash photography - hopefully they'll serve me well as flashes are quite Current hungry!

Duracell plus AAA 12 pack £5.99 @ Amazon Prime / £10.99 Non Prime
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Everyone knows the endurance of the Duracell Bunny. Duracell Plus AAA batteries provide reliable and long-lasting energy to power all your devices with up to 50 Percent more power … Read more
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Theres 16 Energizer for same price at Amazon. Same quality - take your pick


Is there a reason why Duracell advertise longevity with a pink bunny? Asking for a friend... (popcorn)


Do people still buy Duracell? "*Longevity performance compared to the Minimum Average Duration of the 2015 IEC AAA Motorized Toy test. Results may vary by device or usage pattern" A classic example of a Duracell scam claim. Only applies to the Duracell bunny! Incidentally, these are the same price in Currys. Or you could get 12 just as good Kodaks from Poundland for £2.


Those are simply duracell.its like calling a VHS tape a blu ray disc. (y)



AmazonBasics Intelligent Digital Battery Charger for 4 AA, AAA £13 prime / £17.49 non prime @ Amazon
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Seems like the best price is been according to camelcamelcamel From the manufacturer AmazonBasics Intelligent Digital Battery ChargerSimple, Safe and Reliable RechargingRecharge … Read more

Showing £17.99 , is it expired ?


I would recommend an intelligent charger over a dumb fast charger in order to look after your batteries and increase their longevity. Usually, they will have a number of different charging rates meaning you can do the odd fast charge when required or slower over night charges.


Thanks for this it is worth getting a different charger rapid charge ?


ikea... cheap as chips, 2 types per size, can deliver...


PowerOwl 8-pack AA 2800mAh 1200 Cycles - 7% voucher currently available EBL 8-pack AAA 1100mAh 1200 Cycles These are slow discharge batteries (hold 70 - 80% of their capacity after 3 years of non-use) similar to Panasonic/Sanyo eneloops but have higher capacities, more recharge cycles and are significantly cheaper.

EBL AA AAA Battery Charger for NiMH/NiCD AA AAA Rechargeable Batteries £7.99 (Prime) / £12.48 (non Prime) Sold by EBL Official & FB Amazon.
280° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Nice battery charger with independent charging slots so you can charge 1/2/3/4 batteries. Better for your battery life and ensures each battery is charged to the max compared to th… Read more

No issues with Amazon rechargeable batteries i use them exactly for xbox but these i use for my level lazer because they last very long time.


I was just about to purchase a standard 4 slot amazon basics charger and amazon basic batteries. I only need them for the xbox controller. Has anyone got any bad experiences with the amazon basics battery range?


Amazon I own this 8 slot one and i can only say it is perfect can't compare with old maplin or Energizer


These are the EBL AAA 1100mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries, 8 Pack AAA Batteries with Storage Cases that I purchased a few months ago. Very good value imo compared to eneloops which cost more and have smaller capacities. Price has just dropped by a £1 yesterday/today.


Thanks for your help :)

Varta Industrial AAA Alkaline Battery LR03 Pack of 40 - £11.98 (+£4.49 NP) @ Amazon
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Varta Industrial AAA Alkaline Battery LR03 Pack of 40 - £11.98 (+£4.49 NP) @ Amazon
Features & details High performance quality product "Made in Germany" 10 year shelf life, durable and certified according to international standards: DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and … Read more
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Or you could buy rechargeable ones, bought a load 5 years ago. Never had to buy batteries since. Can set your garden solar lights up for the start of the year too


To be honest, I'm not sure... I just know that the ones I've got are cheaper and industrial (if that makes any difference???) to the standard ones




Heat I purchased 3 packs (Long Life Power) from Screwfix over a year ago on a deal. Not sure sure which are superior but mine are lasting a very long time in TV remotes, Clocks and Blood Pressure machine.


Penny more for AA’s

AmazonBasics AAA Industrial Alkaline Batteries (Pack of 40) £7.99 Prime / £12.48 Non Prime
440° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
AmazonBasics AAA Industrial Alkaline Batteries (Pack of 40) £7.99 Prime / £12.48 Non Prime
Good deal on 40 batteries, if you don't have rechargeable ones. Delivery on Sunday if ordered today.

No idea, but we've got these ones (AAA and AA) in everything and they are very good batteries.


They just don’t hold a charge. I’ve tried EBL and a few other brands. I’ll have a second look at others. Thanks.


In what way? Been using energizer ones and they seem to be fine?


I've had good experience with the Amazon ones (800mah) and ones made by EBL (1100mah)


What's the difference between industrial basics and basics?

AA AAA and 9V NiMH Mains Battery Charger with 4x AA 2000mAh Rechargeable Batteries - £9.99 @ 7DayShop
232° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
AA AAA and 9V NiMH Mains Battery Charger with 4x AA 2000mAh Rechargeable Batteries - £9.99 @ 7DayShop
£9.99 Free P&P Free7dayShop Deals
Superb value mains battery charger that charges AA and AAA and also 9V (PP3) size rechargeable batteries. Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA batteries at a time. And can charge 2 x (V / PP3 … Read more

True, all my Eneloops capacities are within about +/- 200 mAh of when they were new and some are about 5 years old now.


Thank you so much for this!


For ease of use I like the Liitokala Engineer Lii-500 but if you want a good compact one (but it's a bit more fiddly to use) something like a Technoline BC-500 I think it's called (there are others same charger different brand). :) Both discharge but Liitokala is easier to read and more Intuitive.


I bought a load of those cheap 7dayshop rechargeable batteries and they’ve all failed. I recommend IKEA or Eneloops now. Cheap rechargeables are a false economy, it’s worth spending a bit more and getting ones that are made in Japan.


Ladda are good batteries but Ikea chargers are rubbish. Got one DOA

Maxell AA R6 Manganese Batteries (4) 99p prime / £5.48 non prime @ Amazon
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Maxell AA R6 Manganese Batteries (4) 99p prime / £5.48 non prime @ Amazon
Blister pack of 4 Zinc Mignon AA LR6 1.5 V batteries. (774405.04.EU) Features & details Maxell 774405.04.EU Blister of 4 AA LR6 1.5 V Zinc Mignon Batteries (774405.04.EU)

Back in stock


Back In stock


Been that price for a while. I got two lots a fortnight ago. Decent batteries too (Just checked. These are zinc, the ones I bought for same price were Alkaline) Theres Japanese batteries Fujitsu for just over £6.99 for 20 too (I bought those as well.)



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