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ProCook Gourmet X30 Knife Set - £59 (With Code) @ ProCook
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Use Code FREEGIFT for free Santoku Knife on order over £50 (worth £48) Product Description Includes paring, utility, chef, bread knife and carving knife with magnetic American … Read more

I got pans and a few other kitchen Items and their quality is good. Will certainly get some more stuff in the future.


Thanks for sharing. Purchased. Had the Procook pans before. Great quality.


Ordered a few bits from there a while back and got the free knife and it is really good. Don’t get the ‘granite effect’ chopping boards they’re too small and should just be described as plastic


Never heard of them. More familiar with brands like Global, Wüsthof and Henckels. Are these any good?


Bought these just now. Great deal especially with the extra knife.

ProCook Professional X50 Nakiri Vegetable Knife £22.95 @ Pro Cook
TODAYTODAY16/06/2019Expires on 16/06/2019Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Great all rounder for the house and at that price you can't really complain. Decent steel which can be brought back fairly easily with a sharpening steel or stone. Can't go wrong w… Read more

Cool reply bro


Damn it, I got sucked in but I think I got a pretty good deal overall. Spent £50 to get the free x50 santoku as well


To be honest it was cool


Not cheap anyway?


Cool story bro

Richardson Sheffield Santoku Knife 13cm Blade £1.50 / Cucina Carving Knife 20cm Blade £1.75 @ Dunelm (free c&c / 15 year guarantee)
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Decent offer on these kitchen knifes at Dunelm (y) Available in store with free c&c Richardson Sheffield Santoku Knife 13cm Blade - £1.50 Guaranteed for 15 years, thi… Read more
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Nothing in my, hmm, postcode


Thanks Op. But this are Chinafield produced and they are not that good. You only get what you pay for. (nerd)


It'd be a solicitor he needed, not a police officer.


Thanks for the really useful info. I’m getting more into cooking these days and now I’ve got at least one global knife in my ‘shopping sights’

Sheffield steel is still making high end stainless such as surgical blades etc. These blades aren't made in Sheffield or they would be twice the price. I have both of these blades and they are good don't hold the edge as well as my wusthoff but they are good. I don't know the rock well score but they certainly would cuf through spaghetti without bending. I'm still proud of the very high quality steel made in Sheffield, this knife is not.

AnySharp Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip, Blue + 2 Year Warranty - £8 (Prime) // £12.49 (non prime) @ Amazon
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Good Reviews 4.3 out of 5.0 (y) Sharpens any knife with diamond precision Sharpens hardened knives (e.g. Global, Sabatier) Even sharpens serrated knives (e.g. bread kniv… Read more

These were a fiver in asda about a year ago


Brilliant kit for the average kitchen ninja. If your knives are expensive then get thee the the sharpening stick of doom.


Thank you @lokha (y)


I know it's only been mentioned 7 times already, but these are not really recommended for sharpening any knives that cost any more than double the price of the sharpener itself.


Just had a look online, seems they don't sell mine anymore.

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Morakniv Outdoor Knife NOW £7.85 (Prime) / £12.30 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
use responsibly (ninja)
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Here in the countryside i'd say you are more at risk from the "work" of the explosion of county liners prolific activity fencing drugs & taking over muppets homes by association to what further mayhem they cause rather than responsibly owning a knife. When your house gets raided by drug related burglary & you confront the antagonist in the home you will likely get done for "assault by beating" an outdated law dating back to 1895 if I can remember correctly) ..the burglar will get automatic legal defense, 90% likelihood you wont) from either using mere fists or being accused of worse, begging the question as to whether it is less trouble to off the burglar & deal with the consequences, they aren't afraid precisely because we are not allowed to defend our property, better have the best security with sound & hi-res pictures regardless, because the police are only interested in easy prosecutions, whether it is on the side of the invader or the invaded home owner. You don't need to own a knife to be screwed over by the law, anything in legal-ese can be transformed to do harm "with intent" Oh & you better not raise your voice, challenge & swear at the burglar, you'll be in more trouble with the law & likely have to pay court costs & damages to the burglar / invader who ignored all your clear signage & broke in with intent to cause damage & steal from you & yours. Even now after all that experience of the law I wouldn't use anything deemed a knife or club in my possession as a weapon, nor let my dog near an invader, as that would mean them being put down because of laws being twisted to assist burglars & penalise you. Most folk with a knife wouldn't use a knife to harm a fellow human, you have to go to a deep down place to get there, but then there's the uncertainty of an assailant having psychosis or under the influence or both.. The courts have heard it all, the judge is bored & wants his dinner, likely you'll be screwed over & wish you'd used a knife, but if a do-over was to occur, very likely that you still wouldn't based on social conditioning, you will likely seethe, & bleed internally & put your own health & mental well being at risk because you did the right thing all the way through & were still put through the wringer in terms of career (job applications, visas, etc). Always have a buddy who will speak up if they think you are in a funk / malaise / depression / & just unfit "for now" to be in possession of weaponry (something your local village copper HAS been good at in the past) checking in on gun owners etc, ..because that's the other big safeguard where weaponry & potential for mis-use is concerned & is missing in "merica" If rampant societal breakdown was occurring then that's a different story..


Yeah a sharpened plasterers trowel is a dangerous bit of kit, & only a few quid at a diy store, with not a second glance from the law when carried on the street (it still has the favourable definition of tool". NB the knife in this listing is a beauty, worth every penny & cheap at half the price, it really is worthy of all the positive reviews & comments from owners & bush-craft sites, you really do wonder why you took so long to get one (no that's not knife worship, merely appreciation of an excellent tool).


if you were looking at the big picture you would of mentioned lots of other contributing factors , and you didnt.


I'm looking at the bigger picture, the whole picture, and the root cause. You are unable to see it.


Its the cuts to the police force.

6x victorinox knife only £19.90  (Prime) / £24.39 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Bought single previously for fiver, this seems a great deal for a great knife Blade type: wavy edge Blade length: 11 cm Content: 6 x Tomato and table knife
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I quite like their lightness, feel great in the hand. For six, this is a pocket money price.


By limiting the source, you ARE tackling the people.


Not at all Lost me there, with the cliches but I think you mean "Amazing Knives with cheap looking but usable handles. Am I right?


These are the best knives for general kitchen things. Used in professional kitchens all over too. Normally about £5 each 6 for this price is great


Amazing knifes ! Uber sharp and stay that way, my biggest gripe is the handle is thin and made of a durable plastic which gives them a cheap feel compared to my poorer quality, similarishprice but better feeling Richardson knifes.

Global Cooks Knife 20cm Blade £49.50 @ Dunelm (C&C only)
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Global knives are pretty good. VERY sharp at the outset but then you have to keep them sharp. This site has loads of knives at real half price. If you want one, look here.

Been posted twice in the past 6 weeks. I've tried all the knives and no stock anywhere that I could find.


Ikea do a copy of this for a fraction of the price and they are, IHMO, just as good. (Popcorn on standby) (annoyed)


No stock anywhere. Confirmed via call to Dunelm. ;(


But they still have no stock - same deal posted 5th April - cold


They have loads half price

Global Knives Hiro 7 Piece Knife Block Set £313.58 @ Millys Kitchen
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Free diamond and ceramic knife sharpener included also. Next best price I could find was £339 so purchased these.

I know nothing whatsoever about cooking ( beyond toast that is ) and even less about chefs knives. If someone who does know about these things posts a deal I completely fail to see how legions of hukd deal members can vote cold without posting where the same knives can be purchased at a cheaper price. THAT is why I now don't even bother looking at the 'hot' listings. Too many good deals are filtered out by self-righteous keyboard warriors.


I've been trying to hunt these knives down at Costco, but my local ones never have them. If you find them could you send a pic through and price??




I know that Costco sell a set in-store at my local branch (Gateshead) and I have it feeling that it might be cheaper than this, though I can't recall the exact price or what the set contains. I'll have to check next time I visit.


Some recognise a good deal when they see one but the majority do not. I voted hot. (party)

Tower 5-Piece Damascus Knife Block Set - Rose Gold/Black for £16.99 with code @ Robert Dyas (Free C&C)
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Good modern set of knives reduced to £19.99. Drop price further using code 15SBH19 at checkout. :) Free c&c available to Robert Dyas or Ryman stores Acrylic stand Stai… Read more

Names and look exactly the same yeah


Poor. Not the sharpest tool in the box ay


these are the same knives ???



Amazon comes to the rescue again, was about to buy as look awesome but checked online for reviews as never trust a product with all perfect reviews. Amazon shows customer pics of quality....very poor

Morphy Richards Accents Knife Block, Satin, Stainless Steel Finish, Red, 5 Piece - £24.61 delivered @ Amazon (+5 Years Guarantee)
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Lovely looking set of knives. Low price on Amazon with free delivery (y) Five-piece knife set - comprised of 1 x bread knife, 1 x chef knife, 1 x slicing knife, 1 x utility… Read more
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I have these and they do get rust spots. As with all knives, they need to be sharpened but they're light weight and have a comfy rounded handle. I guess if the colour scheme works for you and you want some knives you can leave out on the kitchen side then it's good - aside from that, better knives to be had for the money.


Try these for more or less the same monies :) They're still sharp


I also had these and were awful after a few months, like others have said they are very blunt and don’t sharpen well. Also went rusty in short amount of time and didn’t even go in dishwasher. Way better knives to be had. Bought knife block from aliexpress and loads of different knifes from Asda including their own make(y)


Had mine since Christmas, still razor sharp but small rust spots appearing now. I was unable to register my 5 year warranty as the product serial number was not listed on the website (skeptical)


Mine started to rust after a few months, and are blunt. They are not knifes, just pieces of metal you stick into things and hope it cuts.

Victorinox Ranger Swiss Army Pocket Knife - Blister Pack - £19.80(Prime) (+£4.49 Non Prime ) @ Amazon
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Price has further dropped on the Swiss Army knife (y) Contains seven implements with 11 different functions Ergonomic handles made of natural walnut Features include blade,… Read more

£21.31 at the mo.


What won't?


Is that like a Brazilian?


I actually wanted a Kylie Minogue ;)


Every kid wanted one of these during the 80s

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Champ at Amazon for £42.90
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Back again at a very good price - which changes by the minute! 6 cm non-locking blade Large blade, small blade, corkscrew Can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with scr… Read more

Reality does not support your statement.


No, but harsh sentences are a deterrent which means that the sentences are clearly not as harsh as you claim


Yeah. Because criminals are known for obeying the law.


Nonsense, as pointed out already UK knife law clearly states as long as the blade is 'non-locking' and less than 3 inches in length then you have a legal right to carry it. The issue any police officer might have is if you are waving it around in public like a complete tool. Carrying a pocket knife is all about common sense, I have carried for 40 years now and never once have I been arrested or even stopped and searched.


If people were jailed for life for carrying a knife then I doubt there would be so much knife crime at the moment

3 Piece Black Knife Set With Cover - £6 @ Morrisons
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Knives can be dangerous. Take care when removing from packaging - use scissors to cut the packaging. Ensure hands are dry whilst using knives. Keep out of reach of children. Not f… Read more

Wuut where how


Still available (highfive)


You'll have to explain that to me, I'm not getting it (confused) I'm not referring to people here if that's what you are getting at, but the AR15 pearl wringing memes, I thought that would be obvious?




You tried. That's what counts.

Global Knives 50% off @ Dunelm C&C
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Global knives are Japanese knives which are made of hard steel, having the right sharpening done can create very sharp blades. Its one of the top quality blades. 50% off from Du… Read more
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Users found some stock, but there is another post as well so keeping it expired.


Stock in Weston-super-Mare


Derby has stock of most of them


This was posted a few weeks ago and there was no stock anywhere. Same story here. I have a few and would definitely be sticking up if I could.


Out of stock everywhere and not available for delivery

Victorinox Ranger Swiss Army Pocket Knife £21.67 @ Amazon
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Lovely knife, lots of features, better than the Huntsman. 21 Tools large blade small blade can opener screwdriver 3 mm bottle opener screwdriver 6 mm … Read more

£21.67 at the mo...


I got mine today to replace my well abused huntsman.Came carded with small nick out of the red body very tiny,contacted Amazon who gave me 25 percent refund so worked out about 16 quid.Has more tools than the huntsman as well as all the tools the huntsman has.


The standard ranger (as illustrated) is not produced with walnut scales, so if you receive one with wooden scales it will not have that tool layout. Amazon are a bit hopeless matching descriptions with the right product.


Not a bad price, heated. Tempted by this one, i already have a Huntsman and the Camper, but would like the file & smaller screwdrivers that this one has.


If you put the product code in a search it's the ranger which comes in red or red with writing. Although reading a few of the reviews they say about wood, if it comes in wood its no loss, they are normally a lot more..

Bamboo Cheese Board Serving Platter With Knife Set £12.49 + £1.99 P&P @
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Been on the look out for a nice cheese board and came across this Maison & White one, I haven't been able to find it cheaper and seems a pretty decent price to me. Spend £20 an… Read more
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Thanx, it looks really good quality from the pictures :)


I bought it for 12.99 on ebay (free p&)! It's very good quality.


Thanx dizzy


You're Welcome NP and Thank you. I was thinking the same ;)


Good spot. Heat added.

Morphy Richards 6-Piece Stainless Steel Accents Knife Block Set £26.32 @Amazon (Stainless Steel colour)
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Description Product Description Give your kitchen a touch of contemporary style with this elegant five-piece knife set. Sturdily built from high-grade stainless steel, this set c… Read more

I need to start checking Tk maxx more often. I always forget they arent just a clothing store


Tk maxx are quite good. Often see some good deals there. Personally, global for me and haven't bought a knife in years. Always handwash.


Not to start with, we got a dishwasher several months later but they had already started to rust. Usually rust is from water so a dishwasher probably isn’t recommended with these. We have a good drainer so it was always bizarre of how they got rusty so quick


Hmm. Alot of Good reviews on Amazon. Did you dishwasher yours? I can imagine them getting rusty if you let water settle in the racks. I'll have to inform my Nan


They are a nice set to start with, however after several months ours went rusty and they were forever going blunt. Asda have had several good prices on knives, even not on offer, so we we bought them and then a knife block from AliExpress to put them in :)

Tower 5-Piece Knife Set with Marble Stand - Rose Gold for £19.99 with code @ Robert Dyas (+4 Years Guarantee / Free C&C)
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
You can make meal prep easier with this 5-Piece Knife Set with Marble Stand from Tower. Complete with an 8 inch chef knife, 8 inch slicer knife, 8 inch bread knife, 5 inch utility… Read more

Any codes for free delivery kicking about?




No problemo :)


Worked for me, thanks OP


Ok so the code works on orders over £20?

Stanley knife, extra blades & measuring tape £6.99 @ Screwfix
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
I thought this was a good price for the set as it was a similar price for a single Stanley knife but you get the tape measure and 13 extra blades as well.
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Pretty sure a repost.


maybe so but this post is regarding STANLEY blades which cut through steel, marble , iron, granite, & krypton, XDXD


Funny... the blades I get in the pound shop cuts through foam, rubber, paper, cardboard, etc... with ease. Sure your not using a banana to cut through all of that instead :S


Circumcision kit :o (shock)


they dont sell stanley products anywhere in england for a pound , and them blades your on about are about as sharp as a banana

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