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Posted 6 August 2023

Golden Axe I, II & III 79p each - PC Download

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  1. thelagmonster's avatar
    This is the standard price for these, unless I'm missing something?
  2. noahsdad's avatar
    Golden Axe was/is better than Streets of Rage IMHO. It's a shame that new Death Adders Revenge game never saw the light of day.
    ktown's avatar
    Definitely more under appreciated!
  3. UKScottDeals's avatar
    Not sure why anyone would bother playing the mega drive versions when the arcade versions are so superior. I'm recommending playing on MAME instead. If you want to feel good about Sega getting your money, buy these, and then still play the MAME versions.
    ktown's avatar
    No arcade versions of golden axe 2 or 3
  4. shabbauk's avatar
    Hi - Do these support 2 player via xbox controllers? Thanks
    WhoDecidedThat's avatar
    Should do. All Steam games to my knowledge support the XBox USB controllers that you plug in.
  5. simba2585's avatar
    Such brilliant games from my childhood
    ChunkyTheCat's avatar
    This and Streets of Rage.

    For the nostalgia.

    Thanks OP.
  6. rbjim's avatar
    I had golden axe on the sega master system. I used to dream about playing the mega drive version.
    bonzobanana's avatar
    I had Golden Axe on the Sinclair Spectrum and used to dream of playing the Master System version or even C64 version.

  7. ktown's avatar
    Golden axe 3 one of the most underrated games on the megadrive. Have an imported cartridge from Japan in my collection.
  8. krazyasif786's avatar
    Ah thought it was 79p for all three
    krazyasif786's avatar
    I selectively read and chose to ignore the 'each' bit lol doh
  9. Ib_f's avatar
    Omg the memories
  10. sephiroth_316's avatar
    Think this is standard price but may pick up some of the rpgs in the sega collection list
  11. Funkymonk123's avatar
    Might be nostalgia glasses but I still find these fun especially the first one.
  12. ssc1's avatar
  13. noahsdad's avatar
    It depends what you like and what way is convenient for multiplayer if that's your bag. Also the SMD Golden Axe differed. Extra stuff or extra levels and what not. (edited)
  14. Attic45's avatar
    I bought one of those SG800 HDMI consoles on ebay the other day and have played Golden Axe, Paperboy, Road Rash, After Burner etc most nights and the controllers (you get two) are really responsive and great to use. Comes with over 1000 old games and it’s great for £18.
  15. Father-Jemima-Racktool's avatar
    I’ve always been a great admirer of Gillian thunderhead.
    Canopus's avatar
    "and my axe" sorry wrong reference
  16. jd121's avatar
    Damn this takes me back
  17. rctempire's avatar
    Excellent triple set of games.
    Enjoyed them on the MegaDrive even more. Good find too.
's avatar