Levi’s jeans - poor quality from Levi’s store

Posted 1st Dec 2023
Bought jeans from Levi’s online store on Black Friday. Quite disappointed with quality of fabric. Much thinner than my previous purchases from Levi’s online store.

Any suggestions on where to buy from.
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    It'll be the model, a cheaper version for sale at a cheaper price.
    You want somewhere physical that you can go and look at them
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    having worked in jean shops for years, just like people saying who makes the best tv or laptop, it's not the brand but the specific model, and even with things like 501s they come in a range of materials and colours and washes and the denim can vary

    typically it's a bad fit or not looking after clothing properly that results in issues, rather than thickness of material, and jeans are often 14 ounce a square yard or 16 ounce a square yard, but you can get lighter such as 12 ounce. why? lighter weight can be better for summer and heavier if you are doing hard wearing jobs like riding horses and lumberjacking and stuff like that. so maybe if it's levis you got a summer style
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    Thanks. How do I chose style. (edited)
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    Seriously though, have you tried Japanese denim? Apparently its the best denim you can get

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