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Posted 3 September 2023

Flymo Easilife 350 Robotic Lawnmower - Sold by Flymo UK mainland

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Day or night, rain or shin, the Flymo EasiLife Robotic Lawnmower automatically mows the lawn so you don't have to.

Designed for gardens up to 350m² the Flymo EasiLife 350 is a battery powered fully automatic robotic lawnmower that gives you a tidy lawn with zero effort - simply complete the installation, set the schedule and off it mows.

Features intuitive Assist-U interface for easy scheduling, monitoring and communication with the mower from the onboard keypad & LCD display or via the smartphone app.
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  1. KingSuns's avatar
    I have an einhell (the same one as the first in this post) which replaced my flymo 1200R which I'd had for 6 years and was falling apart (RIP). So a couple of thoughts as not all robot mowers are equal.

    The einhell is fine if you have a nice flat garden with no dips.

    The flymo, for me, with a large garden and plenty of undulations was much, much better for several key reasons:

    1. The flymo is effectively front wheel drive (big wheels front rather than back) which a bit like a car in slippery weather and means that there is better traction if the ground is a little wet and it's turning angles. This coupled with the fact that the Einhell is a heavy boy has meant many times where it has slipped beyond the boundary wire and shut off.

    2. The flymo 1200R (and I think it is the case with this one) uses a central wire to return to base. The con on this is that you have a little more work to do to lay the wire. But there is one major advantage. The einhell (and many others) locate the perimeter wire to return to base when they are in need of a recharge. The flymo uses a wire that runs from the centre of the furthest side through the middle of the garden to the base station. This means if your mower doesn't use a central wire, like the Einhell, there can be absolutely no obstructions all the way round, and I found that the original wire I laid for the Flymo was too close to the boundary for the Einhell. This was never ever an issue with the flymo, because it never had to retrace the full boundary, but became a major PITA with the Einhell. It also means that it takes significantly longer to return to the base as in theory it could be up to four times the distance travelled rather than locating a central wire.

    3. You can turn off the option of cutting whilst returning on the perimeter for the Einhell, but even if you do you will still get a visible line around the perimeter as the wheels travel here each time the mower recharges. Now this is true also for the flymo but to a much much less extent and certainly with the 1200R mitigated further as the mower would shift it's alignment to the central wire either side so the wheels wouldn't always be in the same spot.

    4. I have no option but to have the base station on a slight incline, and I mean slight. The einhell really took some time to get right - again because its rear wheel drive and would slip all over the place on its two front wheels. I sorted this by getting a roll of anti-slip tape to put on the base station and it's been much much better.

    5. Because the perimeter wire is a foot out from the actual boundary I have had to mow the perimeter far more than I ever needed to with the flymo. Not terrible as it still only takes me 15 mins, but worth mentioning.

    So it may seem like I hate the Einhell - I don't and I've bought it and will continue to use it; after a summer of tweaking and faffing it's is working well now, but the upshot of all of this is that for me at least the flymo is a better deal and worth the extra money.

    I hope this lengthy email helps someone and please do ask if you need any more. I've been using a robot mower for 7+ years and love them.

    PS: for anyone thinking about it, it's not just the time saving aspect, your lawn will eventually look and feel much much better than using a conventional mower where you effectively remove nutrients buy removing the cuttings rather than mulching into the grass.
    philipmarkmurphy's avatar
    Completely agree with you on the quality of the lawn, mine has been much more lush since moving to the robot, like a football pitch. Gets you out of the habit of scalping the lawn with a traditional mower on a weekly/biweekly basis. I can wizz around the outside area the mower can't reach with a battery strimmer in about 10 mins. (edited)
  2. cbflazaro's avatar
    MrMak's avatar
    Hi there, are you able to share a link?
  3. lighty81's avatar
    One of the best things I've ever bought haven't had to mow my lawn all summer and it looks great everyday
  4. indefatigable's avatar
    Is there any way to run this without an outdoor power socket? Can I charge it in the garage and leave the door open when it needs to be run?
    Dgill2412's avatar
    Guide wires needs to be installed on your lawn to create a parameter so that the robotic mower knows where the boundaries are. If you don’t run the parameter wire back to where the docking station (place where the robot mower needs to go back “home” to recharge) is, the mower won’t know where to go to recharge. That’s the long answer, in short, I would have to say no, unless you also lay this parameter wire leading to your garage where the docking station is. Meaning (presuming your garage leads on a flat surface to your lawn), that this parameter wire will lay exposed on your garage floor (presuming it is a hard floor where you wouldn’t want to bury the parameter wire).
  5. indefatigable's avatar
    I'm moving before Easter next year - would this be worth installing now, or would it be far more effort to install / uninstall the guide wires in a garden rougly 350m2?

    Is there a way to quickly lay them for "temporary" use? I don't need my current garden in tip top shape especially with autumn and winter coming.
    KingSuns's avatar
    I wouldn’t bother to be honest. Depending on lawn size to lay the wire properly ie a little into the soil will take a few hours to a day and then over time this will sink further or at least the grass roots will grow around it. You should stop mowing in October so you won’t get much use before you move in Easter.
  6. GeeBeeMTB's avatar
    quick question - these look like they back off the charger (unlike my worx that cuts my back garden which is a roll on roll off charging base) - how far do they reverse before they try and turn around?

    ive been mulling over getting a robot mower for the front (circa 200sqm) but want to install it in a secure garage. easy with the worx - a long tunnel you cant reach into would do, but im wondering if these dont reverse very far, meaning someone could reach in?
    S1X's avatar
    The wheels are at the front, they back onto the charger to charge then drive off forward to cut.
  7. dwattsy21's avatar
    These are great. I got the 500 for £340 a out a year ago, so deal prices seem to have gone up significantly but this is the best price for a while. Don't forget to factor in the cost of some sort of shelter. I made a planter that houses mine

    muffboy's avatar
    Judging by that photo I'd say yours has been hiding under that planter for some time!
  8. Humss's avatar
    One of the best investments in your garden. Has paid for itself and more.

    I don't get the comments and reviews that are negative because of the guide wire. Yes it takes time and planning but it's a one time thing then you no longer need to cut your grass, just tidy edges every now and then. And it's not that difficult to instal the wire. dig a shovel in to the lawn repeatedly in a line. Don't take any turf out, just make a line. Then push the wire in to it. It will close over itself in a week or so. Simple! (edited)
  9. R2Dom2's avatar
    They’re a faff to setup but completely worth it. You still need to strim and trip the edges - I use a cheap and flimsy cordless. Cutting the grass now takes less than 5 minutes and never looked better. 
  10. hamodziatko's avatar
    Love mine, although after 2 years a bug has appeared with IOS devices and have now had to pair it with an Android device. Don’t know if it’s just me or a much wider issue but there seems to be a few others out there.
    Donal_Kane's avatar
    I'd never managed to get it to work with Android .. but paired fine with iOS ... the App seems a bit 'fragile' .. love the lawnmower though !
  11. philipmarkmurphy's avatar
    I've a lawnmaster l12 at my holiday home, just cuts away and does its job in the background. Best £600 I have ever spent. Don't have a big job if I have not been down for a few weeks with overgrown grass anymore. Plus don't miss emptying grass bags. (edited)
  12. muffboy's avatar
    I believe that mulching mowers cause moss in your lawn, or is this a misconception?
    jamgin's avatar
    I would say not as mulching tends to feed the grass.
    Shading and poor drainage is more likely to cause moss
  13. sachbarnes's avatar
    Hot, such a great product, and Husquana are the kings of robot lawnmowers and own Flymo, so instead of paying thousands for their brand, Flymo is the same tech and also awesome.

    Got the 200 for my folks a few years ago in sale and paid £499, and has been amazing. What a price for the 350! (edited)
  14. Bottle's avatar
    Was thinking of picking one up for my mother. How do they cope with paths as there's a path down the middle of the garden top to bottom. Would it be able to move over that or would it need to be lifted between the sides?
    Donal_Kane's avatar
    If the level is the same as the lawn it should be fine
  15. darthcisco's avatar
    Stupid question, but I assume you need an outdoor power socket for this?
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    Yes in that the dock needs to be on the garden and the charging lead isn't very long. It's not an expensive job for an electrician and quite handy generally
  16. Pete.the.grinch's avatar
    These are absolutely amazing! Good price and a brilliant piece of kit!(party)
  17. paulj48's avatar
    They're ok unless is rains or the grass is wet, then all the grass sticks in the wheels and around the blades so requires daily cleaning underneath in damp conditions so not really a set it and forget it solution.
    Humss's avatar
    True but it only takes a minute to clean and tbh mine can go a week with grass all over it before it starts to get stuck, and that's in the lovely wet Scottish weather!
  18. tanikk£'s avatar
    Do these leave cuts on the grass ?
    GJM's avatar
    Yes the idea it does it regular to keep neat so it shouldn’t be noticeable and think it’s good to keep grass healthy..mulching it’s called I think.
  19. connorcarrington's avatar
    I have quite a big garden and in the middle there is a bit of a dip an then it goes flat again. Would the mower go past this area or just get stuck? It’s not too steep. Would love one of these if it would do the job
    Humss's avatar
    I have a steep gradient, I don't remember to model number but I went for the top of the range version of this as it apparently can do slopes better. It's worked perfectly. Worst case you can also set it to avoid areas with the guide wire. Check out the instructions online.
  20. Webcon19's avatar
    Had an ‘EasiLife’ and it’s everything but. Could have cut the grass a million times vs the times I’ve had to fix the guide wire, ramming itself into anything etc etc. (edited)
    muise's avatar
    Bury the guide wire. I have and it works great
  21. SANDYRING's avatar
    i have a low part of the garden and a high part, if i created a ramp of sorts would this work for the mower to get from bottom to top and vice versa?
    KingSuns's avatar
    Probably need more info, but the ramp would need to be wide enough for the perimeter wires and the central wire otherwise it would just fall off the ramp and the degree of the height couldn’t be high at all. Also the ramp would need to be grippy especially in wet weather. I know some mowers allow you to zone areas. Probably worth searching for the instruction manual or look at some YouTube videos. Plenty of examples where the mower will happy travel over flag stones but not sure about the height difference issue you have. (edited)
  22. HOOFIE's avatar
    Back in stock, just bought
  23. jgos's avatar
    Take5now code will bring it down by another £20
  24. S1X's avatar
    What have people used to protect it from the elements?

    Over £100 for a plastic cover, is a rip off!

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