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Posted 7 September 2023

Fleetwood Mac Rumours Remastered Vinyl album

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Back down again for anyone who missed it last time
Track ListingsSide: 1 1Second Hand News2Dreams3Never Going Back Again4Don't Stop5Go Your Own Way6Songbird
Side: 2 1The Chain2You Make Loving Fun3I Don't Want to Know4Oh Daddy5Gold Dust Woman

Product description On February 4th 1977, after a year of recording through hedonism, scandal and relationship break-ups the British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac released their eleventh studio album, Rumours. Although troubled with tension and setbacks the second time round combination of Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John and Christine McVie, together with the production talents of Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut had created the band’s ultimate masterpiece. 2013 sees the remastered edition of this seminal album reissued on its original format to celebrate 35 years since its release.
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  1. djdave2929's avatar
    This is one of my favourite albums.

    However - let me educate some of you. All this "remastering" is a complete load of BS.

    It's all about the dynamic range. That's why Target CD's go for a lot of money on eBay. They were made in West Germany, Japan, USA before the "loudness wars" started making CD's sound rubbish.

    If you want a proper repress, then Steve Hoffman's version of Rumours is the one to get. But you have to have high end hi-fi equipment to warrant spending the money.

    You would get a better sound buying a second hand first press of Rumours on eBay.

    If you want the best, then the Target CD is the one, but that goes for £65 upwards.
    reubenno's avatar
    Exactly. The loudness wars "remastering" is complete dog poo.
    They just crush the dynamics with limiters and kill all the nuances.
  2. sarkymark1's avatar
    Absolutely brilliant album.
  3. Howden123's avatar
    Love their cover of the F1 music
    cochon's avatar
    Love their cover of the F1 music
  4. drsleep0000's avatar
    Best album
    bigmark44's avatar
    Saw them on the 1978 Rumours tour at Birmingham Odeon ticket was 1 pound 10 pence was 6 rows from the front straight in front of Stevie Nicks happy days
  5. jonbee56's avatar
    One of my top 5 albums ever !!

    "Aww dad, not that album again !!"

    Me : " yep" (edited)
  6. deleted1949126's avatar
  7. JakeThaDog's avatar
    Cheers OP. Some reports of distortion on B side but may depend on quality of cartridge, but i need this in my collection anyway
  8. goodbuy's avatar
  9. FREEZIN_WOLF's avatar
  10. BillysYoungest's avatar
    Heat. Absolutely in my top 5 albums ever. 🔥
  11. stuartc74's avatar
    Great album
  12. InTheKnow444's avatar
    Everyone I have ordered has been a bad pressing so get ready to send it back.
  13. GussyFinkNottle's avatar
    This album is in my top 10 with Dark side of the Moon and Abbey Road.
    Owned it on Vinyl, cassette and CD.
  14. UnbearableBob's avatar
    I bought this as a teenager about 8 or 9 years after its release & couldn't get into it, & gave it to my mate for nothing. He was obviously delighted, & it wasn't until about 10 years later I realised how good it actually was. Heat added, even though I no longer own anything to play vinyl on. 🔥
  15. debschillen0704's avatar
    Got this for Xmas when it was released in the 70s
  16. JCP11's avatar
    Can't stop thinking about this deal.....
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