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2 pairs of glasses for £15 delivered (with code) @ Glasses Direct
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Current deal with Glasses Direct is two pair for £19. You can get extra off using the code MSE15JAN from Money Saving Expert so, two pairs for £15 delivered.

Have ordered from them for years and think they are streets ahead of the rest in terms of price vs quality.


I rate these guys better than goggles4u and speaky4eyes Not sure what are your experience, share if any.


Anyone else find their glasses often have the thing that holds rimless glasses together not cut properly? It's happened to me several times now, on different orders. They leave a bit sticking out, about half a centimetre in length. I'd say it's a minor consideration but would be quite bad if it poked you in the eye.l


Returns are free too apparently; 'If you’re unhappy with your glasses for any reason, you can send them back with our 30-day free return guarantee.'


Can’t believe I bypassed that, what a plonker!

Upto 80% off at Glasses Direct. Cheapy pair from £10.95 inc del
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
Glasses direct have some frames reduced very low. I have a cheap throwaround pair in my basket for £7... plus postage is only £10.95 total. Basic lenses etc but still cannot grumbl… Read more

Had the same problem, ordered some sunglasses ready to take on holiday, took £180 off me and a month later nothing, no tracking information available online. Got a refund after a couple of emails. Wouldn't recommend.


V interesting!


Why UK glasses are so expensive:


Yep, the last voucher offer, 2 pairs for £15 delivered, there were quite a few of many watchlist frames in the sale. So this is a good price, but not as good as getting your sale frame with a £49 range frame and only paying £15 or £16 for both.


I love them, 2 pairs for £16 and when i asked to thin the lenses - something I've been advised to do in the past - they discouraged me from doing so explaining it wasn't necessary and saved me over £40 - bargain and very fast.

Glasses Direct 50% off your order + Free Second Pair with orders over £49 (Now includes bifocal & varifocal lenses)
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Just ordered 2 pairs of bifocals for £67.45 delivered I haven't seen many offers on bifocal and varifocal lenses so when I got this email through today I was very excited - My st… Read more

Why is this not crazy hot? I just got two pairs of glasses for £4 less than if I'd bought a single pair! Bought a £89 pair of sale glasses down to £28, plus a £49 second pair and it came out as £34!


i was thinking of vision express when i made that comment, i was in there two weeks ago and found a pair of rayban glasses i liked £199 for the frames, took a picture of model number checked online uk companies selling frame for 65-95 so a third to half price cheaper.


Thanks I'll keep a look out for that for the next time he loses them (give it a month!)


I got 2 pairs of varifocals for less than that last week from goggles4U, so it pays to shop around


Are they? last time I (nearly), had a pair made in the UK it was the lenses they were hyper-inflating - £300 for a single vision, coated lense I could get in China for £20. Light grey tint, coated single vision (I have a weird prescription - so that doesnt help), in titanium frames for £110. My mother has a similar prescription, in cheaper frames that cost her £600 at Vision Express. V.E should change their advertising tag line to "We saw YOU coming".

Glasses Direct up to 80% off sale
Found 9th Nov 2018Found 9th Nov 2018
Up to 80% off sale. Used them numerous times and the service is excellent
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Any free P&P codes??



If you work you may qualify through your employer, so check with them given you may also receive a discount on glasses. Alternatively check high street opticians, however most will only offer a free eye test on the condition you buy their glasses (understandably).


Just checked my glasses stock, no need to buy for a bit....4 in.stock!! Voted hot anyway cos some are good price. (y)



2 glasses for £15 using code inc postage with Glasses Direct
Found 7th Nov 2018Found 7th Nov 2018
2 for 1 on £49+ frames Glasses Direct has a range of frames priced £49 and above (excl. Boutique), from the 2 for 1 collection . Once you’ve picked your frames (excluding Boutique… Read more

Ordered this deal, but have only received one pair, email sent, we'll see!


You must have massive ears, (nerd)


Very bad lenses, Ordered two few months ago for 16£. when I put them I see flares for every single light. I complained, they said you need to clean them !! Seriously, you means I don’t know how to clean my glasses?? You really think I don’t how if the lenses are dirty?? + with this cost you will not get anti reflection, which means you will see reflections of you ears all the time and when you take selfie you will not be able to recognise yourself. Asked refunded, and this was the only good thing I have got from them. I was very disappointed.


strange - we have mods on this site with only 1 deal under their belt and they tell us how to do it


Bought loads of different styles years ago from this Company. Very good. Would recommend them. Don't like their website though. The old website I remember was easier to see a whole range on a page. You need the Pd distance and your prescription. Always double check the sizes. As well as width and arm length. I have bought the wrong size before, as the design looked good, without checking.

50% off plus Free 2nd Pair plus Free delivery on glasses priced above £49 @ Glasses Direct
Found 30th Oct 2018Found 30th Oct 2018
Use the code 3TREATS for 50% off free 2nd pair and free delivery. Glasses need to be over £49 but not from their boutique range. Expires midnight on 31st October

Yeh ordered mine on Wednesday and both pairs arrived Saturday. Used them on a number of occasions. Glad you benefited


Wow, I've just received my 2 pairs of rimless glasses for around £60. That's astonishingly cheap and quick to manufacture and deliver in a week. Specsavers do own branded rimless glasses for £169 buy one get one free and sometimes take longer than a week for collection. A few of my orders from SpeckyFourEyes take longer than a month for delivery. Thanks for this deal OP!


the strength of the lens is based on your prescription, same as any high street optician (where it gets made in a lab). What you miss out on is the fitting so, how far apart the center of your eyes are, how the glasses sit on the bridge of your nose and behind your ears etc.All this can marginally effect your vision through the lenses but the biggest factor of course is the lenses. Hence they have a try before you buy scheme which includes return postage costs


how do they get the glasses right with no phisical presence?



50% off Frames + Free second pair & free delivery at Glasses Direct
Found 28th Oct 2018Found 28th Oct 2018
Been looking for new glasses for a while and came across this offer on Glasses Direct. I had two pairs of glasses for £44.50 (50% off the most expensive and cheapest free) there is… Read more

Genk, hope you haven't bought any yet as Quidco just released £2.50 off when you spend £2.50.


No problem! If you don't know your prescription you can just go to the last place you had your eyes tested (Specsavers etc) and ask for it, it tells you all the info you need to buy your glasses online. Also boots do a free eye test if not👉Boots Free Eye Test


Cheers. I need glasses but just use them for driving. Will have another browse on there website.


I also looked in Specsavers for glasses but found they have very few cheap ones, maybe because it was a small store. But the benefit of going to Specsavers is that you can pop in store if there's any issues. (If you do get glasses from there I wouldn't recommend 'anti glare' as it makes the glasses appear green and I didn't see any difference with that extra). I did have a look on the website for you, the cheapest ones in the deal are £49 (Quite a wide selection) and you get 50% off so that's £24.50 for two pairs with the code 3TREATS. However that's without additional lense packages. It really depends on what kind of glasses you need, sometimes places do bifocal etc cheaper than other sites.


Got really excited but then found it was £48 for 2. I might as well go into spec savers and buy 2 pairs form £25 range. Saves headache with delivery and pupil distance.

Glasses Direct 2 pairs of prescription glasses for £16 delivered is back on!
Found 13th Sep 2018Found 13th Sep 2018
Back on offer, 2 pairs for £16 delivered. You can order a free trial of up to four frames of your choice to try them on at your home (free delivery & return with the 4-frame tr… Read more

hope this comes round again soon .....


Just ordered and went through Quidco for 4% extra to see if it gets me another bit cash back. ;-) Just ordered mine, £22.95 and ordered one pair for distance and another for computer use. Tempted to go for the varifocals but will wait to see what these are link first . Thanks to @badar121


Theres another code ''GLASSES19'' which gives £30 off and got me this deal at £19 (£22.95 with delivery) instead of £52.95 yesterday. It's not as good as £16 but may help someone.


We'll find out by tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be a similar offer or 2 pairs for £19.


Looks like i will need to trial a few frames first, anyone know if this offer will be back?

Two pairs of glasses from £16 @ Glasses Direct
Found 14th Aug 2018Found 14th Aug 2018
Two pairs of glasses from £16 @ Glasses Direct
You can get two pairs of glasses for £16 delivered, if you use our MSE Blagged code MSEAUG16 on top of two existing Glasses Direct* offers before 11.59pm on Mon 20 Aug. Here’s wha… Read more

Ordered 2 pairs. Top deal!


Used this last night. Excellent deal


holding out for free tints


Remember to look at the sale items too, as you can choose them as your second pair. I've scooped up a few pairs of higher range price specs that were in the sale before using these MSE vouchers, over a couple of orders of course.


Great deal, I'll be showing my parents this, should save them a few bob (y)

GlassesDirect voucher back, 2 pairs of specs for £16, but no free tints this time
Found 27th Jun 2018Found 27th Jun 2018
GlassesDirect voucher back, 2 pairs of specs for £16, but no free tints this time
As per usual, best to ignore GD's own offers if you're going for the specs from the cheapest range, and save a couple of more quid through the MSE discount code. Glasses Direct ha… Read more

wow. arrived today. very good service.


Ordered last Sunday, arrived on the Wednesday. Crazy quick.


I just heard if I order rimless ( half rim) from the high Street shop they will do it with thin lens. Do you think are they doing the same process?


I ordered some from their last offer... received them in 4 days. I was very impressed with the timing.


Goes up to sphere +/-8.0 ; I'm -8.5. Typical. :/

2 pairs of glasses from £19 with free delivery and returns @ Glasses Direct
Found 20th Jun 2018Found 20th Jun 2018
2 pairs of glasses from £19 with free delivery and returns @ Glasses Direct
2 pairs of glasses from £19 and free delivery too (usually £3.95) - choose any pair of frames apart from those in the "Boutique" range. Frames priced at £49 qualify for the £19 off… Read more

Looks like it's expired...sorry!


I can't seem to get this to work. Can you help me via PN?


MSEJUNE16 to get two pairs for £16 (£33 off and free delivery) :)


I did the same, if you relook at it, above the paid gold silver etc there is a load of writing, there's a opt out bit to click in there and then it's just standard lenses


How did you get for £19? when I select £49 pair, the lens package is minimum Bronze for £10 which makes my order £29.

50% off frames + free second pair + dark tint on
Found 11th Jun 2018Found 11th Jun 2018
50% off frames + free second pair + dark tint on
There's also £30 off for 2 glasses if you are a new member.

I think the deal is gone now sorry!


I think it's expired now sorry!


How to get the 50% off? Sorry, I don't see it.


well im gonna get there £19 one so ill wait!


example post: watch this webpage for the next voucher: basically, glasses direct's own offer on the £49 2-for-1 range can be beaten when the MSE voucher comes up because the MSE deal can include free delivery and a couple of quid extra discount. however, if you want something from the higher price ranges, their own 50% off could be a bigger discount than the MSE discount (£30/£33 +£3.95 delivery) the trial thing is good, know what suits you, then, if you can wait, wait for the bigger discount. if you've found a frame that's good for normal wear, but decide it might be good as sunglasses, order again when the discount + free tints voucher comes up (and it will ...soon. ok, maybe in a fortnight as a july code)

Found 10th May 2018Found 10th May 2018
I've been looking for a good deal on glasses and I've found this, it also includes FREE DELIVERY! Use the code MSEMAY17 to get two pairs of glasses from £17. Buy any pair of gl… Read more

Mse code has expired :(


Code worked for me - thanks very much. First order from here so fingers crossed. So far so good ordered around midnight on Wednesday and arrived in the post on Friday. Excellent!


Exactly! Can't complain about the price! Bargain :)


Thanks to OP, rude not to order a couple of pairs for £17. Mine arrived after 4 days.


I got mine 5 days from order date

2 pairs of glasses for £19 + delivery (£3.95) at Glasses Direct = £22.95
Found 3rd May 2018Found 3rd May 2018
2 pairs of glasses for £19 + delivery (£3.95) at Glasses Direct = £22.95
£22.95£4953%Glasses Direct Deals
Hope this helps someone... £30 off your order from glasses direct - says for new customers but, I have just successfully used it on my existing account. Choose 2 pairs of glasses… Read more

To a great extent - in fact I want to say a majority, but this was some time ago now and I don't want to mislead or get anyone's hopes up. I was left with some astigmatism from the original procedure, but some of this was corrected as was my distance vision. Either way, I was left very happy. My sight has since deteriorated a little but that's the aging process and will happen regardless. I still don't wear glasses or lenses etc. I'll PM you his details in case it's useful.


Sorry to turn this into a forum thread HUKD, but may I ask schnide, to what extent was the experienced surgeon able to fix the mistakes of the earlier surgical procedure?


I was writing this one quickly on the tube and admittedly did miss out a key part of my story that hopefully brings a little comfort and also backs up your story too.. My with the surgeon was actually my second time. The first time I went with (who I didn't realise was) a cowboy company. I learned my lesson and I know how disappointing these things can be. Have a great long weekend. -- TLDR version for everyone else: Go with a highly accomplished pro and do your research first, even if it ends up costing more in terms of money.


I have been waiting since march for a MSE glassesdirect promotion to come up, but nothing since early March. Rather than waiting for the possibility of another MSE promotion, I took this offer. I placed my order yesterday afternoon and already my glasses have been dispatched.


Fair enough schnide. I wouldn't have taken a gamble with hindsight even if there was only a 8% chance of "night time" vision aberration as I currently see.

2 pairs of prescription glasses worth £98 for £19 + £3.95 delivery at Glasses Direct
Found 9th Feb 2018Found 9th Feb 2018
2 pairs of prescription glasses worth £98 for £19 + £3.95 delivery at Glasses Direct
Update 12/02 - back again As the title says - get 2 pairs of prescription glasses from £19 at glassesdirect. Surprisingly there is actually quite a wide range too. Essentially y… Read more
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Just ordered two pairs before midnight deadline and they also have free delivery until 20 Feb (there is a code but dont think you can apply two - however free delivery was applied automatically!)


I have very expensive glass from high street and to be honist I ware the ones from glasses direct more as they seem a lot better I paid £ 175 for high street one and £25 for 2 pairs from glasses direct can't fault them


I've used these a couple of times and had no problems. Just make sure the frames are the right size! Heat.


I’ve found through experience recently that where your eyes are concerned, whilst cheaper online there’s no substitute then going with a local high street optician. In past month I’d received frames that don’t fit (despite being correct dimensions), broken frames through poor packaging, and incorrect PD distance used. Went to local optician, paid more or less double, I experienced a friendlier, personal service and came away with decent specs and my eyesight protected



2 pair of specs from £15 delivered at Glasses Direct
Found 3rd Jan 2018Found 3rd Jan 2018
2 pair of specs from £15 delivered at Glasses Direct
If you use code MSEJAN15 on top of an existing Glasses Direct offer before 11.59pm on Mon 8 Jan, you can get two pairs of prescription glasses for £15 delivered. Here's what to… Read more

Used this code from Money Saving Expert Website. Worked perfectly. Ordered 2 pairs on Saturday to have as spares, and they arrived in the post on Thursday, quicker than ordering at my local opticians. I was kept updated daily with an email about progress. Very good sturdy glasses, they look nice too, and they also sent me some vouchers for sunglasses and further orders. Is it any wonder this company is doing well, their customer service is excellent. Highly recommended.


yeah i've used specky4eyes in the past & they usually take ages which doesnt really bother me as never in a rush for them & they have great comms & end result is good. First time using glasses direct so added bonus if they come promptly!


Ordered 3rd January. Wasn't expecting them so soon. Awesome service.


Wow when did you order? I ordered Thursday night so not expecting them until end next week or even week Monday Cant wait to get them though


Both pair delivered this morning. Very pleased.

Two pairs of prescription glasses delivered for £15 via MSE @ GlassesDirect
Found 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
Two pairs of prescription glasses delivered for £15 via MSE @ GlassesDirect
If you use our MSE Blagged code MSE15GLASSES on top of an existing Glasses Direct* offer before 11.59pm on Sun 12 Nov, you can get two pairs of prescription glasses for £15 del… Read more

Refer a friend who makes a purchase and they get £30 off first order and you get a £15 Amazon voucher, I done this got voucher two days after (y)


Great service from GD. My trial came in about 2 days and the order was delivered in about 3 days. Pair of great specs for £15. Bargain !


Thanks 1970QPR. It was the "continue with basic lenses" link that I was missing. Just ordered via Quidco for (hopefully) another 75p off :)


make sure your first pair qualify for a free 2nd pair (I think its anything £49 or above excluding boutique or designer) then choose your glasses type (distance, reading or computer) then it will offer a 'package' choose basic/ free the next page has the various coatings etc to choose there is a single line in the text which says something like "continue with basic lenses" then a pop-up advises against un-coated lenses just click proceed and your done!! I've had about 6 pairs with basic lenses from GD without issue.


How do you get 2 pairs for £15? When I try it wants to charge me a total of £35 (which includes £10 per pair for basic lenses in each). | 50% OFF FRAMES + FREE 2ND PAIR + FREE DELIVERY | Expires Midnight 31st October!
Found 31st Oct 2017Found 31st Oct 2017 | 50% OFF FRAMES + FREE 2ND PAIR + FREE DELIVERY | Expires Midnight 31st October!
50% OFF FRAMES + FREE 2ND PAIR + FREE DELIVERY as USE CODE: 3IN1TREA T This deal expires at midnight tonight (31st October 2017). Grab yourself a bargai… Read more

I have used 👓 direct and they are excellent. I have got the basic ones and use it everyday for a year now and they have lasted well surprisingly Their after sales service is great too..will definitely recommend (y)


They have a regular 50% discount offer, but do your maths first - if you're going for the cheaper 2-for-1 range, it's cheaper to wait for the MSE discount code, usually around £33 discount and free delivery.


Free second pair offer applies when selecting a frame priced at £49 and above, excluding Boutique frames So a minimum spend of 24.50.


Mine from asda optician needed adjusting twice, once without me knowing. How would this work?? I mean they might require adjusting around the ear or need tightening more


Plus 5% Quidco too... another £3.13 cashback on the order I mention above! 8)

40% off frames AND a free second pair at Glasses Direct
Found 16th Oct 2017Found 16th Oct 2017
40% off frames AND a free second pair at Glasses Direct
New customers can get a £30 discount, meaning that they can get two £49 frames for the total cost of £19. Use 40COUNT before midnight 17/10. Delivery £3.95

Yesterday it was 50% off. It's a timed offer, it drops down to 30% off on 18/10They will then most likely have a new offer. Worth waiting unless an emergency


Delivery is £3.95.

GlassesDirect. Two pairs of glasses from £19 (£30 off) with a code.
Found 27th Sep 2017Found 27th Sep 2017
GlassesDirect. Two pairs of glasses from £19 (£30 off) with a code.
To enjoy your 2 pairs of glasses from £19 * just select your two favourite frames priced at £49, enter code EF-SR-2419 at checkout and enjoy £30 off your first order. A £59 p… Read more
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Wow! :D


Thx. Ordered.


Had a few pairs now from Glasses Direct, not had issues at all.


Lol. :-)