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Posted 22 May 2023

Global 6 Piece Knife Block Set (G-636/6B) £229 @ Kitchen Knives

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A Great selection of popular knives that includes G-55 Cook's 18cm Knife, GS-61 Bread 16cm Knife, GS-5 Vegetable 14cm Knife, GSF-46 Peeling 8cm Knife and GSF-49 Utility 11cm Knife. The Global Series of knives and accessories are a firm favourite in kitchens the world over, and for good reason. Their high-quality, modern Japanese design makes them a joy to use and a stylish addition to your kitchen. They're also easy to maintain and keep clean, so you know with the right care they'll last you a lifetime.

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Keep your favourite cooking knives on hand at all times and in plain view whenever you need them with this beautiful Global 6 Piece Knife Block Set.

Crafted from the finest quality Japanese stainless steel, this knife block is as stylish as it is functional thanks to the modern, cutting-edge design and space for 5 knives.

Within the set itself, you'll receive 5 of the bestselling Global knives that are perfect for everyday use and will help with a variety of cooking tasks, plus you get the practical knife block included to help you keep your knives tidy and save space in your drawers.

This Global 6 Piece Knife Block Set can be easily cleaned using some warm water and a light detergent. Neither the block itself or any of the knives should be submerged in water or placed in the dishwasher.

The set includes:

  • Global G-55 - 18cm Cook's Knife (G-55)
  • Global GS61 - 16cm Bagel and Sandwich Knife (GS-61)
  • Global GS-5 - 14cm Vegetable Chopper (GS-5)
  • Global GSF46 - 8cm Peeling Knife (GSF-46)
  • Global GSF49 - 11cm Utility Knife (GSF-49)

By placing an order for any knife, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. All knives must be used responsibly and appropriately.

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  1. Troy-mclure's avatar
    I'm a chef of 30 + years and these are great knives ,I've had one for 30 years ,and a few stolen ,by other chefs. And they don't rust ,i wouldn't buy them again though. buy a few individual victorinox to suit your needs.
  2. sheffield788's avatar
  3. lozmeister's avatar
    Had this set and the knives rusted (washed correctly, never put in the dishwasher) - alternatives?
    emjay2k71's avatar
    emjay2k71 Author
    They’ve got a set of Wusthof knives for sale, without a block though.
  4. NeptunesNemesis's avatar
    Had ours at a guess over 20 years, 7 of them, they have no sign of rust, no cracks, no damage and keep a good edge when they do need sharpening. Hand washed only.
    As a sharpener, I use Lansky sharpening rods and block at either 20 or 25 degrees depending on which knife I’m sharpening.
    emjay2k71's avatar
    emjay2k71 Author
    Just looked on their website out of curiosity, they factory sharpen their knives between 10-15 degrees, I also have a lansky, have been thinking of upgrading to a KME recently though, not that these will need sharpening for a while but I think the lansky lowest is 17 degrees.
  5. Baldricky's avatar
    How many different knives do folks genuinely use prepping food? I cook and prep meat quite a lot, but I can quite happily get by on a chefs knife and a paring knife. I actually prefer a chefs knife for bread, buns, bagels, croissants Etc as is much less messy. Yes I have a cleaver and filleting knife, but I am thinking day to day? For honing I have a steel and for sharpening I use two sections of Oak flooring, one with a leather section/strop affixed and one with 1/3rd sheets of 600 and 1200 wet an dry double sided on and swapped out as required. (edited)
    Baldricky's avatar
    A fluted chef's knife would be my only likely future purchase . When it comes to guided sharpening, unless you have deep pockets and want to go down the rabbit hole that is knife sharpening, the Work Sharp system plus a strop is from what I read in forums, generally accepted to be the sub £100 weapon of choice for the home cook. Beyond that there are systems from Sharpworks, Worxsharp, Edge Pro, EZESharp, Tormek, Wicked Edge, TSPROF, Etc. Et. to suit everyone from the home chef to the knife sharpening service provider.

    50240602_1.jpg (edited)
  6. robo989's avatar
    Pretty rubbish knives.
    Brittle and prone to breaking, steel is poor quality (have a research)
    mark9915's avatar
    I’ve got eight of them and haven’t had problems with any of them.  So what is your experience of them?
  7. Aspiring_Failure's avatar
    I’ve always found global uncomfortable to use, the action just isn’t as good as a Zwilling or a Mercer - I prefer a heavy handle to balance out the steel. Global give me blisters. Chef of 30 years. (edited)
  8. ipmanwck's avatar
    These are sharp asf
  9. Mezzz's avatar
    Global knives are excellent and one of the best. Been using my set professionally and at home for over 15 years without issues. If they rust there fake or through lack of use. Even marine grade stainless will rust on the surface without use.
    gg1pl's avatar
    One of the best high street big name brands but definitely not one of the best overall as Global use entry level Japanese steel
  10. ministrymason's avatar
    5% off with bluelight card

    Order Total £217.55
    sheffield788's avatar
    5% off even without BLC, if it is your first order. I've posted a picture of the discount in one of my comments. I think I'm happy with my Zwilling set which was half this price. (edited)
  11. James_Whitchurch's avatar
    My partner has a full set on the global magnetic wall holder. Really easy to access for use, no complaints here.
  12. dimuc's avatar
    Can anyone recommend knife sharpener for these?
    mark9915's avatar
    We have this one which works well.
  13. tommyturnip's avatar
    I have a set of Procook x30, often on offer
  14. Wolfyyy's avatar
    G2 is anthony bourdain's weapon of choice (edited)
    robo989's avatar
  15. nevergofull's avatar
    I have this set, my 8cm knife has failed twice at the neck. Total snap, costs £18.95 to replace each time.
    Overall they are ok knifes, I do however prefer the feel to my previous Wusthof knifes. Will be going back to them after these have run their course.

    As a warning, UK based customer service is dreadful when dealing with a return.
  16. KTy's avatar
    Where the hell do they get an RRP of £699.99. Global themselves have them listed at £324.95
  17. Bhozar's avatar
    Bought this set 23 years ago. Still using them but had to replace the larger chef's knife last year when it cracked between the grip and blade.
  18. MusicmanJP's avatar
    Most chefs would only use two of these knives, I would say save yourself a hundred quid and get a Wusthof Ikon chef's and paring knife. Solingen steel (edited)
    mark9915's avatar
    Where are you getting Wusthof Ikon’s for that kind of money?  20cm cooks knife is £150+ if you can find one.
  19. ministrymason's avatar
    I’ve had this same set for 10 years. Great set.

    If you Buy . Buy twice
  20. yespleasesir's avatar
    Really good price. I have 3 knives and a steel. Bought separately though. Paid around £500 for them, individually.
  21. ockyjimd's avatar
    I’ve got Global knives, but I use a Victorinox tomato knife for 90% of my cooking.
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