Free boxer shorts and free delivery

Posted 1st Feb 2023
Get a free pair of boxer shorts. They have top quality boxer shorts with a perfect fit available with brand new, exclusive designs every month. No hidden charges or delivery costs and for your free pair you can choose from loads of different designs from previous months.

Just pick your size, whether you’d like to opt for the Originals designs with print or the One Collection without print. Next sit back and relax whilst they deliver them! They even have both men’s and boys sizes available.

Please note this is a subscription service. After registration you will start your 14 day trial period and receive your free pair of boxer shorts within 7 working days.

After 7 days you can make changes via your account, such as changing your size, address and cancelling your subscription.
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  1. you_gotta_be_kidding's avatar
    Good luck cancelling, they told me I had to give 1 months notice, so I did that and cancelled, 3 more months they charged me, I must have sent over 20 emails trying to get my money back showing them screenshots of it saying cancelled. Total Rip off. I was only buying for my teenage son, £10 for 1 pair is too expensive IMO for the quality, the designs are good but his second pair was pink which he refused to wear.

    I ended up getting him the 12 pack of crosshatch at about £2 a pair…404 (edited)
    markyo007's avatar
    markyo007 Author
    Not good to hear, I like to designs too, but hopefully I've no issues, like you had. Thanks for the input.
  2. Sc4mp0's avatar
    I'll be honest I signed up for the free boxers a few months ago and still use them.

    I think the quality is good and except for the first pair which lost its colour as my wife put them on a really hot wash the rest are ok.

    Everytime I go to cancel they've offered me either a free pair or 50% off the next one (same thing obviously) which is fine by me,I've had 3 pairs of socks off them as well for free.

    Obviously once I reach the amount of boxers I want,I'll cancel completely but till then happy to have them. (edited)
  3. xCobehx's avatar
    Very iffy this lot in terms of trying to spring extra charges, both in my own experience and others on Reddit saying the same thing. Use a virtual card so they can’t attempt anything. The quality is also average at best in my opinion.
  4. jjmmww1's avatar
    Use to be subbed for this for about 7 months I currently only have 1 pair left as the rest all got massive holes in the thigh area and they went in the bin
    CalmerChameleon's avatar
    I now understand why you would need a subscription service now! They're basically expensive disposable boxers!
  5. Addyy77's avatar
    Stay well clear from this fraud company. They sent me free one then I cancelled and still got threatened with these emails saying they will pass it on to debt collectors that’s even before delivering the product and heard people tried cancelling and couldn’t. So too much hassle for one pair of boxers avoid at all costs !!!
    Yas_Min's avatar
    Ignore them. I have for months
  6. CalmerChameleon's avatar
    A free pair of boxers is great and all but I don't get this business model? Why would anyone need a subscription service for boxer shorts? A subscription for bottles of wine, sure. A subscription for toiletries, yeah, why not? A subscription for magazines, groceries, watches, toys, board games or even freaking collectable coins but boxer shorts? Why?

    It's not like we were them once and throw them away? I just don't get it.
    markyo007's avatar
    markyo007 Author
    ASK THE SELLER.. it was posted because you can receive a free pair of boxers and then cancel, people like “freebies”.
  7. johnptr126's avatar
    "They have top quality" is it actually top quality considering its free?
  8. NicPowell's avatar
    I found the comfort terrible , no where near as good as step one, the first pair never got delivered (looking online it looks like they don't send most first pairs as their were so many people moaning) so it took over 2 months to get my first pair (after they resent them) then 2 months to get my second pair, then you cancel but you are still locked in for another month. I personally would avoid
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