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Wolf Pro Cordless 20v 8pc Power Tool Kit with Battery, Charger & Bag £166.96 + £9.98 p&p @ Manomano
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Found this while I was looking for a set of power tools. I dont know anything about the brand, supplier or website but thought it might be worthwhile sharing to see your thoughts/e… Read more

Crazy supplying a kit like this with only 1 battery and at 3Ah it'll be marginal in the circ saw and grinder. I did find an extra 3Ah battery on ebay for £57 and even a 4Ah battery plus charger for £59, but then noticed both have zero stock. If you can find spare batteries at a reasonable price and don't mind being restricted to a minor range of tools then this could be good value but I'd be wary. I'm not aware of compatibility with other battery systems; helpful if someone knows otherwise.


Spare batteries listed by a few places but ALL out of stock. Unless you can confirm that this is compatible with some other, available source of batteries it should definitely be avoided.


Great value, Wolf stuff are usually good quality


Stupidly cheap for what you are getting there. However would be an expensive paperweight when (not if) the battery fails. Or you get unlucky with a faulty charger. It would render the whole kit useless as you couldn’t get spares. Amazon stock some items from the kit but battery is “Currently Unavailable”. First listed in 2015 as well so I wouldn’t hold out hope of it coming back in stock. They might be compatible with other brands batteries - work, einhell etc but no way of knowing without experimenting. Couldn’t find any comments saying as such and you’ll be highly unlikely to find a battery adaptor. Cheap, yes - but there are far better ways of spending money in the tools market. Go get a Ryobi or Einhell which are fantastic value for money, are decent long standing manufacturers and importantly have a broad range of tools that the average home user would actually get use from. For example - you can use the drill battery with a cordless strimmer, grass cutter or hedge trimmer.


I've got a wolf corded multitool and have used it a lot. It's held up well certainly well made. I can't comment on their battery tools, which may prove difficult or expensive to get spare batteries for.

VonHaus Bagless Eco Vacuum Cleaner at ManoMano for £19.99
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Not used Mano Mano before and trust pilot reviews seem mostly negative - though people are more likely to leave negative feedback than positive. Have purchased and order has been … Read more

Got the hoover and honestly I'm very impressed for the price. However there was one problem with the cable as it was not retracting. They're sending out a replacement! Super happy.


Item saved but price had gone up and missed it. He who hesitates is lost! ;(


Item has arrived and really happy with the purchase, bargain!


Just got confirmation mines being delivered today between 1pm and 3pm. Looks like it's expired now as price is back at £54.99


Is there a code needed as the price showing is £54.99

HOMCOM Bounce House Inflatable Kids Jumper Bouncy Castle £134.99 @ Manomano
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
HOMCOM Bounce House Inflatable Kids Jumper Bouncy Castle £134.99 @ Manomano
Cheaper than a Berghaus Air 6 or Air 8 and the floor is very comfortable to sleep will be the talk of the campsite when you rock up in this bad boy.....get in there quic… Read more
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lawn rake scarifier - £40 @ manomano (+£6 P&P)
Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
lawn rake scarifier - £40 @ manomano (+£6 P&P)
Draper 400w Electric Lawnraker 300mm LR400A Removes matted grass, moss, leaves and other dead material to encourage healthier grass growth. Been looking around for one of these, t… Read more
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In my experience these things make the moss worse. They do a great job of taking it out but it soon returns, worse than ever. I reckon they kick lots of does up in the air which then settle. I guess it may be ok if you kill the moss first. Does that kill the does? Don't know.


This looks almost identical to the B&D scarifier I wonder if it’s just rebadged


I use one twice a year (first sign of growth/ within last few weeks of summer) i don’t use any moss killer but go over the lawn twice in opposing directions on the first run of the year and very deep , then seed straight away - results are in


Also if anyone could offer any advice on whether this is the best order to treat my lawn in spring 1) apply weed, feed and moss killer 2) scarify a couple of weeks later 3) overseed straight after scarifying id rather overseed straight after scarifying as the seeds can then get right down into the soil, however I’m wondering whether it’s too soon after applying the moss killer - think I read you should leave it 8 weeks before reseeding? Thanks


Good tip! I’ll give that a try in the spring. Can’t believe the wonders that the scarifier does for the lawn, wish I’d bought one years ago

Bosch PTK 3.6 LI Cordless Tacker with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery £33.24 @ Manomano
Posted 14th Oct 2018Posted 14th Oct 2018
Bosch PTK 3.6 LI Cordless Tacker with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery £33.24 @ Manomano
Features & Benefits: • Small, lightweight, compact - the handiest tool in its class • No memory effect, no self-discharge: always ready for use thanks to lithium-ion technolog… Read more

As with 99% of the time, I looked for one last week on here to do sheeting in the attic. In the end I bought a tacwise manual one on Amazon for £22 and £7 for staples. Really wanted san electric one but read bad reviews about jamming up. Really happy with the manual one. So easy to use compared to my old Lidl style one which breaks my wrist to fire one staple


No mention of having that ability. I would expect flat staples only.


This can’t do Ethernet cable right ? Rather it is a staple am I correct ?


I'm very sure that one horse Vom Haus buy non branded stuff and had them branded with their name as I've seen a few things they sell exactly the same with different branding on go with the Bosch


Pretty sure they made caps circa 2004?

FERM Arc Welder 100A kit. 3 year warranty at mamomano for £55.54 delivered
Posted 10th Aug 2018Posted 10th Aug 2018
FERM Arc Welder 100A kit. 3 year warranty at mamomano for £55.54 delivered
Missed the deal with workzone arc welder at under £40 and this seems to be the cheapest delivered close to that price. Google reviews seem to be good. Comes as a kit. Description b… Read more
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For anyone who missed this the Stamos arc inverter welders can be purchased for approximately £110 delivered with 100% duty cycle at 200Amps (250amps max). Got one and highly recommend.


Bought one so will post what it’s like after my testing. Fingers cross!! :D


Its ok-ish for the price, but don't expect to do any serious work with it, just small repairs, as hinges, handles, broken garden tools, these sort of stuff...for about the same money I would suggest get second hand, one of these really old and heavy oil cooled welders which are far superior...


You could try to float in the cardboard box the welder comes in. You’d have more of a chance


The duty cycle isn't clear at what amperage it was tested but we will assume it's at 100 amps. So 4 mins 11 secs (approx' 1 minute per 2.5mm electrode) then wait 9 mins 30 secs for it to cool down again before being able to weld again. The welding next duty cycle is often shorter as the transformer will still have a higher temperature than when it was first used.

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Draper Cordless Li-ion Screwdriver Kit - £7.50 @ Manomano (delivery from £2)
Posted 9th Aug 2018Posted 9th Aug 2018
Draper Cordless Li-ion Screwdriver Kit - £7.50 @ Manomano (delivery from £2)
Thought this was a good deal. Been looking for one of these for a while and for this price I thought I take a chance. Description below. The Draper Cordless Screwdriver is perfec… Read more
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How much was that?


I have an Ikea Fixa cordless screwdriver that is also only 3Nm and it's been extremely handy. The torque is approximately what you'd be able to muster by hand. God-send for flat-pack furniture.



It comes in this nice little kit. And has two LEDs at the front. Pretty sturdy.


So got them delivered today and I must say they are not bad quality.

Cordless screwdriver with off centre chuck - £17 delivered @ Manomano (Rightway store)
Posted 8th Jun 2018Posted 8th Jun 2018
Cordless screwdriver with off centre chuck - £17 delivered @ Manomano (Rightway store)
Very comfortable to use and the off centre chuck is so handy! The Draper Cordless Screwdriver is perfect for domestic and trade use, taking the strain out of repetitive jobs and r… Read more
Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunction Tool with Toolbox and Accessories £69.99 @ Manomano
Posted 23rd Mar 2018Posted 23rd Mar 2018
Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunction Tool with Toolbox and Accessories £69.99 @ Manomano
Very useful Bosch multi-tool, you are getting the very handy toolbox and accessories for £20 more than the closest price on the tool by itself.

With the box, bargain - prefer the blue professional version but at this price it's hot


Ordered thanks, just what I need


Now £75


Great fine, hot just for the case :D


Hubby convinced me to get one of this model because they vibrate quickly but he ended up using it himself, however it vibrated itself too much and bits inside stopped working after it left guarantee, Shame! He of course blamed me and said I'd used it too much - the pig. Now he's bought a much cheaper one that's still going :-) but there are a couple of different fittings (think Betamas/VHS) so make sure you're thingy's fit the whatsit if you are changing makes.

Montana Outdoor Kitchen  Barbeque at Manomano £361.99 delivered.
Posted 7th Feb 2018Posted 7th Feb 2018
Montana Outdoor Kitchen Barbeque at Manomano £361.99 delivered.
Nice product. Big barbeque with sink and side burner. Not too bad to assemble. Cheapest I can find.

I have a Weber, very good and a jet wash in the Spring sorts it out for the Summer. Only issue I have is my entire family turned vegetarian virtually overnight so haven't used it the last couple of years. Feel like I've been mugged :(


Real mens use real BBQs


webber are very good, not the best though. I believe they have stainless burners? they last for years and have decent warranty. probably about the limit cost wise for UK use I would say. I would personally steer clear of gas, mine doesn't get much use now ive got charcoal too.


They seem to have thrown everything at this BBQ set, including the kitchen sink


To small to my Juliet balcony.

Outsunny Outdoor Fire Pit Fibreglass Stone Effect Heater Round Bowl Cement Stone Dia. 68cm was £99.99 now £35.99 Del @ manomano (sold by Aosom) - all in pic included
Posted 19th Jan 2018Posted 19th Jan 2018
Outsunny Outdoor Fire Pit Fibreglass Stone Effect Heater Round Bowl Cement Stone Dia. 68cm was £99.99 now £35.99 Del @ manomano (sold by Aosom) - all in pic included
Saw this at Tesco Direct on offer from the same seller (Aosom) for £40.99 & thought that was a great price, just did a last minute price check & found it even cheaper £35.9… Read more
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I think I will stick to my not so trusty Bosch washing machine drum


Perfect, bought 4. These make great Winter tyres (party)


Haha that’s exactly what I’m doing.. in the rain, but also on my raj stone tile patio, which I think it might just match 🤔


They have some great products on the Aosom website and sell on ebay too.


Gotta love these long “search engine friendly” titles! I don’t even know what it is!

Bandsaw RYOBI 350W  230mm RBS904 (2 in stock) - £208.77 @ Manomano
Posted 28th Dec 2017Posted 28th Dec 2017
Bandsaw RYOBI 350W 230mm RBS904 (2 in stock) - £208.77 @ Manomano
Only supplier in UK that I can find for this particular bandsaw which has excellent reviews and this is a cracking price plus lets you pay in 3 interest free payment (£75 per month… Read more
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Looks a nice machine, although this seems pretty standard price on Mano Mano?


Unless you mean the distance between the table and the top blade guide, ie maximum thickness that could be put through the blade?


Included: 1 blade 1572 X 6.35 mm Can't see it. If you take the above a LxD that would make the blade just under a foot wide lol.


Blade width?


Out of interest, what does the 230mm actually relate to?

Batavia Thor Multi Material saw definitely mis price. RRP 149.99 ??? - £34.82 (+ £6.95 del) @ Manomano
Posted 13th Oct 2017Posted 13th Oct 2017
Batavia Thor Multi Material saw definitely mis price. RRP 149.99 ??? - £34.82 (+ £6.95 del) @ Manomano
Hi Guys . First time poster on this awesome website. So please take it on the hukd virgin (lol) This is definitely a misprice on eBay Amazon and the website. So bag them whilst y… Read more
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Priced wrong and so returned money back...Damn!


That's funny mine was also the last one.


Just had my refund email come though - They're pleased to inform me- yeah I'm not!;


,,Hi, Unfortunately this product was advertised at an incorrect price on our site and we have had to pull the product. This is a very rare occurrence, but does sometimes happen, so we have had to refund you" .... Shiiit


Just received this: We are sorry to inform you that the last unit of the product below has just been sold. Don't worry, we're immediately processing your reimbursement for this product: Said 9 in stock when I ordered, went down to 8 afterwards and was at 5 in stock when the price went up. Dunno why they can't just say they cocked up the price rather than lie about stock?

Round Patio Gazebo With Curtain Party Tent now £128.24 @ Manomano
Posted 20th Jul 2017Posted 20th Jul 2017
Round Patio Gazebo With Curtain Party Tent now £128.24 @ Manomano
Spotted this had a price dropped at Tesco, thought was decent until spotted this! Tesco is £163 odd delivered - this £128.24. Ideal for any garden, maybe even go around those Lay-… Read more
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Very true.


Just remember that in the UK we have a lot of wind and rain the wind blew mine away and the poles bent and also not waterproof for any heavy rainfall !


Stethoscope and Blood Pressure Monitor offered FREE could go for more heat ...


X) Love it


Just need an operating table now!

Irwin Professional Toolkit 45 Piece at Manomano for £7.64
Posted 24th Dec 2016Posted 24th Dec 2016
Irwin Professional Toolkit 45 Piece at Manomano for £7.64
XMS Irwin Professional Toolkit 45 Piece/ The Irwin 45 Piece Professional Toolkit contains some of the bestselling tools in the market today. The kit includes a comprehensive range… Read more
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Best laugh in a while.


​You get a life!!! Move on!!!


Get a life will you. Just grow up and move on.


​Don't worry about this Zontes fool he has no brain.. All he does is moan about stuff on other people's posts.. Just a dumb little bar steward!


So we all knew it was a misprice, but Manomano did not!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get real. I am only stating the obvious. If Manomano want to be taken seriously as a business they will have to improve how they vet their sellers listings.