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Posted 28 December 2022

Gonex 10 Person Tent for Camping, Instant Tent £49.99 Sold by Bagmine-EU and Fulfilled by Amazon

£49.99£14966% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Edit* only the 6 person tent is now available.

6 person tent also available for £39.99

【Large Space】 The size is 13.8*9.8*6.6 ft. Compared with other tents with the same capacity, we have a higher height so that it brings a better feeling of space. Equipped with a divider curtain, the interior can be split into a living room&bedroom. The floor is made of comfortable Oxford cloth and can accommodate 7-10 sleeping pads of different sizes, bringing a better camping experience.
👪【Setup in Minutes】 The tent and the tent pole are integrated. Press the red button and stretch the tent pole while the tent is propped up. There is no need to do extra operations of interspersing the tent pole. The hinge system on the top of the tent adopts a hydraulic design, which provides a better construction smoothness on the basis of rapid assembly.
👪【Waterproof Design】 The tent is made of 190T polyester(Waterproof PU 1500mm), and the seams are made of Gonex hot-pressed technology. The zipper and charging area are equipped with rainproof edge cloth. They were greatly improves the waterproof effect.
👪【Relax Yourself】 Equipped with 1 rectangular door, 2 D-shaped doors, 6 windows, and 6 storage bags of different sizes. Under good weather conditions, enjoy a comfortable camping life with family and friends in the breeze. Equipped with a charging port, even inside the tent, you can easily get power from the outside.
👪【Comfortable Purchase】 If you encounter any problems in using the tent, you can contact us at any time. We will try our best to provide you with the best after-sales consulting services and problem-solving services to bring you the most comfortable camping experience during the whole process.

Product information
Special feature‎ Waterproof
Brand ‎Gonex
Occupancy‎ 10 Person
Design‎ Camping
Tent Material‎ Polyester
Recommended uses for product ‎Festival, Picnic, Camping & Hiking
Colour‎ Green
Sport‎ Camping & Hiking
Item weight‎ 12.97 Kilograms
Shape‎ Rectangular
Installation type‎ Free Standing
Floor area‎ 135.24 Square Feet
Style‎ 10 person-green
Color ‎Green
Item display length‎13.8 Feet
Weight ‎12.97 Kilograms
Material type ‎Polyester
Features‎ Waterproof
Manufacturer ‎Gonex
Product Dimensions ‎420.6 x 298.7 x 201.2 cm; 12.97 Kilograms
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    Thought I'd buy it, and if it's no good, I'd return it

    But the reviews sound SO awful and dangerous, I've just cancelled my order

    Cheap for a reason...
    Same here :/ My excitement was gone after reading reviews
  2. Avatar
    With a hydrostatic head (waterproofness) of only 1,500 I would give this a wide birth (for the weather in the UK at least).

    I would usually look for a minimum of 4,000.

    Also does not look a very sturdy design for any form of wind (let alone UK gales). (edited)
    Your comment suggests that you don't know what hydrostatic head means......it's the mega-pixels of the tent world....a marketing man's dream if you believe it.

    The tent is crap and unstable but with a hydrostatic head of 1500mm you're looking at severe gale force winds and driving rain before it starts to leak. The tent may be in the next county but it'll be dry inside. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Really better off paying the Colman octagon one. Really well made.
    What price point is that? Thanks
  4. Avatar
    A lot of these cheap tents that say they sleep a lot of people aren't really made for the UK market... wouldn't cope with our weather at all. Fine if you're in a nice hot dry country with no wind. Also its never a 10 person tent... well not if you want to actually sleep on some sort of bed.
  5. Avatar
    Awful reviews....
  6. Avatar
    Can I have 9 other hotukers to test this tent out
    yes daddy
  7. Avatar
    Now is the winter of our discount tent.
    Oh dear
  8. Avatar
    A 10 man tent is only really suitable for half the number of people unless you want to leave your shoes and other belongings out in the rain
    Yes, I'd say that applies to most tents that state a number, best to half it unless you don't mind being really cramped.
  9. Avatar
    Cheap seems to be the most important thing to a lot of UK consumers now with quality being pushed right to the bottom of the list.

    It's no wonder the place is now a global dumping ground for junk tech and it looks like trash tents too. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Very dubious quality. I suspect an inflated RRP price too. Avoid this.
  11. Avatar
    Almost looks big enough to park a campervan inside.....cheap awning :/
  12. Avatar
    Instant erection?
  13. Avatar
    If there's a group of you camping this would make a good communal area
  14. Avatar
    Trash tents recycle to make very good bags. Watch " money for nothing ".
    If there was no demand for trash tents they wouldn't be produced, so nothing would need to be recycled.
  15. Avatar
    Better pick a dry and calm weekend for camping in this one!
  16. Avatar
    Looks like the one Costco sold a few months
    I bought the Core 6ppl tent from costco and I believe it was even a bit bigger then this one and was fully zipped, no draft. Unfortunately still a bit too small for 6ppl so returned it. This one is maybe for 10 children under the age of 5, definitely not adults.
  17. Avatar
    "Gonex 10 Person Tent"
    I expected this to be sold by Ann Summers?
  18. Avatar
    No way 10 people are fitting in that
    If you lay down like jenga blocks you might
  19. Avatar
    I have a 6 person tent + living area. The living area of mine is the same size as this tent as I really wouldnt expect to fit more than 5 comfortably with no other things like clothes, shoes etc.
  20. Avatar
    now reduced to £40!!
    Guess they read the comments on here
  21. Avatar
    Classic Amazon listing...

    Title: 4/6/10 Person Tents
    Key info: Occupancy 6 Person
    Bullet points: 3-4 people
    Image 1: "6 person"
    Image 2: "Fits 4-5 sleeping pads"
    The 10 & 4 person tent looks like they have sold out so the link takes you to the 6 person tent now.
  22. Avatar
    Tent for CAMPING !!! WOW!!
  23. Avatar
    wow... looks REALLY cosy for 10...
  24. Avatar
    Not only would I not like to go camping in this, I'd not like to be pitched near it either! Buy a decent brand of tent if you want to stay warm and dry.