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Hollister is a lifestyle brand which sells clothing for men and women that’s inspired by South Californian fashions. It also has a range of signature perfume and body care products. Shoppers can find out about all the best offers and discounts from Hollister, by visiting the brand's dedicated page at HotUKDeals. Read more

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Hollister Sale
Found 10th Jul 2012Found 10th Jul 2012
Hollister Sale
Hollister sale is now on. Pretty nice jeans and at £28? Can't go wrong... Shipping however is a different story :L ... But might be an instore deal too?

Delivery is very quick considering it comes from Holland. Only worth it for a big order as a tenner for shipping is a bit steep. You can return to store but they charge you 9 euros to return otherwise. I hate the store - it's pitch black and full of stick insects so I'm happier shopping online.


No problem with shipping - good service my order arrived very quickly but cost £10 so I ordered 5 Tshirts because delivery was same price for 1 or 5.


Price ....£10 or £20 next day


Quite like some of Hollisters stuff but never used the website. What are the problems with the shipping?


This sale has been on for some time now. I've posted it a while ago and been checking every few days. They added some products but it's still the same sale ... https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/hollister-50-off-hollister-online-5-90-42-90-1243019

Hollister 50% OFF @ Hollister Online £5.90 - £42.90
Found 14th Jun 2012Found 14th Jun 2012
Hollister 50% OFF @ Hollister Online £5.90 - £42.90
Hollister has a 50% off some clothes (dudes & bettys) on their site... Things start at £5.90 (men's bracelet), but there are also cheap t-shirts (£12), polos (£13.90), hoodies,… Read more

Waiting for Jack Wills sale, better customer service and can go in store and order for home delivery if they don't stock what you want. Hollister staff are pants and £10 p&p :-( need to have a uk based warehouse


No it won't, it states on their site that they will pay any customs charges, so the price you pay on their website is what you will pay at the end


I didn't really know what price to enter, cause there is too many products at different prices... I changed it to include the delivery now ;) The delivery charge is so high, because it's sent from the U.S. :|


How can you buy from a shop when you can't see anything in there. Even there website is bloody dark. !


Ridiculous delivery charges make this cold for me.

Hollister plaid shirt £8.90 From £40
Found 4th Apr 2012Found 4th Apr 2012
Hollister plaid shirt £8.90 From £40
Just bought a set of these shirts for my daughter, virtually 5 for the price of one...
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are they thin like summer weight or winter flannel weight?


Most misleading title ever in the history of HUKDs


I already posted this?


deliveries are usually from Holland. even with the P&P this is hot. Their stuff is well made and very trendy. This is primark prices.


Last time we bought from them, Christmas, it came from Holland.

Hollister Sale t-shirts starting from just £12.90 (+ £10 p&p)
Found 30th Mar 2012Found 30th Mar 2012
Hollister Sale t-shirts starting from just £12.90 (+ £10 p&p)
hello everyone just been on the hollister website and they have a sale on, clothes starting from just £12.90 much cheaper then instore prices, the only downside is the £10 postage … Read more
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thanks for posting OP, heat added, i checked the site a while ago but was nowhere near the same amount of stuff in the sale section... if I'm saving a lot more than £10 on T shirts then I'm pretty happy to suck up the postage.. going to grab a jumper while i am at it swell


Well £10 for delivery is bloody mental in principal. But most branded tee's will cost you £25+ anyway. Perhaps not deal of the century, but certainly not as bad as people make out!


Yes, but would you pay £23 for it? I'd say -150 is tame given the comedy gold P&P costs.


It's not bad but £23? no thanks.


Personally I really like the shirt posted in the OP, heat given because -150 is ridiculous!

Ladies Hollister Jack Creek Shirts - £8.90 each
Found 30th Mar 2012Found 30th Mar 2012
Ladies Hollister Jack Creek Shirts - £8.90 each
Cost less than a shirt in Primark! Available in all colours and sizes.. + £10 p+p - collectorcol
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Ok thanks. Do you know what happens if you then return something to a store? For example if I bought items from M&S online, then returned them to my local store in town as I didn't want them. How do they give you a refund if I'd paid by paypal?


Is there any codes for delivery, or deliver to store, because £10 stops the shirt being a bargain really


Good grief, if a 12 is a large then 80% of women must be obese !! :)


Hot from me, ordered 2 for the wife. Thanks


£10 POSTAGE !!!!! Sorry cold for that alone - Yes I am a tightwad!!! It must be delivered by one of their models for that price

Loads of stuff on sale @hollisterco.com P&P £10
Found 19th Mar 2012Found 19th Mar 2012
Loads of stuff on sale @hollisterco.com P&P £10
Some great stuff on sale as well as new lines. I know postage to the UK is a bit pricey but at these prices it is well worth it

Andy - I'm the same, often wearing medium stuff from high street, but I have a couple of shirts from Hollister which are large, and a really nice fit. A lot of the stuff is described as 'muscle fit' so pretty slim. The discounts in this sale are great, and I think well worth the £10 p&p


can anyone pls tell me what the sizes are like? im a guy whos between medium and large depending on the brand.


Is it me or are Hollister the Apple of the clothing world? They've convinced everyone that if you have their products you'll be cool and well liked. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. They obviously make a lot of money from it. £10 shipping though. Wow.


Hot Hot Hot, great quality stuff, and very good sale prices you rarely see in store.


The shipping is ridiculous. Better off going to your nearest Hollister.

Hollister Jacket was £106 now £24.90 @ Hollister (small only) UK P&P £10
Found 9th Mar 2012Found 9th Mar 2012
Hollister Jacket was £106 now £24.90 @ Hollister (small only) UK P&P £10
I know it's not winter anymore but this a great deal. Usually £106 and it's still chilly in London.

Mine just arrived too. Think there might be a tug of war between the ladies of the house to see who gets it.


Recieved it today and looks and fits great. Thanks.


All gone


That's a relief, small will probably fit alright for me then :) cheers If I have to pay 7 quid in tax I'll be very miffed. That would make it 17 quid just in postage


Yeah just read the description, 'classic fit' which will be too loose and baggy for me. I need muscle fit when it comes to hollister or a&f. Still a good deal though.

sale on hollister website with some t-shirts from £20
Found 14th Feb 2012Found 14th Feb 2012
sale on hollister website with some t-shirts from £20
there is a sale on, on the hollister website and there are some good deals the sale is updated reguarly so keep checking it. Check delivery cost first. - collectorcol
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If you don't have a Hollister store near you then this is probably a good deal minus the postage, but at the Liverpool One store they have T-shirts for £8.90, and Hoodies for £24.90. Just before Christmas I got two pairs of joggers for £28, which is nearly as cheap as Primarks own.


Better to look instore - got my daughter a hoodie for £13.90 (lots in stock, all sizes)and they had jeans (limited sizes) for the same price in the Braehead store. Make sure you go in thru the disabled entrance (press a button to open the "window") so you don't have to go up n down their stupid stairs and take a torch to read the tiny print on their price tags in semi-darkness. Can't agree that it's a quality brand; the stuff's not particularly well made - you're paying for the image and the shopping experience. I'm guessing their stuff won't appear in TK Maxx - they'll keep it in their own stores only like Gap.


Prices where high for both this and A&F when we were there. Thanks for the heads up, don't see why so cold. Is this not a site to tell others about offers and price cuts? I don't see what's wrong with the post it meets all the criteria in my eyes, maybe not a favoured brand to some (inc myself). But i don't get the negativity to the op. Item a was £xxx now is £xxx (cheaper) = price cut aka good deal if you buy item a.. Simples!


Just back from the US and their prices have hiked over the past few months. Still much cheaper than here though, as Abercrombie nF is too.


You obviously haven't been recently (or at all), as the prices aren't much different from over here. It's overpriced stuff though - just the current "in" brand amongst sheep. It'll lose its sparkle once it starts showing up in TK Maxx.

Various Holister deals, including this checked hooded shirt
Found 28th Jan 2012Found 28th Jan 2012
Various Holister deals, including this checked hooded shirt
Various hollister deals in the sale

Prove it big boy !!


yeah whats this code you speak of


what's the code for free delivery?




There's a £10 delivery, very cold.

Hollister Hoodie Jacket RRP £140  now £39.90
Found 24th Jan 2012Found 24th Jan 2012
Hollister Hoodie Jacket RRP £140 now £39.90
great saving and great value for £40 girls jackets are also good value
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there' s plenty in store , at least in both westfields london


Found how to add the box but didnt get free delivery - good on you :) sadly didnt work for me :(


Maybe you got free delivery as you added a premium gift box - where abouts on Hollister site did you get the Premium Gift box?


also not sure if it's a glitch but I got free shipping somehow?[image missing]


they are back in stock checked just now in navy/grey/olive and sizes S M L they are worth £40, I have lots of hollister stuff and at 140 yes it's a rip off but at 40, I honestly can't find any other brands which are the same quality of material/stitching etc ..

any purchase in hollister gives you a free bra and %25 off instore at gilly hick!
Found 1st Jan 2012Found 1st Jan 2012
any purchase in hollister gives you a free bra and %25 off instore at gilly hick!
http://uk.gillyhicks.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreView?storeId=16609&catalogId=11555&langId=-1 been into hollister (cardiff) today and got a voucher for a free pushu… Read more

That's what I meant by dingy. Judging by your username, our local store is the same - Chapelfield! Bloody awful place.


You forgot to add the lighting in their shops is so dim you can barely see what your buying! People were queuing up round the corner to get in my local store, good tactic as when they eventually get in they probably feel like they have to buy something to make the wait worthwhile


haha agreed :{


But apart from these things, they're okay?


In other news - Hollister model commits suicide

Hollister Winter Sales
Found 23rd Dec 2011Found 23rd Dec 2011
Hollister Winter Sales
Purchased a fur jacket - normal retail price £160 for £69.99 Some other good deals too. Merry Christmas to all.

free delivery on orders over £100 lol


£10 delivery is absolute **** !


Hollister is aimed at 14-21 hence the cheaper tag And a&f is aimed at 21+ so the tag is more Tbh I don't notice a difference in quality


I dont normal shop in hollister always Abercrombie and i never seen shirts etc for $10 while ive been in any of there stores and ive been losts, I just been looking at hollister and some of the stuff looks dead the same so why is Hollister so much cheaper?


You can get some pretty good deals in Hollister, as they nearly always have marked down stuff at the back of the store. A couple of years back I picked up an £84 jacket for £18!

Found 15th Feb 2011Found 15th Feb 2011
Hollister are doing their womens/girls winter jackets for £19.99. They were orginally £84.00. All sizes available but colours are only pink or orange. Got a pink one for my daughte… Read more

Thanks OP I got one from Glasgow store :) lovely warm jacket! x


Managed to grab myself an orange one from the trafford centre yesterday, they had heaps of orange left but a shortage of pink. Couldnt really tell a difference between the two with the lack of lighting instore ;) haha. They also had jogger and yoga bottoms on sale for around £12 and vest tops were about £10


Damn just saw this :( I live in Glasgow will pop in 2moro but doubt there will be any left :( anything else on sale? X


haha oh i know its not just the dark that makes it awkward its the whole layout of the shop..good job im not claustrophobic!


Make sure you take a torch ;)

Very reduced Hollister Hoodies, Coats, Checked shirst, Girls trackie bottoms
Found 3rd Feb 2011Found 3rd Feb 2011
Very reduced Hollister Hoodies, Coats, Checked shirst, Girls trackie bottoms
Was in the Hollister store in Southampton today and found a lot of hoodies, zip cardigans and coats for £13.90 each. I spent £130 and bought 5 hoodies (son, daughter and wife!) tw… Read more

Just bought 2 very very thick mens jackets from £80 to £13.90!!! Also got sweatpants for £10.90! Great clearance prices. Lots of t shirts for £10 and some womens coat and jeans for around £20. Just waiting for the mens coats to go down in price now From the Cardiff store. Also it's like a sauna in these shops


did you not get funny looks like we did and comments like is she going to put them on ebay?!


I think so, and yes it's instore only


The music is soooooo loud!


guessing this is instore only then?