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Posted 8 July 2023

Guardians of the Galaxy Three Movie Box Set HD £24.99 @ iTunes

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All 3 guardian of the galaxy movies for £24.99 on Apple movies they go for £12.99+ each so thought I’d post here
iTunes More details at
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  1. bradshaw23's avatar
    All 3 are 4K not HD
  2. stepp's avatar
    Great films
    barnabydurell's avatar
    barnabydurell Author
    Haven’t seen the third one so I’m looking forward to it!
  3. Stephen_Dye's avatar
    Loved the first two movies. Really didn't like this at all. Felt laboured and pointless. Previously the soundtrack was well woven into the storyline but not this time.
    CheekyMunkey's avatar
    Agreed. Just watched it today. Was hoping it would end on a high. Just didn't get me invested as viewer. Bit of a pointless plot and felt like they didn't need to make it. Also, felt like they tried to ramp up the humour too a point where in some scenes it was overkill. Overall a decent movie but I hoped as its probably the last movie they would have gone out in style. First 2 are definately better.
  4. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Thought they only made two movies. When did the third one come out?
    gslgregory's avatar
    Just a couple of months back.
  5. Mooney70's avatar
    Enjoyed the first one and the latest one but thought the second one was poor. Then again i did watch it on release as a double feature with the first one at midnight. So was probably not fully focused on it.
  6. stephenmichael3785's avatar
    A great trilogy, watched part 3 last night, thought it was as good as the other 2. I like James Gunn and his use of popular music in his movies. Had The the, this is the day in the movie too, a fitting end to the trilogy.
  7. gslgregory's avatar
    I got the first two for £4.99 each. I'll wait until the third one hits that point too.
    michael.boundary's avatar
    Absolutely no Marvel/Star Wars or Disney movies have had a price drop in over two years now and have remained at £13.99 ever since (except for the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies which are £11.99)

    Until Disney change their policy of steering the market towards Disney+ you may be waiting a while for that £4.99 price point. (edited)
  8. Trun0's avatar
    Amazing trilogy. Went from being a series I knew nothing about to by far the highlight of the MCU for me. Can't pick a favourite honestly, think they're all just about on the same level.
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