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Megabus is a low-cost bus operator which provides connections between most of the UK’s major cities. From Birmingham to London and Bristol to Edinburgh, Megabus offers one of the most affordable ways to get around the UK. What’s more, they also regularly slash the price of tickets, and the latest deals can always be found at the Megabus HotUKDeals listings. Read more

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New Megabus fares added for Christmas & New Year Travel (1st Dec to 6th Jan) - prices from £1 (plus 50p booking fee) e.g. Birmingham to London / Leeds to Manchester
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Megabus have just released December and beginning of January booking dates (previously you could only book up to end of November), handy if looking for some cheap travel over the C… Read more
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Only just noticed this will check it out. Thanks


To which punchline do you refer might I enquire?


Where the punchline ?


Quite interested in visiting Bakewell, home of Bakewell Tart. Any Megabus to Bakewell please? If yes does the bus go to the tart factory?


shock horror, cheaper ways to travel attract the great unwashed.

Get a free £10 Amazon voucher when you spend £15.01+ @ Megabus (Via Vouchercodes / Students only)
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Another decent offer from Vouchercodes.
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It's for VC Students only, are you verified?


I’ve done Aberdeen to London 3 times. No real complaints that would be Megabus specific. The sleeper was ducking murder.


I can’t see it on vouchercodes


Any link to vouchercodes? Thanks!


Been on it twice from Birmingham to Bristol and back. Very decent service, clean and comfortable. Oh and free WiFi is always a plus.

London Bus Tour from £2.00 @ Megabus
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
See London for less when you experience our non-stop bus tour, which will take you to 50 of the capital’s most famous sights in the space of just 2 hours. Prices start from just £… Read more



Yes that's why i quoted the other person to say lots of £1 tickets are available it's not a con.


Get the Local fare on these tour buses, to get their fuel rebate for running a bus service they must offer cheaper Local fares. There should be a notice saying Local fares available in very small print somewhere on the bus if they're doing that partriculat tax ploy


Dont give up so easy. If u r flexible there is a deal to be had. Even at a fiver its great value compared to similar


Hey brains press the deal link you never know what you may find (nerd)

Megabus London Sightseeing Tour - Tickets from £1! 2 hour non stop tour of London Landmarks.
Refreshed 18th JunRefreshed 18th Jun
Megabus have launched a sightseeing tour of London, went on a trip myself the other day for £1 plus booking fee (50p) and for the price you can't go wrong. The tour is 2 hours in … Read more
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OK we new what you were saying the first time.


I believe they are


I have a free spare ticket for tomorrow 1st July 1pm from London Eye


I think so


I booked it when it first came out.... Has the price maybe changed? Try splitting into 2 lots of 3?

new £1 megabus fares have been added in past day or so (due to new booking dates up to end of september)
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
as per title - up until around yesterday you could only book up to june 23rd but they have now added dates up to september 30th apparently there is usually only a single £1 fare a… Read more
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Just thought I let everyone know that needs this route Norwich to Birmingham now has September dates available!


This was on their web page, and the photo you've tried uploading only shows that you were looking for a London- glasgow trip in April, nothing more pal.


well thats hard to believe as they've recently been in the news for having almost non existent £1 fares yet they advertise £1 fares everywhere. you work for megabus?


how to book this? i am trying to book but where we put postcodes or area name its giving me london tour again n again. i never used them before.


Same, best I ever got was £1 with a free return plus a 50p booking fee. 400 miles for £1.50! Only unpleasant journey I had was one Christmas when the coach was packed, and an old guy sat in front kept doing smelly farts (annoyed)

20,000 Free Megabus Seats. (50p booking fee)
Found 19th Nov 2016Found 19th Nov 2016
It's that time of year again when Megabus are giving way free seats. They've only released seat up until 18th January but if you need a specific date it's worth checking just aft… Read more

So how do you find one of these magical tickets? I've looked at several destinations and not found one


Although I did enjoy the smell of the Megabus that had come back from Amsterdam. It was, erm, rather herbal. I think the Birmingham Hill Street Megabus stop is more convenient than NE's Digbeth. It's right outside New Street station.


Where did you book please I want to go Manchester and back ASAP


Great news!


I travelled from dundee to Manchester and back and for £6.50 it was worth evrey penny the bus was on time there and back it was comfortable and there was plenty leg from with wifi and charger socket on the bus why are some people making such an issue out of this?.

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50,000 Megabus free seat give away (50p booking fee)
Found 10th Feb 2016Found 10th Feb 2016
Just happen to come across while booking a seat and thought it would help some other folks. Probably posted a while back last month but still tickets available in this, the last we… Read more

expired 12 feb


:D X)


Drivers responsibility is to get the bus from 1 destination to the other safely with a load of ungrateful cheapskates, the cleaning occurs when the bus it back at depot. He has to put up with the smell AND drive the damn coach, you just gotta sit there, maybe you do everyone a favour and sort the issue yourself? Source - Driver of a variety of vehicles.


and pass pot-pourri


I've done Aberdeen to London on Magabus twice and it was fine. At £16 for a return, there was no way I could travel for cheaper and it didn't stink. I don't know about anyone else but why pick on a smelly gents toilet, I forgot women only dump roses and pee perfume.

Crazy giveaway sale of Megabus! 50 000 seats across Europe for free!
Found 15th Nov 2015Found 15th Nov 2015
Megabus have gone mad! Staggering 50,000 free seats to giveaway on travel to almost 150 destinations across UK and Europe! Don’t miss this opportunity to get a free bus ride! Offe… Read more

for the 60 day rule, is that you have to wait until 60 days before departure to book, or are the deals only available up to 60 days before departure (so any time after then)? thanks


No need to be so rude, I was only asking for a little guidance as I'm new to this!!


Oh aye..oO


By posting on here and waiting for someone else to research for you. OR, you could figure it out yourself?


How do you know what dates, places and times to choose for the free tickets?

Manchester to London Return Megabus only £0.50
Found 15th Nov 2015Found 15th Nov 2015
****the link i provided might not be the date. just search the date again on the home page.****** Manchester to London use Megabus, 12/01/2016 outbound £0 (13th as well) 14/01/2… Read more
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London's great if you live here. The tourist stuff, that's all overpriced nonsense tat. But that's the case everywhere.


You'll certainly be glad that you bought a return ticket once you've arrived in London




I can't search for dates after 31/12/15 :(


Megabus.. Bangbus.. what's with these bus-names.

Bus ride from Amsterdam to London for £0.50 in January 2016 with Megabus
Found 15th Nov 2015Found 15th Nov 2015
Megabus has bus rides from Amsterdam to London pricing in at £0 (plus £0.50 booking fee) in January. Sample date: Thursday, 14 January 2016; other dates available too after 12 Janu… Read more

Just had an MSE email stating 50,000 free seats on all routes from 12th Jan to 14th Feb and it says that if you can't find your dates you want try again as the seats are issued daily not all at once.


Well lets face it the NHS does basic training and care, if you want superior healthcare either way the NHS was not providing it 20 years ago nor today. £21.49 will buy you a one way Easyjet ticket to Amsterdam to a connection of host countries with superior care without you training in healthcare or needing a lawyer to make a complaint where they all close rank on you.


so am I


That is understandable. Although at least now they will have to pay off their £9000 per year tuition fees. Which contributes at least a bit.


I'm not racist. What ****** me of is when this country trains our future doctors and once they fully qualify they move abroad and work there. An old friend of mine trained in kings college and within a month of qualifying he moved to America and is still there 20 years later and has contributed zero to this country.

£1 Train tickets e.g. London - Bath £1 & then Bath - London £1 @
Found 3rd Oct 2015Found 3rd Oct 2015
The seats sold are not on specially-branded Megatrain trains, instead they are on services operated by Virgin Trains, East Midlands Trains and South West Trains. Lines covered inc… Read more

Have a bath


Don't mention Silverstone otherwise omendata will accuse you of playing the race card!


The only place I can go from either Northampton or bedford is Silverstone. I'll leave that. Unless it's trying to tell me something...?


and yet youve managed to post an intolerant abusive message.


Sounds like a. great deal.

scottish citylink edinburgh to stirling £2 plus 50p booking fee
Found 6th Apr 2015Found 6th Apr 2015
£2 single plus booking fee 50p 7 journeys each way per day.train £8.50 single or £9.40 return off peak 37 miles for £2.50 local bus glasgow £2 single for more than 5 stops which 1… Read more

It is a very good deal especially as the trains are so expensive. Only for the strong stomached tho, I have done it and taken the train back as I was so travel sick (and I've done bus journeys in India). oO


Stirling Castle, miles better than Edinburgh Castle for starters.


Damn, no invite, and his dad's family lived across the street from me. Was talking to his grandmother last week. She never cracked a light. lol


That 909 service has been £4 return for 3 years, you pay on bus no booking fee


In time for Andy murrays wedding on Saturday

Virgin Train, Preston - Glasgow return 24th March £6.00 @ Megabus
Found 4th Mar 2015Found 4th Mar 2015
Using megabus ticketing you can travel to Glasgow and back for the princely sum of just 6 quid. I have to go up there, for the day, on the 24th March so was actually going to use … Read more

Or to give you the full benefit of my earlier posting, from which this is a copy/paste:


Spotting where there are Megatrain routes is never easy but MoneySavingExpert have an (old) map/list which may give you some ideas: eg "Glasgow to Carlisle/Oxenholme/Preston/ Crewe/Warrington/Birmingham" and I know from checking recently Birmingham-Glasgow and Birmingham-Edinburgh typically Monday to Thursday @ either dawn or late-night also regularly appear.


book 4-6 weeks in advance for best fares,eg.glasgow-birmingham in mid to late april £3 single.sometimes able to book birmingham-london £6 without changing trains,(split ticketing) go to megabus website,enter details,but when given the option of "bus", "train" or "all"you MUST select "all", 50p booking fee,price includes seat number.This can be done from edinburgh also,on virgin trains.bit more difficult on return journey to get same deal but can come close if you split ticket from birmingham to either oxenholme or preston or carlisle to glasgow or one of the other stations in-between,seems to be no regularity in fare price,have patience in searching out these fares,big big savings if a group is travelling together.these fares above are avaliable today.


Has anyone managed to find another train route on the Megabus system? I can't find any.


So you could just do a split ticket then as it's the same train so no faffing about with changing trains. Thanks.

Megabus sleeper service £5.50 tue-thurs @ Megabus (includes booking fee)
Found 3rd Mar 2015Found 3rd Mar 2015
I haven't seen this posted, and unfortunately it runs out on the 31st March! But I just got a bus from aberdeen to London for £5... And a connecting one from London to Cardiff for … Read more
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the record is 2 days 17 hours twenty minutes and a few seconds average speed is 4.12 miles per hour I might have a go i, wondering if 4.12 miles an hour is fast walking pace?


oh wow! good luck! rather you than me.


thanks op off to Edinburgh on the 31st from London then drop down to do the Pennine way. 268 miles of hiking!omg


If i was homeless I'd be using this a lot


I used Megabus once and will never use again. Used them to go to the Paralympics. Got on at Meadowhall at 4am, ppl asleep over both seats, wouldn't move to let you sit down. My party of 5 ended up sitting in all random seats up and down the bus. Coming home we were early and waited for the next one to come home. We were the only ppl there when we got there. By the time the bus arrived ppl were like radid dogs pushing and shoving to get to the front. Wouldn't let us on as my sis has mistakenly printed off the out journey twice. Made us wait till everyone else had got on then after she had walked the length of the bus station to get confirmation that we had booked to go back, 3 of our party sat downstairs all apart from each other (as they were 72, 64, and a disabled 37 yr old. Me and my hubby got a seat together upstairs only to find that the reason it was empty was the fact there was a screaming kid that screamed for 7 hrs!!! The bus driver got off the M1 at Birmingham and randomly parked up on an industrial estate in the middle of nowhere in pitch darkness to change drivers. The whole experience was a nitemare from beginning to end. It's a good deal for ppl who want this sort of thing, but give me a train with a reserved seat any day of the week

Trips to London from Various UK Locations from £2 at Megabus +  50p booking fee
Found 19th Jan 2015Found 19th Jan 2015
Megabus tickets for megabus trips. Various destinations e.g swansea to london return is £3. Bargain! Lots of cheap seats available, but there is a 50p booking fee.

The price is what is being shared here. Does it matter where the location is and weather or not the city is clean or dirty. This is travel to london not a weeks stay there. We all have opinions but can we keep personal opinions about london out of here and focus on the megabus prices.


Blimey... All this debate on a mega bus deal?! ...


LMFAO the air pollution ALONE is WAY off the chart (illegal under EU air quality rules - and I LIKE these particular EU rules - no pun intended!) The same traffic that generates that air pollution, also generates massive NOISE pollution. The same people that generate the traffic, attracted to the place like flies to sh**, generate loads of rubbish. Which if they're not paying Council Tax, means services get cut, etc etc. Whilst cyclists, who're some of the only people with the balls and vision to do something about it, get killed and sha* on daily. Might is right, see? The whole city is based upon the predatory City of London and predatory Duke of Westminster (owning most of Central London and charging extra rent as I understand it - just because he can, not for providing any kind of service). Sh*t trickles down. That must be the 'Trickle-Down Effect' of Capitalism. Stress is passed down, as people submit to the might-is-right paradigm at each level of society. Then they wonder why there were riots in August 2011 (including in my area)... VERY ANTISOCIAL PLACE, IS LONDON. What, you live next to Hyde Park or something, and think otherwise? Dream on... Air quality is in fact worst around Kensington and Chelsea, apart from if you're up a tree or hiding in a bush. Whilst one won't get arrested for genuine anti-social behaviour like dangerous driving or fly-tipping, or alcohol abuse, or blocking literally 1000 people for an extra fifteen minutes (that's 250 human-HOURS' total delay) because of selfish, lazy parking at rush hour... Yet one will quickly get arrested for acting 'weird' around a park, or anywhere else that's not in the ghetto. Alerted by London's paranoid inhabitants, whose herd mentality is so tweaked, it makes speed-freaks look chilled-out! Whilst the cops have money/time/resources to bash in the door of a cannabis farm for the lying politicians, but never to come on time when one rings them about something serious. And it's never their fault, they're just following orders... same as EVERYONE in London is following (their salary-payer's) orders like a good little money-slave-robot. Including some of the direst customer service that makes the aforementioned 'ridiculous amount of great attractions for visitors' sour considerably. When I was in Rome, some random woman working the tourist office flirted with me and I was amazed (I've lived in London too long, obviously). London, you have to pay £100 per hour for someone to be friendly and smile. It's full of immigrants who don't come here for the weather (which isn't that bad, by UK standards - when you aren't choking on the pollution). They come here for the money. Money-first = society LAST. Thus, logically, statistically, an immigrant = anti-social, at least compared to someone who isn't all about the money and desperate, too (lowering of the overall work-life standards, ignorance of labour laws etc). But that's normal. It's how it is, without prejudice. I don't make the rules or the reality. Incidentally, the number of times I've seen liars accuse non-racists of racism in my time in London, is a topic for another conversation!


I don't live in London, but I do visit for business quite often. Like a lot of people I find it rather crowded, the hotels and restaurants are a rip-off, and everyone seems to be in a rush. However there's no doubting it is one of the best cities in the world. Also remember that the UK is probably still in recession if you remove the economic boost that London delivers. Note that London is the only UK city to make the list, and is quite rightly Number 1. Not sure how unbiased it is. How on Earth did Mexico City end up on the list?


Comment Little bit ridiculous. You obviously haven't seen much of it as there are plenty of nice, clean areas. I'm from outside of London and most of the places I've lived in London are much cleaner, more pleasant and less dreary than places I've lived elsewhere around the UK. As for the foreigners thing, maybe vote ukip then if that's how you think about other nationalities.

glasgow to edinburgh from £1 plus 50p booking fee - £1.50 @ megabus
Found 10th Jan 2015Found 10th Jan 2015
i know megabus are doing free seats but this is travel by scottish citylink who charge £7.50 for same ticket… Read more
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anyone can suggest a cheap flight to Glasgow from London please? II wanna take advantage of this £1 offer


The weather is that crap the train is out of the question!


megabus is a coach/train service which is generally cheaper than others but take a lot longer than others to get there its down to price/time


Megabus = mega sore backside.


Well done for the heat but this is just the Megabus and its been running for years: sometimes you get a Citylink coach, sometimes a Megabus liveried coach, you just have to book through Megabus and use the bus at the booked time whatever colour it is (!)

Megabus: Free seats throughout UK/Europe!! (50p booking fee).
Found 7th Jan 2015Found 7th Jan 2015
The megabus wintersale is back and now it’s even bigger and better than before! We have 20,000 free seats* available on journeys for travel from 12th January – 12th February 2015 i… Read more
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Me too.


Comment Delete your history etc. they sometimes put the prices up when you go back as they know you have been looking. Sneaky!


London to Gloucester Thursday 29th jan-Monday 2nd feb. There were more dates available. Just takes a bit of time searching, but you can do 'next day' & 'previous day' instead of having to keep changing the date at the start. Hope you find something. :-)


Can not find any have been looking for ages


Laura6789 what date was that for??

20,000 Megabus seats for just 50p booking fee (12th Jan - Feb)
Found 18th Nov 2014Found 18th Nov 2014
Technically free, but there is a 50p booking fee!
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never get that price from scunny


Heat added. For those travelling on Megabus buses, make sure you go to the loo on the first three quarters of the journey cos they can get a bit rank towards the end of long trips lol oO Worth every penny though!


cant find anything for Derby to London or Derby to Scotland in February


How often do they run this offer ; seems to be all sold out now !


No Cardiff t-shirts so I picked this one for you as a consolation

Megabus Christmas travel from £1 plus 50p booking fee.
Found 28th Oct 2014Found 28th Oct 2014
Megabus appear to have released tickets for Christmas travel on their website. Seems there's some cheap routes about for now. On a quick browse around the 22nd to the 26th, I spot… Read more

@ ianipswich sorry not heard from you so I have to give this to somebody else.


[quote=tgpcharles]hi, got a 3adults return from London to Barcelona via Paris for 31Oct 10:30am and back on 3rdNov 6am. please note travel time is approx 25hours. I will not be using this ticket so first who reply and is interested gets this. note: you need to ammend passenger names for I think a £1. Hi do you still have the tickets


50p booking fee is a deal killer.... Only kidding (I've just watched that Mock the week episode!), have some heat! :p


What'd you expect, an on board chef and barista? I've paid close to £6 for the same thing on First Great Western. Instant Starbucks branded crap coffee and a stale sandwich.


hi, got a 3adults return from London to Barcelona via Paris for 31Oct 10:30am and back on 3rdNov 6am. please note travel time is approx 25hours. I will not be using this ticket so first who reply and is interested gets this. note: you need to ammend passenger names for I think a £1.

megatrain(virgin trains) glasgow to london £2  / £3 plus 50p booking fee
Found 11th Oct 2014Found 11th Oct 2014
travel mon/tue/wed and thursday from glasgow for a £1 at 8am arrive birmingham 12.05 get 12.50 megatrain to london also a £1.… Read more

That's a good shout - cheers!


You could try megatrain to Preston/Birmingham, then Virgin "Best Fare Finder" from there to London. Works out a lot cheaper, usually the same train!




All cheap deals are leaving from top (Glasgow) or bottom (London) . I have never seen a GREAT deal leaving from Birmingham to London /Glasgow or any where else distant that can be done in a day (just for the ride).


who doesn't love to stop in B'ham. Lovely b(l)urgh