Unfortunately, this deal has expired 19 September 2023.
Posted 30 August 2023

Freezer favourites for £5 Member price

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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Whitby Seafoods Scampi Bites 190g

Youngs Chip Shop 2 Fish Steaks 200g

McCain Oven Chips 750g

Birds Eye Garden Peas 375g

Nestle Rowntree Watermelon Lollies 4pk

All down to £5 for Coop members £6 for non members

Offer till the 19th September 2023
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    - Many thanks! I know I'm not the only one who will find this handy.
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    I know the chip shop fish steaks are normally £1 in farm foods don’t know about the rest.
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    Such tiny tiny bags of things
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    Yeah it's definitely changed , these used to feed 4 easily with lots left over , now 4 people would get a few bits of scampi, half a cod , a few chips and peas ,,but it's ok they at least still get a ice lolly to themself. , however always worth keeping an eye on the monthly deal as once in a while they can surprise you with a great deal this however is not it. Heat added though in case someone is looking for a meal for 2 rather than the family / 4 person it's intended for.
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    Anyone who knows the alternatives would be very helpful
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    Issue is a lot of the stores won’t stock all these items to make the deal up
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    I have never been to a store that doesn't, they get the meal deal items specially from warehouse in advance of the deal which they are pre warned about. The issue is more that they also have separate offers individually for some of the items for instance when they had the Chicago town pizza in meal deal they also had it available individually on offer for 2 pound which was also a bargain and caused them to sell out on day 1 my local store always has alternatives so if it comes with birds eye peas and they run out they will replace them with co-op peas , the Chicago town pizzas was replaced with a co-op pizza which was still cheaper to buy as a meal deal. (edited)
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    - We miss you! Are you still around? Perhaps your contact at Co-op no longer works there (or no longer has access to the substitutions list) - I noticed you didn't post it on the previous frozen deal. Still, it would be good to know. Hope you're keeping well, and even if you can't post the list anymore, thank you for all the previous occasions when you have.

    [Edited to tag joey29 properly.] (edited)
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    Can you get 5 of the same item
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