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Posted 2 June 2023

Lenovo LP40 Earphones TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 £6.59 delivered @ Aliexpress / AliExpress Factory Direct Collected Store

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Customs duty may be charged on top of the headline price, usually on items costing more than £135 Information
Looks like this is the price now for everyone, not just new users. We already had some good reviews regarding quality. Worth a try I would say. White is also around the same price.
£6.22 if you pay in USD with a fee-free card:

1.Suitable for the crowd: simple style, small appearance, more suitable for girls.Suitable for scenes: music, sports and calls
2. Officially authorized by Lenovo, original guarantee
3.13mm pronunciation unit, high-quality sound
4. Upgrade large battery, long battery life
5. Smaller and more outstanding. Comfortable to wear, painless to wear for a long time
6. One of the highest-selling and most popular Bluetooth earphones on China's e-commerce platform


1. Why two earphones cannot be connected synchronously
Answer: Because both earphones of LP40 contain separate chips. Very few earphones are out of sync on the first use after leaving the factory. You only need to do a manual sync to fix this problem permanently:
Please delete the bluetooth of the LP40 name on the mobile phone → turn off the bluetooth of the mobile phone → put the earphones back into the charging compartment and close the cover → wait for a while and then take out the two earphones at the same time, please do not press the touch position and please wait for 10 Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth after a few seconds → find the LP40 Bluetooth name on the mobile phone and make a pairing connection.

2. Why can't I find the Bluetooth name of LP40
Answer:Because the earphones are in a virtual state when they leave the factory and because of the package transportation time. Very few earphones will run out of power, please try again after charging.


Few things to consider before you go ahead:
  • Pay by credit card or PayPal (if the option available) so you could be protected in the case if something goes wrong
  • Likely you will have a non-UK charger, and you will need an adapter or an adapter will be attached to your order
  • Use a fee-free card and pay in USD to save a bit more
  • Delivery can sometimes take a long time
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  1. yespleasesir's avatar
    Who picks up the cost of shipping when the item gets to Port?
    jujuzeez's avatar
    you pay no extra. AliExpress handles everything after ur initial payment at checkout
  2. Carl_Jenkins23's avatar
    I've bought a couple of pairs of these in the past. The first pair didn't work out of the box the 2nd pair worked and sounded fine for about 4 weeks then the left earphone packed up.. It was a issue with the Bluetooth receiver on the earphone.. I personally wouldn't buy another. Go for the soundpeats air 2 instead of ebay for £19.99 much better build and amazing sound...
    jujuzeez's avatar
    here is why: 50297539-AZXNr.jpg
  3. hotbean's avatar
    Got my delivery today, i am impressed with the sound quality
    jujuzeez's avatar
  4. y-so-izi's avatar
    These are going to be awful
    dergal's avatar
    Why? Often budget items aren't bad from AliExpress,
  5. Bobbite's avatar
    Thanks I got it for £2.57 for some reason?
  6. toxicneo008's avatar
    It is selling for .97 pounds in Temu for new users
    Bella_Ciao's avatar
    Do you have a link please?
  7. justanotherdeal's avatar
    Pay a bit more and buy anker from.amazon. Worth it
  8. Adaks_'s avatar
    just because it looks good, doesnt mean it will sound good
  9. Joadd's avatar
    Bought a pair of these for a little higher price before christmas. In my experience they're cracking, great sound and battery life. I for one would recommend
  10. A7ce's avatar
    Bought 3 different sets inc above item a couple of months ago. all 3 cracking sound and last for nearly 2weeks with a couple of hours use a day. I only intend to use them as earphone for music to get away from the cable of wired earphones. It states they are for calls etc, i tried just to check, i could hear other person clearly but they could not hear me/muffled. so for mu music needs, youtube etc, these are spot on with no lag.
  11. matt.duncan's avatar
    I bought some last time and they are OK, BUT they have a ridiculous amount of drop outs when walking the dog. Stationary is ok.
  12. hatthewmartley's avatar
    Dunno if mine were faulty, but the bass response on these is ridiculous, and not in a good way. It's as if the high end has been cut off 80% or so and all that comes through is mud. It can be remedied to a point with software EQ. They're pretty good for podcasts and audiobooks, but not recommended for music whatsoever.
's avatar