Unfortunately, this deal has expired 31 August 2023.
Posted 27 July 2023

Xbox Games with Gold August Blue Fire/Inertial Drift

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Xbox games with gold August Blue Fire/Inertial Drift

Discover dark worlds or drift through August in Games with Gold! On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, embark on a journey thru a desolated kingdom in Blue Fire, and then race thru a retro 90s arcade style game in Inertial Drift.

Blue Fire ($19.99 ERP): Available August 1 to 31
Inertial Drift ($19.99 ERP): Available August 1 to August 31
Xbox Live Gold members will have exclusive access to these games for a limited time as part of Games with Gold. So will Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, who receive all the fantastic benefits of Gold plus access to hundreds of high-quality games with Xbox Game Pass.
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  1. dreamylittledream's avatar
    Blue Fire is Zelda meets Dark Souls and a really neat little game. Not bad for a final hurrah really
  2. Biiizn3ss's avatar
    Tbf Blue Fire is a decent game
    SpaghettiMonster's avatar
    I like inertial drift. Novel drifting mechanic, arcadey.
  3. seblog's avatar
    When gold will be retired?
    fastclau's avatar
  4. MicksteryMan's avatar
    My Xbox GP ultimate has run out last eve. What's best to do for the time being before core starts??
    shasnir's avatar
    Cheapest is probably Here if you use a VPN.
    Then use £1 month Ultimate Gamepass Trial to convert it to Ultimate Gamepass. (edited)
  5. Dingle2007's avatar
    Since gold is coming to a end soon it would be good to get a couple of AAA games (even a good inde game) , just to sign gold of with
    stingersplash's avatar
    This is the end hence both being available all month. You aren't getting AAA games outside Gamepass.
  6. McShane's avatar
    Couldn't even send of GwG with a bang. (edited)
  7. Doyl's avatar
    Terrible send off after years of Xbox Live Gold.
  8. SoundShower's avatar
    Both games I've had on my wishlist! I know people like to complain about not getting 'AAA' games with Gold, but I was always happy to get cool little indie games like this.
  9. tre123's avatar
    ahenners's avatar
    Nailed it
  10. CursedNaruto's avatar
    Since they are doing what they are doing they could've done a decent fare well, like an Xbox original, Xbox 360, Xbla, Xbox one and a series S|X game something for every facet of the Xbox ecosystem.
  11. GoatboyJones's avatar
    The definition of going out with a whimper
    stingersplash's avatar
    Says anyone who sees non AAA and expects bad things. From what I've heard both are fun games. But they aren't miserable, tedious and big filled AAA games....if they gave us Cyberpunk 2077 would that be better?
  12. BiscuitBachchan's avatar
    Any idea what happens to my existing games with gold games , so good few years of games built up.

    Do they just stay as such in the library while I’m subbed to GPU
    PDCottrell's avatar
    Yes they do
  13. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    HEAT! Inertial Drift is incredible; I have the physical copy on PS4. Really happy to find out I’ll now have it on XBox as well
  14. point_decay's avatar
    they really are spoiling us this month with these bangers.
  15. GameTripper's avatar
    You'd've thought Microsoft would have dropped something from its own catalogue in line with previous GWG - Forza Horizon 4 or Halo Wars 2. This is a big disappointment (even if Inertial Drift's a decent game).
  16. stingersplash's avatar
    This is the end my friend...I'll miss these free little obscure titles. And before a pedant says "they aren't free" to me they were as my GPU works out at about 4 quid per month and the Gamepass games are worth way more than that.
  17. 00hilld's avatar
    Haven’t got either game and tbh I’m actually happy with this line up.
  18. groobytrzyszostki's avatar
    They said that the GP core will be adding new games 2-3 times per year. Unless it's 20+ games each time, I'd say GP Core is a disappointment
    stingersplash's avatar
    For the 8 people who don't have GPU already will they care? Those people just use Gold to play online multiplayer and they still can. They will probably ignore these.
  19. justabout72's avatar
    I knew there was a reason I spent nearly £500 on a games console..
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    To get free games??? Strange reason
  20. PressPlay's avatar
    Been wanting to pick up inertial drift, nice one!
  21. karvai's avatar
    What a joke from MS. I'm disappointed in xbox more and more. I had xbox since the original, but I'm thinking of buying the next ps5 slim when it is out.
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Here’s an idea why don’t you own XBox and PlayStation… you’re even allowed to own a Nintendo system too
  22. snotters's avatar
    A fitting epitaph to the lacklustre Games With Gold. I remember years ago, in the 360 era, when the monthly games were something to be looked forward to. Oh wait, about 4 years ago they dropped in Gears of War 5. To be fair to them (Microsoft), at least we get to keep the many 360 games forever (or however long the online service lasts).

    Meanwhile, the monthly basic tier PS Plus games are PGA 2K23, Dreams and Death's Door. That about sums it up.
    stingersplash's avatar
    But you can't or at least shouldn't compare them. Gamepass Ultimate vs Playstation Plus is still a one sided affair. And not to Sony. Pretty sure Death's Door was on Gamepass forever ago and who wants to play Golf?
  23. TylerDurdenUK's avatar
    I'm really enjoying Blue Fire, great little game
  24. a-j's avatar
    Nice, had Blue Fire on my wishlist for a while and I've heard occasional good things about Inertial Drift.

    Not that I'm ever likely to get to pay them, the size of my backlog. (edited)
  25. MrWeeWoo's avatar
    Inertial Drift
  26. NS007's avatar
    good pair of games.

    if you sign up to Xbox games with gold you get these games to keep?

    Edit: oh maybe not '
    • Players can continue to access any Xbox One games they previously redeemed through Games with Gold if they remain a Game Pass Core or Game Pass Ultimate member.'
    stingersplash's avatar
    Only Xbox original and 360 are free forever.
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