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Posted 22 February 2024

Free bag of Percy Pigs or Colin the Caterpillars via link or QR code when you Donate Clothing to Oxfam instore - Sparks members

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This offer is still working, to get a free bag of Pigs or Colin the Caterpillar sweets in store every month. Go via mobile and open this link marksandspencer.com/mys…sep, and then login to Sparks account (free to signup) and the free bag of Percy Pigs / Colin Caterpillar will be added to your offers. May need to try this several times to appear as can be temperamental.

Credit Tamatoa for the original post

M&S app (inc Sparks)


Go via link marksandspencer.com/mys…sep or scan the qr code




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Marks & Spencer More details at

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  1. power_user2008's avatar
    It's not working for me. Looks like it's added the offer when using the link, but nothing showing under offers.
    Chanchi32's avatar
    try a few times, should eventually appear
  2. Rikmano's avatar
    If you don't see it automatically, close down the app and restart and it will be in the New Offers section.
    danielwhicks's avatar
    Worked! Thanks
  3. little_deal_minx's avatar
    Tried loads of times, just says offer already added but nothing is there
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Once added, it only shows in the app.
    I had the same issue, added and didn't appear in my account using web browser.
    You know it's worked once you see the "offer already added" message.
  4. swafe's avatar
    Worked for me, did via the Web then found in the app, you do need to activate it though
  5. t44's avatar
    Not for me either 😞
    danielwhicks's avatar
    I clicked on the link, then went to sparks and log in, then when it says error, close that and go to the app and the offer should be there. Hope this helps! Took me three goes to get it
  6. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    You should be able to claim this again after every 30 days.
    It used to work on the large 400g bags (worth £4), but they've excluded those now. (edited)
    LittleHands's avatar
    FYI worked last month for me on the big bags when it said in the Ts&Cs that they were excluded
  7. SamJHW's avatar
    As far as I am aware, this is from the clothes donation box in store as a genuine incentive to donate clothes.

    Hopefully those using it, can check the back of the wardrobe and drop off a couple of items of clothing they no longer wear, when they go to collect their Percys
    tomwilliams9's avatar
    Exactly they'll stop doing it if everyone just abused it like this 🤷‍♂️
  8. blackandwhitecat16's avatar
    Worked for me. Had to try a few times but eventually it appeared. Thank you!
  9. Dealseeker33's avatar
    Worked for me cheers:

    Logged out app
    Logged back in
    Scanned QR code
    Closed App
    Refresh it a few times
    AstalaVista's avatar
    Worked for me, thanks
  10. 2004ns's avatar
    Are these vegan or vegetarian sweets
    maizipops's avatar
    All varieties are vegan except the "Original Percy Pigs" with the green ears, which are vegetarian.
  11. Blotto's avatar
    Not on mine.
    angie14's avatar
    You have to screenshot the qr code
  12. Kosmic_Kanga's avatar
    Might be useful to some to know that only the 400g bags are excluded from the offer (as well as other products in the range, e.g. cakes - but that's covered in the T&Cs). The 280g bags (10 x 28g individual bags) are included.

    When I took mine to the till, the operator was quite adamant that it wouldn't go through as free. I told her that I'd checked the T&Cs, and that the three excluded product codes - which I'd checked against the shelf-edge labels - were for the 400g bags. She was a little crestfallen when it was accepted; she was no match for a fully-prepared HUKDer armed with product code exclusion knowledge. And so I emerged onto the high street victorious, the proud possessor of a multipack of sweets marketed at people a fraction of my age.
  13. nandy's avatar
    Worked for me, thanks

    Had to click on it a few times before it worked
  14. paul2785's avatar
    Didnt work for me
    danielwhicks's avatar
    Try again! Some helpful tips in the comment, took me three goes and found in app!
  15. frankkinsey's avatar
    Just says something went wrong every time
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Probably says you already added it.
    Check the Sparks section it the app, should be there.
  16. CarlUP's avatar
    I clicked on the link above and logged in via M&S website but no PERCY PIG, then clicked on M&S APP link at top of that page and Percy was added to my offers. I had to do this twice as it said something went wrong so keep trying if it isn’t working for you (edited)
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Yep, it only shows in the app, as it's an app exclusive offer.
  17. spottydog's avatar
    Took a few tries but worked in the end, thanks! Found the trick was to open the link on desktop first, sign in and then open the Sparks app on mobile to claim the offer.
    Joyce_'s avatar
    Thanks. I tried the link about 10 times this morning and it didn't work but when using your tip, I.e open on desktop first it worked!!! 🙌
  18. wesleykodi1d659's avatar
    Got mine at lunchtime today. This method worked for me as accessing websites on safari didn’t.
    What you need to do is download the app.
    Login in and slowly, carefully go through all the advertisements/ offers. The last one will say Percy 🐷. Add that to your offers then you are good to go. It took 5 attempts for me to get it right because the pages skip on to the next very easily. Hope you don’t have the same frustration as I did LOL
  19. smokeycat's avatar
    Got it but NOT by using app.

    Worked by using mobile, hit link, signed into website. Then back to hotdeals, use link, the add ALL offers to sparks, then checked added offers and it was there. Yippee. Thanks for adding.
    irishsea's avatar
    Thanks this worked for me
  20. Kosmic_Kanga's avatar
    Can't get this to work for the life of me. The HUKD 'Get deal' button links to a page telling me to register or log in to my Sparks account. But tapping on the 'Go to Sparks' button does nothing, even though it's clearly meant to.
    maizipops's avatar
    Have you tried going to the M&S website, logging in first and then coming back to click the link? (edited)
  21. TALON1973's avatar
    Don’t quite understand why this type of “deal” gets posted. It’s account specific and if people actually used the app properly they would find it easily themselves. (edited)
    maizipops's avatar
    This particular one is not account specific - anyone can claim it and you do need to follow the above link to add it to your account (this isn't one that just shows up in your app). The link is for a promo they do instore for recycling your soft plastics. It's meant for customers who take in their recycling - there's a QR code on the box which adds the free sweets to your account but the link has been shared online numerous times already. You can add it to your account every 30 days - I've been doing it since Oct 2022... Actually sick of the sight of these sweets at this point! (edited)
  22. plbs76's avatar
    OP should be more transparent here. QR code is taken from an in-house clothes donation booth for their Shwop scheme in partnership with Oxfam. Encouraging HUKD members to just benefit without even donating is hardly ethical.
  23. legodealsmad's avatar
    Free sweets whilst using the £3 free Vodafone gift card tomorrow
  24. daydreamer44's avatar
    Thanks! Can we use it every month?
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Yes, after 30 days scan the QR code to get it again.
  25. Terry.Tibbs's avatar
    Worked for Mr Tibbs - opened app , clicked on link, closed app and back in - my bag appeared. Mr Tibbs likes his sweets
  26. Ca1r1na's avatar
    Worked first time for me thank you and I’m not a new customer, worked last time around too 😃
    maizipops's avatar
    You can add it to your account every 30 days... I've been doing it since Oct 2022.
  27. A299GAL's avatar
    Me & OH got a bag on each of our Sparks
    Reuben_BM's avatar
    How are the great egg-scape ones?
  28. cat410's avatar
    was a bit of a faff, but it worked. Percy ... here I come
  29. Lauren46's avatar
    Worked on the third click 🏼
  30. Mum-of-two's avatar
    It worked for me thank you
  31. shanemaxell's avatar
    Now if only M&S hadn't shut down my local store...
    kylemj's avatar
    Same, We know have a store within WHSmiths which the Christmas event did day it was participating and ended up being charged full price. M&S never responded
  32. redrhino's avatar
    Worked for me. Looked like hadn’t. Followed link for second time and said “already added”.

    Opened app and there it was.

    Thanks OP.
  33. stjoey164's avatar
    Worked for me on my second click through. Thanks
  34. crdw's avatar
    Thanks, worked after going to my app after.
  35. J_Hen's avatar
    Can't believe this still works 🙀
  36. Pennywise999's avatar
    Thanks for posting. Worked easily scanning QR code.. Which also reminded me of my dentist appointment next week... So will pick them up after appointment
  37. LittleHands's avatar
    Aghh... why'd you have to go and tell everyone? I was using this monthly on the sly!
    maizipops's avatar
    Same... hopefully they don't cut it off with all the new Piggy pinchers!
  38. bloaty's avatar
    With the Vodafone £3 offer I had lunch for £1.25 including piggies
    52258323-bw3jw.jpg (edited)
  39. macmonkeyart's avatar
    I didn’t get the Percy Pigs offer, but had a bar of Swiss Chocolate instead.

    maizipops's avatar
    Different offer. If you follow the link/instructions above you can get the sweets as well
  40. Weehamish's avatar
    2k+ heat for a bag of sweets... are you for real?
    Rushed_89's avatar
    It's free. And also...
    You must be new here.
's avatar