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Get Carter [1971] [Blu-ray] [Region Free] - £5.04 @ Amazon

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Acclaimed 1970s British thriller starring Michael Caine as a hardened gangster returning to his hometown in search of the truth behind his brother's death. Though originally from Newcastle, Jack Carter (Caine) has made his name in London as a tough enforcer for the crime boss, Gerald Fletcher (Terence Rigby). On hearing of his brother's death, Carter returns to Newcastle for his funeral and to investigate his suspicion that his sibling may have been murdered. After visiting local gangster Cyril Kinnear (John Osborne), Carter is threatened and advised to head back to London. Jack refuses and descends further and further into the city's underworld as his investigations begin to pay off. His search is merciless, unrelenting and fraught with danger and it becomes clear that he will stop at nothing to exact his own brand of justice.
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    Top film, but if money is no object the new BFI 4K remaster is miles ahead of this release in terms of picture quality and extras.
    Might seek that out.
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    Underated Caine film this.
    Underrated? I thought it was common knowledge that it is a classic.
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    You're a big man but you're in bad shape. For me it's a full time job. Now behave yourself and go buy this....
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    Best British gangster film ever made, the Sly Stallone remake was a bloody insult.
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    The films theme tune gets stuck in yiur head for days after watching this.
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    What's the matter? You got gut trouble or something?
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    Pushed Alf Roberts off the the multi storey car park.
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    Mick carter out of the English channel
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    Click.Click.. A thin glass.

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    Pint of bitter...thin glass
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    Bit of a stretch this one, "I just want to say hi to my girlfriend, OK? Yo, Adrian! It’s me, Rocky."
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    Fantastic movie.Lovely to see old Newcastle images. The glazed stairs up to old Manors B.R. station at edge of city centre - still there but boarded up since not long after this movie. New Manors station for Metro couple hundred yards away. Old ferry landing at Wallsend (end of Hadrians Wall - just yards/metres away) - long gone.The long bar - longest bar in Britain at one time, near Central Station. Multistorey car park also long gone. Loads more. Bought this bluray when first available (edited)