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With a high quality tent, holiday makers can get back to nature and save money at the same time. They can enjoy the tranquillity of camping, see the wildernesses of the world or find a compact tent for this year’s music festivals. All of the major tent brands can be found from the UK’s leading outdoor goods retailers at the HotUKDeals tent pages. Read more
Hydroponic plant growing tent with obeservation window and steel pole frame 600D for £55.99 delivered using code @ eBay / 2011homcom
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Get your succulents and cacti blooming with this hydroponic grow tent. Ultraviolet light makes plants grow quickly. You can grow anything in there — flowers, herbs , and houseplan… Read more

I'm not going to involve my mom. She's 90 ffs. No way I'm trusting her with scissors.


16 weeks, what an amatuer if you get the right set up and have a decent mother to take cuttings from you should be able to get down to nearer 6 weeks!


I have 'cannabis', 'medical marijuana', 'cannabis industry' etc as topics on Apple news and they just pop up. Articles come in from Forbes, The Daily Beast, International Business Times, Proactive, Vice, Scientific American.. loads really. Try searching for it on any of the UK news outlets.


Do you happen to have any interesting links to articles on this? I can search but just to save little time.


Absolute nonsense.The Police have stated that cannabis is now an absolute low priority. Our licensed farms across the UK have just been sold to US company to pave the way for legalization... as we need as much tax as possible coming in now.

Outside sunny 6 Man Tipi Tent Metal Poles Water-Resistant Walls Mesh Windows Zipped Door £123.99 From 2011homcom/eBay
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Camping could be the holiday for you this year and this doesn't look a bad tent for the money Weather-resistant top cover and door, protects you from annoying elements, harmful su… Read more

I have 2 robens (same company as Outwell) tents and both have metal poles. One is also a tipi


I wouldn’t buy any tent unless steel poles. They will withstand any weather and last


Not true. Outwell still sell metal pole tents as do most of the top tent manufacturers. They are the sturdiest tents you can get, and can withstand more than airbeam or fibreglass. Go to most campsites in the UK or Europe and the Outwell montana (metal pole) tents are one of the most common sights.


Water resistant...mmh. This is the UK.


It's a tipi. It has one pole. I would be willing to pay a significant amount of money to watch you trying to pitch this with a fibreglass pole or a pump up one would be even better. It would be hilarious.

Garden Gazebo Party Tent £59.99 delivered @ Groupon
07/06/2020Expires on 07/06/2020Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Ideal for garden parties, weddings and BBQs, this waterproof tent features powder-coated steel tubes with durable nylon connectors Powder-coated steel tubes with durable nylon con… Read more

What party !!!!!


There's no place like home....... there's no place like home........ there's no place like home........ Toto !!!!


Too big for how how flimsy it is. You'd be better buying 2 smaller gazebos and putting them next to each other.


Fly me to the moon!


Is that a German suplex?. (lol)

Vango Spey+ 4 Man 2 Room Tunnel Camping Tent £74.99 + £3.95 del @ Argos
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Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Good price for a large tent and a decent brand. Stock available at Suffolk

https://www.summits.co.uk/product/vango-spey-200-tent-2-person-tent-2018/ Went for this one in the end , £44.99 with code lockdown10


Thank you, I'll have a look.


I've recently purchased one of these for solo camping - https://www.millets.co.uk/tents-camping/351682-oex-bobcat-1-person-tent-green.html


With me only needing a tent for myself, I wouldn't think I'd need to worry too much about the price. Quality of materials and ease of erecting and dismantling are the most important things for me with buying a tent. I won't do any cooking but it would be nice if the tent had a little living space as well as where the sleeping bag goes. A little height would also be nice but not too important. I really have no idea what to look for in a small tent. Used to go camping in the 80's but that was with a large tent that took around an hour to erect.


What's your budget, decathlon do some great air tents that are super easy to put up.

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EUROHIKE Backpacker Deluxe DLX2 Tent £35.42 at blacks_outdoors ebay
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Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Travel light and camp comfortably with the new Backpacker DLX from Eurohike, a compact tent which provides ample sleeping space for two and adds little to your overall pack weight.… Read more

Hey nice one, will give it a watch for old times sake, might get emotional.


If anyone is looking for this you can still get it via Blacks on Amazon for £36.77


Funnily enough the Tom Outdoors channel on YouTube did a nostalgic review of this last month, worth a watch


If it was the hike lite 1 or tiger paws (same tent different name) you should get it out and use it or sell it, absolute legend of a tent


I bought one of those 10 years ago, set it up once to check, failed to get it back into the bag, and never looked at it again. I don't need this either, but it's very tempting.

Coleman Mosedale 5 Person Tent + Extension + Floorprint + Carpet - £458.60 @ Go Outdoors
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Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Coleman Mosedale 5 person Tent normally £380.00 https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15903813/coleman-mosedale-5-family-5-person-tent-15903813 Coleman Mosedale Carpet normally £80.00 … Read more

I have this tent and like it a lot. It is really easy to put up and has a blackout lining in the sleeping area. I camp in it with 2 kids but it would be a very tight squeeze for 5. I paid £250 for it I think with the footprint (I don't have the have the awning or carpet).


Checkout decathlon too.


Fair enough guess I'm just a bit lazy and liking that it's all in one place and new so no damage or wear and tear that I would only find when out camping. Will shop around see what I can find.


I'm a newbie camper, but would suggest a 5 person, polyester, pole tent for £340 is too expensive. I decided to go second hand and got an 8 man tunnel tent for £75 and was looking at 6-8 man tents for closer to £240.


Any suggestions where I could get a better deal?

Bulhawk® Quantum 30 Gazebo 3x3 party tent £73.59 with code at ebay / when-in-home
-19° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Best price I've found for this, leg weights can be bought separately. Use code PRICE8 5 colours to choose from. Introducing the newest model to the Bulhawk® range, the Quantu… Read more

I didn't realise this ;( thank you so much, I've cancelled my order as I wanted the commercial version!


A good make and can’t see a better price just be aware this looks like a consumer model as opposed to their commercial ones. Thinner legs ...and no one pictured hanging off it like here! https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/commercial-gazebo-3410017

EUROHIKE Toco 4 dome tent at Ultimate Outdoors for £26.09 delivered (using code)
-76° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Cheap tent for kids or up and coming camping trip after lockdown. Use code TENT15 for 15% off original price of £26

If two skins are better than one, then would I be right in thinking that the more the skins then better the tent? If so, I may pitch (pun intended) my idea to Dragon's Den for my four-skin tent.


Single skin is no better than a beach shelter. You need a tent with a separate cover and internal tent (double skinned) and can get these for only a few pounds more elsewhere


If you're going to have a tent for the kids in the back garden, you may as well buy a tent from a supermarket that will be cheaper than this. And rather anyone than me to use this 1500hh, single skin tent for a camping trip.


Treat your kids and spend double this to get them a nicer tent that won't get soaked through in the rain.

Eurohike 3 man tent at Millets for £63.75 using code
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Looking for a tent for me and my boy for first camping trips and came across this. Seems like good saving and decent enough for the price to get us started 😁

Depends who they are?


If you've not camped, buy it, try it, look after it...if camping isn't for you, you'll probably sell it for over half price you paid..if camping is for you, sell it and get a better one using the experience you've gained..


Sound advice. Thanks


Have a click through to the deal it shows the dimensions, personally I'd prefer a bigger tent, if you click through you can look at their full range of tents and in the 4-5 section they've got This tent it's a bit more expensive £25 or so but there's more room and you can stand up in it. Oh yeah even though I've just made two comments I'm certainly no tent expert the furthest we got in ours was a night in the front garden to test it last summer :D


Some advice about tents: 1. From years of experience, if a tent is described as "3 man" then it will fit 2 people & their kit, or 3 people & no kit. So always go for the next size up to what you think you need (so if there are 3 of you then buy a 4 man tent). 2. Always always ALWAYS practice putting up the tent before going camping. The campsite is not the place to find out that you're missing a vital piece of the tent, or the instructions don't make much sense, or you're struggling in the rain or the dark to work out what goes where. 3. Pay attention to the hydrostatic head rating (hh rating). Basically, this tells you how waterproof your tent is, and is a good guide as to how well your tent will perform in the rain. The higher the rating the better the protection. A rating of 1000 will protect against a light shower with no wind. A rating of 3000 or above is what you should be looking for for camping in this country. And the tent's groundsheet should be at least 3000 (& ideally be 5000) because of the pressure of people pushing down on it. 4. What are you going to do if it rains while you're camping? Are you planning on hiding in the tent, or heading somewhere that's warm & dry (e.g. a pub)? If you're going to hunker down in the tent then take into account how much room you will have inside the tent. If you want to be able to move about then you'll need a bigger tent than if you're happy lying next to each other. 5. You might want to consider a footprint. This is basically a tarpaulin that fits under the tent. It stops the underneath of the tent from getting dirty (it's easier to clean a tarp than a tent), and it offers additional waterproofing protection for the tent's groundsheet. You don't need to buy a special footprint for your tent, cheap tarp will work just as well but make sure that the tarp is tucked under the outer edges of the tent (otherwise when it rains it will just act as an under-tent water collector). 6. If you've not been camping before then try one night in your back garden or in a nearby campsite. You will get an idea of whether or not camping is for you before you've bought too much gear. You'll also find out whether the tent you've bought is suited to what you want/expect from a tent.

Outsunny outdoor camping tipi tent for 6-7 people for £139.99 delivered @ MH Star via Amazon
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Have some fun in the garden, and obviously after this lockdown do some actual camping, in this amazing tipi tent from Outsunny. It fits six or seven people, so a family in the gard… Read more

I bet you thought that was hilariously funny didn’t you? It wasn’t


Found this is in my local supermarket (!) has good water proof and footage for the price


I found this deal and thought it wAs good value. Not about the referral at all. Actually. :{


All about the sweet sweet referral money, not of something's value or not.


EUROHIKE Pop 200 SD Tent £26.35 + £3.99 delivery @ Millets
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
A fun way to camp for beginners and festival goers. Why struggle with poles when you can have this tent set up in minutes. Features 2 man pop up tent - ideal for festivals… Read more

Can they be used as beach tents?


Nice i was after something resonably light for bike touring, not that i will be going anytime soon :P still could always camp in the garden until then! Nice Find op


£24.80 delivered through blacks eBay store. Blue too if you prefer that colour 😋 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133143226860


I bought this tent for my four year old to play with In the garden, he loves it, so easy to put up and put away (although I had to watch a YouTube video a couple of times). I wouldn't recommend it for proper camping though (when it's permitted) as it won't cope with anything more than a drizzle. Have to say I paid £21 for mine in April on Amazon. I have prime so didn't need to pay delivery. But I think this is still a decent deal for the price.


It would stay dry for a bit, but any moderate downpour and you might get wet. My bigger worry with this is how many popups before it gets weak seams and develops leaks.

EUROHIKE Toco 2 Dome Tent £17.59 delivered at Millets
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
A steal at this price, even if it’s just for the kids playing around in the garden. Perfect for festivals, extra storage, or little ones’ first camping trips, the Eurohike Toco 2 … Read more

I brought the toco four from them for like £22 really good tent


These kind of tents are great for the garden to keep the kids happy! We got a similar version from Halfords and it’s been a godsend during lockdown


Could by 2 and put 1 inside the other. (embarrassed)


Same price and in stock at ultimate camping.


There aren't any festivals 😁😁😁

Uni Fishing Shelter Tent / Bivvy (UPF40 / Waterproof) £26.99 delivered with code @ Mountain Warehouse / eBay
191° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
I thought tis was a bargain for anyone who fancies a spot of fishing but wishes to self isolate a bit better. I'm sure there are more expensive all singing / all dancing fishing te… Read more

Catch all the students at the union.


Anyone know when the campsites.might reopen? Itchy feet here...

Vango Airbeam Portland Tent, Epsom Green, Size 500 £266.40 @ Amazon
529° Expired
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Nice tent with blackout sleeping zone.

I marked this expired yesterday afternoon as it is now £323.92 as several others have commented, not sure why it is still showing as live?


Obviously paying more attention than me, thanks :) I've updated my comment.


Plus this has the properties of version 2 of that model.


It is a 500 as it is the bigger version.


Not sure if it's a regular deal, but they were selling this for £112 in February. Also, if you're comparing prices, Portland is an amazon exclusive, but pretty sure they sell it on other sites under a different name. Looks very like the Skye Air 400 maybe in a different color. My bad, I was confusing this with a deal on the 400. Though the latter comment is still useful. They sell the portland brand under different names elsewhere, and I think it's Skye II Air but not 100%.

Eurohike Ribble 300 3 Person Tent with Porch / Front quarter panel windows with curtains £50.55 delivered with code @ Millets / eBay
521° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Cracking price for this tent. From festival fields to weekend camping pitches, you'll feel right at home in the surprisingly roomy Ribble 300 Tent from Eurohike. This quick-pitch t… Read more

Wouldn't bother with millets or Black's online at minute they can't fulfill orders


I posted this deal when I bought it back in Feb at £55. Put it up a few weeks ago and seems good value...


I concur with DealJourno. Looks a good price for a HH 3000 tent. Good find OP! (y)


My bro in law bought this one, used it in cumbria last year got caught in the heavy rain. Didnt leak, however couldnt fit more than a double air bed in and had to crawl to get in.


This looks quite good for the price. I personally don't use Eurohike tents, but with a HH of 3000 this should be fine in moderate rain. I saw a few Eurohike's collapse in a thunderstorm in Holland a good few years ago when the rain got too heavy and it put me off buying them.

Holiday 6 Man Tent £99.99 with the 20% off code at Mountain Warehouse, free P&P
214° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Went to look at a deal posted by someone yesterday, for just a small tent. Ended up spoting this, looks alright for under £100 delivered, reviews seem OK and it's pretty sizeable. … Read more

They used to back in the late 90’s when they were part of Karrimor. Then Karrimor got sold off to Sports Direct and it all went downhill from there on. Equipment is fine if you’re just wanting very basic stuff but anything more than a gentle breeze or fair drizzle and it’ll all start being uncomfortable. Age old saying, buy quality, buy once.


Do Mountain Warehouse sell anything that's useful in unpredictable weather? I know everything there is own brand so this seems expensive for a single skin tent.


Or 2 man comfortably


was going to say the same thing... Tent good for Europe like spain not here with the unpredictable weather


Realistically 4 man

Berghaus Air 4 inflatable Tent £349 @ Go outdoors
130° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
I've been watching the price of this tent for a while, it was £379 on another site last week. I've never seen it actually for sale at the full price anywhere, but this is the chea… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Had one for 4 years. Great tent.


I would be tempted if the 10% off code worked (y) 🏻


just mentioning camping would almost have the same effect for me


Any recommendations for electric pump, please? I've bought air 6 xl. Can't wait to lockdown is over.


If you find it a bit small for 4 people, then look at the Air Porch accessory. It’s huge & designed perfectly for the Air 4. Great tents (y)

Festival Fun 2 Man Tent £19.99 with free delivery @ Mountain Warehouse
-76° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Going camping in the front room? Garden? Grab a bargain tent, free delivery. Love this girly one! Great reviews. Used my student discount too from Student Beans, further 10% off
Get deal*Get deal*

No worries, was really just letting everyone know there was free delivery at Mountain Warehouse, other tent posts have had many positive feedback. My little girl will be so pleased with this idea for lockdown for a low cost, good reviews on the website :)


Well, I didn't :-p Having had a "disposable" pop up tent for around 10 years, which someone gifted me, I went to look at this one, saw there were better ones and grabbed a 6 man tent wheich was reduced to £125, with the code "BLOOM" that brought it down to 99.99, and then went through TCB, for a potential 6.something % cash back. But thanks to the OP, and the code poster, I've got a new tent on the way, not this tiny little thing, but a proper upgrade from a pop up :-p


disposable tent, how about think of the environment and don't buy this.


Not bad for the kids to use in the garden.


Whatever floats your boat. I shall be inside watching Netflix.

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