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Posted 16 July 2023

Starrett Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Boning Knife - Narrow Curved Profile - 5-inch (125mm) - Black Handle

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Starrett Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Boning Knife - Narrow Curved Profile - 5-inch (125mm) - Black Handle

MEAT CUTTING KNIVES: Starrett Boning Knife is a meat cutting knife which provides maximum sharpness, edge retention, and is adequately balanced to allow precise close-to-bone slicing
ULTRA SHARP BLADE: The exceptionally strong, durable and upltra sharp blade of our knife ensures efficient de-boning, preparing, filleting, skinning, trimming, and butterflying
ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Our polypropylene ergonomically moulded handles feature a textured finish for maximum grip and optimum comfort, yet are easy to clean. The handles of the Starrett knives are ensured by Sanitized Antimicrobial protection of handles
STEEL ALLOY: Starrett professional knives are made from quality stainless steel, which ensures precise cuts and long blade life also prevents the knife from stain, rust & corrosion
STARRETT TRACEABILITY: The guarantee of origin identification and traceability are further important advantages of the Starrett knives. With a tracking number laser stamped on the blades, Starrett ensures knives can be identified from leaving the factory
NSF CERTIFICATION: All the products of the Starrett professional knives line are certified by the NSF, means our knives have continuous, smooths surfaces, without gaps to prevent residue
ELEMENTS: Starrett boning knives are available in two blade types - wide straight, & narrow curved; 2 lengths - 13cm &15cm; in six different handle colours
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  1. youldyboy's avatar
    The Starrett Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife is the only knife I turn to for my boning needs
  2. dm79's avatar
    Thank you, I've been struggling to get a decent boner, these look really good quality.
    HellRazer's avatar
    Would get a few sausages out of you...
  3. AnkerMan's avatar
    Certain kinds of meat need to be boned very gently. Surface level to start then deeper cuts as you go along. I personally trim some of the fat and then pound the hell out of it until soft and tender. I like to marinate at the end but recommend only with prime cuts. It's an art. (edited)
  4. daddybr00's avatar
    I prefer bone in
  5. DistortedVision's avatar
    Looks like something the SAS would carry.
  6. supergoose808's avatar
    For £5.20 it'll do rightly for chickens, not doing any hind or fore quarters in my kitchen
    Jim1_Smith's avatar
    Out of interest, what did you think of the knife?
  7. pfpf's avatar
  8. ran123ran's avatar
    Need a good knife for cutting butternut sauash, pineapple, watermelon, etc.

    Will this be suitable?
    Jemmers99's avatar
    No. You need a large and heavy chefs knife, especially for the squash.

    If you are getting at carving the fruit out etc this may work but not good for general cutting.
  9. kenzo's avatar
    I boned a chicken a pig and sheep..just saying.
    texsup's avatar
    Well done sir... did the piggy squeeeeeel little piggy? One for the older generation. 😁
  10. neoshinobi's avatar
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