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G Star 3301 slim jeans Pitch Black

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G Star Pitch Black 3301 slim Jeans available in all sizes
About this item
  • Slim fit jeans 3301 is a 5-pocket jean, offering a narrow fit from thigh to bottom
  • This pair of 3301 mid waist jeans is based on a western hard-wearing laborer's pant, stripped down to the essential
  • Narrow from thigh to hem
  • Button fly

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  1. khxt's avatar
    Have returned two 'new' pairs of these already due to them arriving covered in lint, dirt, even pet hair.
    TKDBlackbelt's avatar
    Mine arrived in perfect condition but I've found the fit poor. Certainly not slim fit, baggy around the knee area, and sub cheap jack and Jones jeans
  2. tricky_tree1982's avatar
    Be careful of these. I ordered one size that were too big. Ordered a second pair smaller size - they were actually completely different jeans! I’d go as far to say these are fake!
  3. arctixx's avatar
    Had a pair delivered last time, seemed very decent.. but, stitching along one leg has started to come undone.. currently in between gstar and Amazon about getting then swapped.. Amazon saying go to gstar as out of the 30 days (even though only worn twice -not even washed em yet! Had them about 50 days) g star are saying they won't accept warranty issues from Amazon as they aren't part of their "authorised retailers" for brand protection 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Purchased a new pair.. and these aren't quite the same as the picture, no pocket stitching "raw" and "gstar" on the front or back, back leather patch is different and no metal badge/tag on the pocket

    So, not sure if this new pair are legit! (edited)
    duckrabbit76's avatar
    Under 6 months it's definitely the sellers responsibility. I'd remind amazon of the law.
  4. jonhoggy's avatar
    These were £27 two weeks ago but can vouch they are reasonable quality.
    jon81uk's avatar
    Not sure if this is the same deal, I got some a few weeks ago for £27 and they weren't very good, light and stretchy material not denim, I returned them.
  5. DeanoNI's avatar
    Got these for £24.50 from Amazon in December. Very nice jeans and comfortable. Slightly big on waist, go an inch smaller than your usual size.
  6. colefi's avatar
    Meanwhile in 2010
  7. Michinom's avatar
    I ordered these last time and they were like skinny jeans IMO. So tight around the calves/ankles. Had to return due to this.
  8. yahoo's avatar
    Wonder why the black ones are always on offer. Would be good to get a different colour for a change 🤪
    reckoning's avatar
    You will if you wash them..
  9. smudgemobile's avatar
    Welcome to HUKD congratulations on your 1st deal
  10. poos13's avatar
  11. Smart_Fool's avatar
    The last deal on these made me wonder if the standard of G Star had dropped or whether they've lost control of counterfeits.
    jon81uk's avatar
    I think slim fit jeans have gone out of style and they are sat on too much stock.
  12. JJM92's avatar
    Nice one OP, ordered
  13. AX31's avatar
    Price match ASOS but they have an extra 20 percent off. Most sizes gone now though 
  14. joxeruk2000's avatar
    I got these last time they were on offer. Got them on now actually. They’re comfy and I only buy slim fit jeans.
  15. Stukos's avatar
    Not this price for my size.
  16. stifflermccracker's avatar
    FYI - Google "gstar outlet" you have to register for an account, but everything is 100% real. Its OK, you can thank me later
  17. Adam's avatar
    Thanks for sharing your find to the community , great job with hitting 250+ heat so far too .
  18. maakuji's avatar
    Purchased this pair and a pair last time at £26. Both 3301s, both seem different in a number of places design and finish wise.

    Gigasonix's avatar
    Which is best?
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