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Posted 11 July 2023

Levi's Men's 512 Slim Taper Jeans £23.78 (Prime Exclusive) @ Amazon

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Levi's Men's 512 Slim Taper Jeans £23.78 for Size 31/32 @Amazon Prime Day Deals
Loads of stock
Sizes include:
31/32 - £23.78
34/32, 34/30 - £26.21
32/32, 33/30, 33/34 - £27.54
33/32, 32/30 - £28.50
30/32 - £25.12
30/30 - £29.31

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512 Slim Taper Jeans

Our slimmest tapered jean.
Similar to our bestselling 511 Slim, but made with a narrower leg. This jean sits below your waist and has a narrow fit through the seat and thigh.

  • Sits below waist
  • Slim through thigh

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  1. Djgeeks's avatar
    bought a pair of these off amazon about 5 months ago and found out they were fakes, good fakes though almost you would not tell the difference. however I had some real ones gifted to me direct from Levi and you can tell the difference the real ones are made with a thicker jean material. as well as the stitching being better quality. the amazon threading came apart in places after a few washes. so be careful. maybe they are selling as rejects or something but something does not sit correct with these amazon Levi's
    hotyoda's avatar
    How can you tell they are fake? I bought mine about 5 months ago from Amazon too…would like to check. (edited)
  2. paniczhrabi's avatar
    £43 now
  3. Gareth_Collins's avatar
    Don’t forget guys if you manage to find your size in the used like new section sold and delivered by Amazon warehouse that until midnight tonight there’s a extra 30% off for prime members at the checkout and if you’re not already a prime member then just sign up for the free 30 day prime trial but don’t forget to cancel your membership straightaway so that you don’t get charged…..(y)
    jon81uk's avatar
    How do you get this? It’s still showing as £29 for used Amazon Warehouse.
  4. Joel_Thomas4vH's avatar
    I picked up a pair of these and they fit great around the waist and lower legs but tight as heck around thighs/quads. No good if you train your legs.
    Ameer_Ahmed's avatar
    Are they stretch fit
  5. whats_the_deal's avatar
    Mum jeans
    JimDiGriz's avatar
    Theyre really not!
  6. Adamsk1's avatar
    Great deal! Managed to snag some 33/32 which is usually really hard to get in these deals!
  7. CheekyMunkey's avatar
    I bought these for £30 a few days ago. Nice jeans but not feeling the faded patter on them. The fade lines near the crotch/top of jeans looks a bit to structured and like an off white colour to me. But overall great for the price. This is even cheaper.
  8. Xanda's avatar
    £66 if you want them in a proper size. Bit annoying as I've already spend my money on kebabs.
  9. soulman123's avatar
    Drain pipes are back … off to the cupboard I go
  10. scousky's avatar
    Thanks OP - still £23.78 for me
  11. louiearch9309's avatar
    31w 32L should do me tbf. I always find 32w abit roomy. Usually 34 leg but prepared to roll those mofos at this price and have them cropped (edited)
  12. Martin_Hewitt's avatar
    36/30 are £94
  13. rajloyal's avatar
    I read somewhere on hukd that prime members can claim back if purchased before prime day price drop?
  14. Zeb_'s avatar
    mine began to tear after 1 yr of use lol...
    .69691's avatar
    Bargain then
  15. EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Couldn't they add some colours which don't make me look like I was in Bros.
  16. taymuh17's avatar
    For me the price is showing £43 not £23.78
  17. sk8shodown's avatar
    sk8shodown Author
    *Update* NEW STOCK AVAILABLE NOW (12 JUL 23:58)
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