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Posted 21 August 2023

Hacking For Dummies, 7th Edition (£18.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

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The title says it all 😄
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  1. BigDom's avatar
    This is real hacking....
  2. Berwhale's avatar
    For those interested in a hacking book that is not 'for Dummies', this is a good place to start: amazon.co.uk/Gra…947

    I still have the 1st edition from back when I took a CPTS course in 2006
    zer0nis's avatar
    Oh wow, didn't know there was a new edition out. I do feel previous editions from an era when eLearning materials generally weren't as good.
  3. luv_a_deal's avatar
    So, click the link, get something downloaded on you machine/device, and you're hacked, yes?
  4. Xercen's avatar
    Just watch the film hackers with johnny lee miller and angelina jolie. That's all the info you need (edited)
    MagicBoy's avatar
    True. That and this book and I hacked a Gibson in under 10 minutes.
  5. steveieboy1's avatar
    Just downloaded the 8th edition of this after reading this book.
  6. Cyb's avatar
    Guys be warned. this book is useless as sometimes you'll have two people on the same computer, one non-chalent old-school guy and a sandwich eater working against you.

    Berwhale's avatar
    Yeah, reading something like The Cuckoo's Egg will give you a better (if somewhat dated) idea of how this stuff actually works.
  7. Solee's avatar
    Most people just use a RAS these days and hope someone in admin downloads the payload.
  8. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP.
    Few hoops to go through.
    Compliments the other hukd deal for sample cleaning products, to use your new cleaning business? 😃
  9. wbzz's avatar
    IM IN
  10. dessabee's avatar
  11. jamo9809's avatar
    Americans only?
  12. FriesWithThat's avatar
    Who needs a book. Just bend your knees and stick out your tongue. Job done!50846808-15arS.jpg (edited)
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    That's what (he / she) said.
  13. leatherskirt's avatar
    Not working.

    We apologize that TradePub.com is no longer able to fulfill requests for this offer.
  14. Cyb's avatar
    Just wondering for the people are interested in learning this kinda stuff - do you prefer physical books to learn rather than ebooks? <-- lol you know this guys been upto stuff

    Dammit I forogt to download it! (edited)
    Berwhale's avatar
    For me, it depends on what type of stuff i'm trying to learn. I find paper books best for theoretical stuff and in-person training or hands-on labs best for technical and practical stuff - I should add that's it's been a while since I've done any formal technical training.

    Back on 2006, I did the CPTS course in person, which was cool because the instructor taught those that were interested how to pick physical locks in the lunch breaks (I still have a set of SouthOrd picks in my draw at home, they've only been used once 'in anger' to let a very upset neighbour back into their house after locking themselves out and their young child in).
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