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Google Pixel 6a 128GB 6GB 5G Mobile Phone + Fitbit Versa 4 - £258.60 (Possible Extra £10 For One Month) @ O2 Refresh

£258.60£39935% off
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

O2 refresh requires a credit check, however small it may be, just be mindful of this. Extra £50 on top of your trade in til the 28th

Claim you watch here > promo-rewards.com/sma…ing

You may have to pay your first month of a tenner, but you can ring them to get that back if you haven't used it

So, instructions I hear you ask:

➡ Click get deal
➡ Scroll down and click on "see all of our pre-built plans"
➡ Scroll down an click "see our plans"
➡ Scroll down to the 2GB Data option for £10p/m, click on choose this plan
➡ Then proceed through checkout

Once you receive the phone and sim either PAC or STAC, or cancel your sim via call straight way.

Extra £50: Get an extra £50 when you buy the Google Pixel 6a directly from O2 on an: (i) O2 Refresh tariff; or (ii) on a Small Business tariff between 06.10.22 and 28.12.22 and (2) complete the order process to trade in your device with O2 Recycle between 06.10.22 and 03.01.23 which has a value over £0 on O2 Recycle; and (3) complete your trade in by returning your device to O2 Recycle so it is received by 17.01.23. Extra £50 may be paid separately to standard O2 Recycle payment.

O2 Recycle: Your device must pass our checklist. The value of your trade in will depend on the model and condition. Terms apply see o2.co.uk/ter…cle (https://www.o2.co.uk/termsandconditions/mobile/o2-recycle).

UK data only. Fair Usage policy applies. Devices are subject to availability. 0% APR. Finance subject to status and credit checks. 18+. Direct Debit. Credit provided by Telefónica UK Ltd, SL1 4DX. Telefónica UK is authorised and regulated by the FCA for consumer credit and insurance. Terms apply, see o2.co.uk/terms (https://www.o2.co.uk/termsandconditions).

Features & details

  • The brains behind Pixel 6a. Google Tensor makes Pixel 6a super smart, secure and powerful. It's the first chip designed by Google just for Pixel.

  • The battery that follows your lead. Google Pixel's Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours. It learns your favourite apps, so it doesn't waste power on the ones that you rarely use.

  • A camera that lets you express yourself.. Make faces look sharper with Face Unblur, take beautifully accurate photos of different skin tones with Real Tone and remove unwanted objects with Magic Eraser.

  • Google Tensor helps you get things done fast. Google Tensor makes Google Pixel 6a fast and responsive. Apps launch fast, pages and images load quickly, and everything runs smoothly.

  • Pixel charges fast. Really fast..

  • When you plug in your Google Pixel, it charges fast. With just a few minutes of charging, your phone gets hours of power

Help and support

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Contact us

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Collection and delivery
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  1. Avatar
    Hey is the £258 price including the £50 discount from trade in? So like is it £310 without trading anything in? I just bought one... the amount of legal crap was ridiculous I didn't read any of it haha. The direct debit is set up for around £16, did I do it right? Thank you if you can help. Seems like an incredible deal
    a) is the £258 price including the £50 discount from trade in? No. The price is £258 without the trade in.
    b) The direct debit is set up for around £16, did I do it right? It doesn't sound like you did. It should be £10. Double-check it because you might have signed up for a 36-month contract. You need to select the one that says "Monthly rolling Airtime Plan" and not one of the "36 month Device Plan Monthly rolling Airtime Plan" options.

    48941835-scuuF.jpgI'm a bit worried you selected this one by mistake. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    I cannot find my super old Huawei or Moto G phone in the O2 Recycle list and IMEI just says it's a device that's not in their portfolio, I can't see an other/not listed option but it says "Guaranteed £50 when you trade in any phone. Ends 28 Dec." Any idea how to make this work on O2 recycle?

    o2recycle.co.uk/ (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Is the extra £50 trade in still available if i'm cancelling the airtime straight away?
    Yes, you can trade in after, i had a leaflet come with my phone to say if you didnt not it straight away then you can still do it by quoting order number, the order number will show against the guaranteed 50.00 trade in on your O2 order email.
  4. Avatar
    Is there any chance that buying a phone like this will stop me qualifying for the watch?

    Edit: bought anyway. Guess I'll find out on January 16th. Any ideas what I'll need to prove that I've bought the phone @MrSwitch ?

    Edit 2: found it in the page

    "When submitting your claim, you'll just need to provide the following:

    Purchase date
    Retailer name or logo
    Product details and IMEI1 number
    Personal details
    Proof of purchase" (edited)
  5. Avatar
    How do you add the watch to the deal
    You claim the watch via the link in description
  6. Avatar
    Is the value of the guaranteed trade-in, only deducted from the cost of the air time plan?
    O2 seem to give this as a credit or BACS transfer according to the O2 trade in site. Just be careful though, as for some phones they offer such a low amount, even with the £50 extra it's less than you would get on ebay. Plus it seems with some phones they just flat out refuse to take them, despite saying "any phone"
  7. Avatar
    When I click the link and scroll down to prebuilt plans, the 2GB option it's coming up at £10 upfront and £16pm? What am I missing here please 🙈
    You haven't scrolled down far enough. Find the bit at the bottom that says "pay for your device in full"
  8. Avatar
    It says I can only pay a maximum of £220. An I doing something wrong? Cheers
    Yeah that's what I got as well
  9. Avatar
    I've been holding out for a good deal on a redmi/Poco but just bought this. Will it be unlocked?
    yep, 02 sell their phones unlocked.
  10. Avatar
    @MrSwitch Maybe you could add some more info so people know to buy the phone outright as some appear to be selecting higher monthly plans and not the o2 refresh, I'll admit I got caught by it first as there's that much information for each tariff on screen

    NVM guess the post was updated at some point and I missed it (edited)
    It's always been there

    Just some are struggling with it

    There isn't much more i can do
  11. Avatar
    Somebody please explain how to do this recycling because when I went to the store today the girl wasn't very helpful
    The homepage for O2 recycle: o2recycle.co.uk/ (see for full guidance)

    O2 recycle terms and conditions webpage: o2.co.uk/ter…cle

    The options for payout from O2 recycle t&c's:

    6. Payments > 6.2. The following payment methods are available:
    a) BACS transfer:
    b) Airtime Credit:
    c) Device Plan Credit (O2 Refresh custom plans customers only recycling via o2recycle.co.uk, o2.co.uk and voice channels)
    d) Store Trade-in (O2 store customers only)
    e) Charity donation (o2recycle.co.uk only)
    f) Cheque (o2recycle.co.uk and O2 voice channels only)

    Note 6.3 and 6.4 (edited)
  12. Avatar
    @MrSwitch can you arrange for the price increase blurb to be updated? Three is now the same as EE & Vodafone

    Three: a Fixed Annual Price Change, 4.5% this year.
    O2: RPI plus 3.9%.
    EE, Vodafone: Consumer Price Index plus 3.9%.
    Lebara all the way for me
  13. Avatar
    Which receipt does one show to claim the Fitbit watch?
    I havent been sent one by O2
    48959366_1.jpgI wonder if we can use this as receipt, which is received with the phone?

    Also you can still do the trade-in even after you have bought the phone. See the details below
    48959366-V18Qq.jpg (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Deal now ended 7th December. 
    £363 device cost now and Fitbit Versa offer added. T&C's on Fitbit Versa on contract states - 'Change of mind policy applies to Qualifying Purchase and Gift as a bundle. If you return the Qualifying Purchase without the Gift you will be charged the standard retail price for the Gift.'

    Buying the phone on PAYG doesn't qualify for the Versa. The Claim T&C's has O2 as Contract Only retailer rather than SIM Free.

    It will be very interesting to see if anyone managed to claim the Versa on a £258.60 6a if they cancel the airtime before the Claim is approved.

    Not like me to sit this one out but I got hacked off with O2 on this deal that I posted at £270.60 with a prepaid MasterCard of £100 when nobody was receiving the confirmation email regarding the MasterCard within 14 days when that was the T&C's and it was necessary to spend a lot of time and faff chasing the confirmation email. I'd almost suggest that O2 Refresh deals offering anything other than the device outright should not be allowed due to their non-performance on that deal.
  15. Avatar
    Today will forever be known as pixel day, i declare it
    Seems like it with all the pixel deals you’ve been posting since like 7am
  16. Avatar
    Fitbit worth 200? Crazy
    Well RRP, but probs £100 on ebay, maybe less
  17. Avatar
    Tempted but doesn't seem like a worthwhile upgrade over my beloved P30 Pro, was close to buying but left it.

    Good deal none the less
    In exactly the same boat as you pal, can't justify the outlay for not that much better specs with this pixel or rivals.

    Paid less than £250 for my p30 pro on a refresh deal in 2019 and still does what I need it to do.

    May just stick a fresh battery in it when Huawei are running an offer on servicing and then keep it going for another 2 years
  18. Avatar
    Is it unlocked?? Or locked to O2 ?
  19. Avatar
    Going to be a lot of versa 4s on ebay lol
  20. Avatar
    I am not sure how this deal works. I am already on o2 contract and don't want to take out another o2 contract but i like the idea of the phone and the fitbit.n What can i do? Thanks @MrSwitch as usual.
  21. Avatar
    Gone for this over the pixel 7 deals, 260 plus the fitbit seems stupid not to!
  22. Avatar
    If it helps, I have just got a price match from Currys for £258.60 just for the device.
    And no watch? Kind of defeats the deal don't it?
  23. Avatar
    Great deal
  24. Avatar
    Lovely deal
  25. Avatar
    Very cool!
  26. Avatar
    Good price for Pixel 6a even if you have to pay the tenner ♨️
  27. Avatar
    Went for it, seems a great deal!
  28. Avatar
    Thank you. Got 1 . Great deal as usual
  29. Avatar
    Many Thanks Switchy.
    Have ordered.
    Interestingly enough just had a missed call from O2. Are they out of stock or cancelling I wonder?
  30. Avatar
    MrSwitch following the Samsung freestyle offer you’ve got me hooked on these deals!

    This is a cracking deal even without the £50 Cashback
  31. Avatar
    Cool just bought this hopefully some quidco cashback too....
    Only if you keep the contract going for six months
  32. Avatar
    Could someone please do a quick recap of what needs to be said to the 02 customer service dept to terminate the contract and keep the handset for the already paid £258.60
    Hello. I'd like to cancel my contract. Thank you. Good bye!
  33. Avatar
    Think I'll wait until January sales. I'll pick this phone up for free at this rate 😄
    But without the watch
  34. Avatar
    Another hot deal
  35. Avatar
    Just checked, you can recycle a new pixel6a for 200 pounds, so if you get a cheap and nasty phone to get the 50 quid, you are effectively getting the watch for 8 quid!!!!!
    The phone has to be of a value of at least £1 she told me today
    So if the phone is too old you won't qualify for the £50
    Or have I got it wrong
  36. Avatar
    Got the Currys price match but tempted to go with this for the £50 trade in (edited)
    How? I tried but she couldn't find the deal and didn't do it
  37. Avatar
    £299 bought last week @Mr Switch... when you doing your psychic training!!???-
  38. Avatar
    How does the £50 recycle phone trade in work when placing an order online 
    I'm still waiting for somebody to answer my question
    I've tried with two different phones neither is accepted

  39. Avatar
    @MrSwitch you stole my deal and I've only just noticed this one . I'm not sure you'd get away with cancelling under 14 days and still making a successful claim for the Fitbit personally but I can't wait to be proven wrong...
  40. Avatar
    Thanks. Great deal. Bought one for my wife. Easy steps to follow