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Posted 18 May 2023

Hotel Chocolat 2kg hazelnut hot chocolate - £10 @ McArthur Glen outlet York

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Short dated (doesn’t matter I’ve used this chocolate years past the best before date) catering size pouch of hazelnut flavour hot chocolate flakes.

It’s at the MacArthur Glen outlet in York but it may be available at other discount outlets too.

Edit: it’s at the O2 and Cheshire Oaks outlets too.

I thought this was a decent deal when it was reduced to £30 so I snapped up another bag today at £10.

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  1. jaffamuffin's avatar
    anyone got the ingredients list handy ?
    Stottydog's avatar
    Stottydog Author

    Got this off their website (edited)
  2. P_K_'s avatar
    Shame it's only local thought Heat added
    Stottydog's avatar
    Stottydog Author
    Apparently it’s also at the O2 outlet and Cheshire Oaks
  3. DangerousBeans's avatar
    Just to add that you have to have a Velvetiser for this to be any good.
    Smog's avatar
    Despite owning a velvatiser… any milk frother would do on stir setting
  4. tomoniphone's avatar
    That’s (Hazel) Nuts!
  5. SimonViklundRP's avatar
    This is why teleporters need to exist. I need all these good deals. But I need to be in different towns/cities to get them all (edited)
  6. shamedbear3's avatar
    Would this make a suitable gift for the mother in law - she has a nut allergy?
  7. ScroopEgerton's avatar
    £10 for 2kg is a bargain... hope this goes inferno.
  8. Jenny_Busfield's avatar
    Daaaaam. This stuff is soooo good. Heat added and keeping my fingers crossed I have time to get there
  9. jubaid's avatar
    Hope they still have it when I go on Saturday!
  10. Peetsky's avatar
    This outlet is excellent as they always have loads of good bargains. Wish there was a one nearer me as we have to travel a fair way to York for our MacArthur Glen shopping spree.
    simonc23's avatar
    I find it a bit hit and miss. Especially around times like Easter and Xmas. Rarely any bargains then. Just trying to offload still over priced seasonal chocolate.
  11. W_jelly1's avatar
    drove past a few days ago - should have called in...
  12. Zeipher's avatar
    I bought this a couple weeks ago when it was £20.

    Personally, I thought it was vile. Really bitter. Not a fan of coffee. Not terrible if I only put in a single spoonful, but I wouldn't buy it again.
    Stottydog's avatar
    Stottydog Author
    It’s made with 70% so it’s a dark chocolate. Personally I love it. You could try mixing it with a sweeter chocolate so you haven’t wasted your money?
  13. wattsey's avatar
    Confirm its £10 at o2 Greenwich
  14. r1mmm3r's avatar
    What’s the Best Before. And does that really matter with hot chocolate?
    r1mmm3r's avatar
    Ignore me. Just read the post.

    I can’t be the only person who goes straight to the comments!!!
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