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Posted 9 July 2023

Hairy Bikers 30cm Marble Effect Aluminium Frying Pan £5.99 @ Farmfoods, Redcar

£5.99£1867% off
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Hairy Bikers 30cm Marble Effect Aluminium Frying Pan, currently selling them off at £5.99 - bought today at my local (Redcar) Farmfoods. This is the only type they have at the moment, but it's worth checking your local Farmfoods out to see what they have, they are all down to £5.99
I bought two of the square griddle pans a couple of weeks ago at this price, and at that time they also had the frying pans, plus the woks, and the saucepans.
Farmfoods were selling these pans at 2 for £30 only a few months ago, even the manager admitted he bought a couple at the higher price.
I have used one of the griddle pans recently while away camping, and a great pan for cooking/frying breakfast, no sticking and really easy to clean.

Suitable for gas, electric ring, solid hotplate, ceramic, halogen and induction hobs

Care and Use Instructions
Wash before first use. Hand wash only, using warm soapy water. Do not put an empty pan on a hot hob or allow pans to boil dry. In such event, turn off heat and do not move the pan until it has completely cooled. Do not pour cold water into a hot pan or put it in cold water as it could cause the base of the pan to warp. Leave to cool before washing in warm soapy water. Always use an oven glove or cloth when lifting hot pans. Handles will get hot if left overhanging a corresponding heat source, use corresponding size of cooker burner/hot plate for the size of the pan. Stubborn marks and stains may be removed after soaking, the use of a proprietary cleaner may help. Do not use scouring powder/pads or abrasive cleaners. Do not use metal implements with this pan or it will damage the non-stick coating. Check regularly that the knob and handle are not working loose. Not suitable for use in conventional ovens or microwave ovens.

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  1. apreece's avatar
    If they are anything like their baking trays then they will be crap. Bought baking tray last week used it once and the non stick went

    Fortunately they're not.
    I bought the baking trays a year or 2 ago from home bargains and had a similar experience.

    I bought the wok and frying pan today and
    have used both.
    Excellent .
    Nothing stuck. Food tasted fine.
    The coating, unlike on the baking trays, is a marbled effect.

    My Teflon frying pan cost x3 and lasted only one year.

    These are definitely worth a go, especially for £5.99.
  2. DealHugger's avatar
    You occasionally see them in TKMaxx as well.

    The pans, not the hairy bikers.
    shalton's avatar
    Any haury pan das? (edited)
  3. bayhabourbutcher's avatar
    does anyone know what type of coating these pans have ?

    I normally stick to cermanic pans rather than teflon ones as the latter can give of toxic fumes at high temperatures (edited)
  4. Mychem15's avatar
    Why do scoville say they never stick I have 2 frying pans in my house that would beg to differ
    wonger73's avatar
    My Scoville is the same
  5. ScorchingHot's avatar
    I was just thinking a couple of hours ago I really need to replace my awful ‘Neverstick’ Scoville pans! Does anyone know if these work on induction hobs please?
    ScorchingHot's avatar
    Answered my own question - zoomed right in on the OP’s pic!
  6. kieran.gallagher's avatar
    Now that's wok I'm talking about...
    jockydee79's avatar
    It's pans not puns
  7. Gooner1011's avatar
    "Do not put an empty pan on a hot hob".

    Hmm. I don't find cold hobs good for cooking.
  8. Diva82's avatar
    I went to Farmfoods today..brought two cocomelon trucks and other items..I saw the frying pans but they didn't have a price.

    Might have to go back this week.
  9. madel79's avatar
    Rubbish quality
  10. C.D's avatar
    From the little I know about these types of pans. I know that some offer 5 yrs (or more) non stick guarantee. Cook them at high temps and they don't last, so be sensible and don't go overboard on the heat.
    I am throwing my scoville neverstick pan out for this one. And at this price £5.99 I don't really mind if it only lasts a year or two. (edited)
  11. Lee63's avatar
    Had a few of the Bikers baking trays from Home Bargains and found them to be really good quality and longer lasting than some more expensive ones. Hopefully the frying pans are good too.
  12. tron05's avatar
    had them. terrible. eggs start sticking from as quick as 3 months
  13. porkchopkid's avatar
    If they are anything like their baking trays then they will be crap. Bought baking tray last week used it once and the non stick went
  14. yeahbutitsnotfree's avatar
    Bought a full set thanks op
    C.D's avatar
    Nice one
    Which store has a full set still on sale? Just so everyone else knows. (edited)
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