Fairy Non Bio Laundry Liquid 1.35L 27 Wash £2.50 @ Tesco in store & online - LESS THAN 10P A WASH!!!

Fairy Non Bio Laundry Liquid 1.35L 27 Wash £2.50 @ Tesco in store & online - LESS THAN 10P A WASH!!!

Found 28th Sep 2013
Fairy Non Bio Laundry Liquid 1.35L 27Wash is half price @ Tesco (down from £7 to £3.50) somebody has already posted that, but i want to tell you how to get it for £2.50. Visit supersavvyme.co.uk/tag…pon and print coupon to get £1 off (please note: its one of those annoying coupon printers, any single mistake and you wont be able to reprint coupons so make sure your printer is on, connected, has ink & paper etc..) What i did firstly is select one of the other coupons that your not bothered about and try to print it, you can only print each coupon once so by doing it this way your not risking any mis-prints of the coupons you really want - if you get what i mean!)

For those interested: Iv also just posted a deal on how to get Bold laundry liquid 26 wash for £2.00!

This is my first share so i apologise in advance if iv done anything wrong, just thought these deals are too gud to miss & wanted to give something back to the HUKD community

fi xx.
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How do you use the coupon online?

Thanks for posting
Can't you just update the other post? And why all the capital letters?
Is this every store
these coupons are so hard to print, I have only managed a couple before & this one won't print at all, I think I will just go for the half price offer! Thanks for posting
the Bold liquid tablets are half price at £5.50 if that is any use (Tesco) - camomile fragrance.
To overcome these voucher print problems, have you thought to use a (.PDF) document creator (e.g. CutePDF) that acts like a Printer - with the benefit the voucher can then be re-printed as many times as required.
There is a "free" version available @ CutePDF.com if you're interested.
it says on the coupon not to be used in conjunction with an other offer so you can't use it on this offer right?
Herbzz: I'm not going to update or try and hijack someone else's post A. Because its not mine B. I didn't even know you could update other ppls posts as I thought only the OP could update or edit their own posts C. By posting my own thread its easier for ppl to instantly see the deal & it has more chance of getting hotter so more ppl see it & can get the deal. Also, if you didn't know, capital letters are a way of emphasising text to draw more attention to it, therefore more chance more ppl will see the deal.

ultimateyou: don't worry you can def use it with this offer as i used mine in store before posting this deal

beefy3: I might try that although im not sure it will work because the coupon printer tells you you cant use a document writer such as Microsoft XPS writer but not sure about cutePDF, but to anyone trying it, id recommend testing it on a coupon you don't really want to use just in case.

Everyone else: The coupons are hard to print, just make sure your coupon printer (usually already installed on your computer if you've ever tried to print coupons in the past) is up to date. When I first tried to print the coupons it didn't work as my coupon printer needed updating so making sure your coupon printer is up to date first is a must. All I did though was registered in my bf's name and printed them that way, i also registered in my mums name & printed her some vouchers too. The coupon printer program is a nightmare to use but as long as you ensure its up to date and that its fully working and set up before trying to print, you shouldn't really have a problem. if you do, register in your partners name and try again, its worth it because there are always really useful coupons on supersavvyme.co.uk.

Yes the deal is nationwide & online although I'm not sure how you'd go about using the coupon online but you can usually enter a code on the coupon during checkout but with these exact coupons I'm not entirely sure, would be interesting to know if anyone has tried it if they could post back and let us know

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