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Merlin MALT+ Mountain Bike Frame (S,M,L) & Rockshox Revelation 140mm Boost Fork @ Merlin Cycles £399.95
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Merlin MALT+ Mountain Bike Frame & Rockshox Revelation Forks – 2018 Our Merlin MALT+ is the perfect option if you’re looking for a fun, versatile trail shredding hardtail mount… Read more
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Get me the forks cheaper elsewhere !


not really a good deal for a frame and forks only


ah i see what you mean a short reach and steep headangle


Yawn (y)


Cold, you can get a bike with wheels, brakes etc for a fraction of the price

Giro Foray Road Bike Helmet 2018 £32.50 @ Merlin Cycles
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Available in the Matte Charcoal / Frost and Black / Blue / Purple. Free delivery. Rated 9/10 on cycling weekly. The 2017 version is £42 for other colours In ChainReactionCycles sa… Read more

Have two of these - decent helmet and good deal, straps take a bit of getting used to as not flat to the face


Go to Wiggle for MIPS. got mine last week for £47


so pretty.... I already have a giro helmet though :(


This one doesn't have the mips system. Version that has it is £60.


Do these have mips

Sensa GiuliAero Carbon Road Bike - 2018 - £1399 @ Merlin Cycles
Found 30th Nov 2018Found 30th Nov 2018
Great deal! Sensa GiuliAero Carbon Road Bike - Special Offer The latest aero bike development from Sensa sees the original Giulia G2 road bike evolving into the new wind-ch… Read more
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Are Sensa frames any good? I want to order with 105 groupset.


I've never had an issue with press fit bb, on any of the road or mountain bikes I've had. The trek I use for winter has around 7k on the original bb and still runs smooth, and I ride in all weathers, I guess I've been lucky.


Not if you have to do it twice a year. Also note creaks aren't always curable by reassembly and replacement. It's a very impractical standard. Personally I can live with on my dry weather Sunday best road bike. But all my other bikes have threaded bbs.


Swapping out bb86 doesn't look too bad if you've got the correct tools.


Because press fit doesn't work like that. You "pop" the entire bottom bracket out and then have to clean the shell and put a new bottom bracket in.

Rockshox Reba RL Solo Air Forks OEM - 27.5"
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Rockshox Reba RL Solo Air Forks OEM - 27.5" The RockShox Reba RL Solo air are Rockshox's market leading fork for quality and performance. With a new chassis that make's the Reba a … Read more

A good price for the regular 15mm axle usually u only get the 9mmQR at a low price And black stanchions too

10% off all Frog Kids Bikes - From £103.50 @ Merlin Cycles
Found 15th Nov 2018Found 15th Nov 2018
No voucher required as discount is automatically applied at checkout. Very good quality light kids bikes. Cheapest balance bike works out at £103.50 right through to a road bike at… Read more

Typical - just ordered my daughters 1st bike and this was the other option. Ended up going for the littlebigbike. Probably would have gone for this had I seen this - good deal.


I’ve never seen frog kids riding on a bike (popcorn)


Excellent bikes and hold resale value really well. Have some heat!

2x Michelin Wild Race'r Folding MTB Tyre - 29" x 2.25 tubeless ready mtb tyres @ merlin cycles £21.98 delivered
Found 4th Nov 2018Found 4th Nov 2018
£10.99 each but free postage on £20 spend hence posting togeather otherwise add £2.99 postage Probably more of a summer tyre, but did ok in the woods the other night and roll as q… Read more
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I got some tomahawk 3c dd TR 27.5 x 2.3 on chain reaction the other day £7.99 but looked to be a miss price so I didn’t post on here


Just what I was looking for. Had a puncture on my ebike yesterday and hope these tubeless are somehow better made and puncture resistant. Cheers OP.


Yes - these will offer less rolling resistance than knobbly tyres on tarmac so will make for a smoother, easier ride.


Nothing for 27.5 😥


I've got a charge 29er with fairly chunky nobbly tyres. I pretty much ride on tarmac to work. Are these worth getting for an easier ride?

Giro Foray Road Bike Helmet £32.50  Merlin Cycles
Found 30th Oct 2018Found 30th Oct 2018
Giro Foray helmet -2018 version. 2017 version is £48 on chain reaction. Rated 9/10 on cycling weekly. Also Giro MIPs Cinder Helmet half price £67.50. https://www.merlincycles.c… Read more

I ordered a Giro MIPs Cinder helmet and the helmet above.., can’t wait to try them-particularly the MIPs helmet.


I have this helmet and I'd recommend it. I would spend the extra for the MIPS version which you can get for £45 on Wiggle


Good deal - I have two of these in other colours. Very comfortable helmet if you have a fat head like me. Only minor downside is the straps are a bit weird and don't sit flat against your face - but you get used to it.


Thanks op, ordered myself one after my last one cracked!


Great deal thanks, ordered for me and my wife

Castelli gabba 3 ss jersey anthracite s-2xl down to £69.95 @ merlin cycles
Found 20th Oct 2018Found 20th Oct 2018
Castelli Gabba 3 Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey The original Castelli Gabba was quickly recognised by cycling professionals and amateurs alike as a revolutionary approach to wet weath… Read more
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Best approach with this is a short sleeve gabba and arm warmers. British weather is at best changeable, so building up layers is by far the best approach imo.


I have a long sleeved Gabba 2 and a Perfetto (not the light which is thinner Windstopper and only on the front). I feel the cold at 57kg and wouldn't buy a short sleeved Gabba. I realise that some people are better insulated than I am.


Actually, all colours are invisible at night. You need reflectives....not bright colours. Most roadies will be on back lanes using a bright rear light or in groups, where bright colours wont really help increase your visibility. I try to wear hi viz when commuting, but in the country while group riding, black black black. Also, hi viz is everywhere now. Pink is probably the best colour as yellow and ornage is everywhere.


Large and xlarge already sold out


You haven't made the assumption that everyone who buys these is a roadie have you? Some may call that idiotic. Dark colours win when mud is involved.

Shimano M424 mtb cleat spd pedal only £20.99 @ merlin cycles
Found 20th Oct 2018Found 20th Oct 2018
3% @ topcashback and £2.50 bonusSunday 21st October only Amazing low priced SPD pedal for all round use including tough Freeride and off-road use. Lightweight and supportive pe… Read more
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Being honest, if you're in this market, I'd probably plonk for the M505s above for less money. Reasons: 1. You can't really ride caged SPDs with normal shoes - the pedals have to protrude because the cleats are recessed on the shoe, so they're very uncomfortable indeed to ride for any distance. If you want this option, look for double-sided pedals (A530 are nice) 2. Once clipped in, the plastic cage gives no support to the shoe, so might as well not be there 3. Clipping in rapidly becomes second nature - you should be able to stomp straight in without a second thought, so having the plastic to aim for doesn't really add anything 4. If you're riding in rutted terrain, those big pedals become a real nuisance. If you want a bigger target to aim for, look at the M530s which have a slightly bigger metal cage (but still smaller than these), otherwise stick with the M505s. Regarding legality for road use, virtually no serious road or mountain bike rider will have reflectors on their pedals as none of the clipless pedals support it. It's an outdated rule that has no basis in reality.


I have got these click'r ones but I don't think i would want to do too much gravel/mountain biking on them. They only have one spring on them as opposed to two on a normal clipless pedal so they don't hold you in as tight. I have unclipped a few times accidently with them. They are an amazing commuter pedal though which is what I use them for. Effortless to get in and out of and like others have said a nice platform for if you don't get clipped in straight away when getting off the lights.


Yeah it’s a silly old rule that one, my boots have reflective trim on the heal cup and bikes and clothing are made to be seen these days


Those ones are actually road legal, unlike almost every bike I've ever owned.


Had these on my MTB- I liked the versatility of being able to use them with either ordinary shoes or SPD shoes. Problem is, the plastic cage snapped (I think I bashed a rock or something) - I replaced it, and the new one snapped off again pretty quickly. Might be better looking for similar pedals with a metal cage if your style of riding requires something more durable.

Giro Switchblade MIPS MTB Helmet – 2018 @ Merlin Cycles - £125.99
Found 10th Oct 2018Found 10th Oct 2018
Fully certified downhill helmet with detachable chin guard for mountain bike DH/Enduro. Far more protection than the Bell Super 3R. A pretty niche product with an unusual half lid … Read more
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Mental price.


Amazing price for this. Shame the most popular size is oos. I probably would have gone for this if I didn't already have a bell super. A fair bit bulkier than bell. Probably too much for trial/enduro.


Good price but only small or large available - medium out of stock in both colours. May be worth pointing out that it shows as £139.99 with 10% automatically applied at checkout (no codes required).

Castelli Volo Cycling Bib Shorts from Merlin Cycles £49.50
Found 10th Sep 2018Found 10th Sep 2018
Get a pair of Castelli bib shorts for £.49.50 All sizes currently available for Castelli Volo Cycling Bibshorts - SS18
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i dont think i'd have fit a castelli small at 10 years old (lol)


Winded what the pad is like.


beware - these are mega tight! I am normal an L and found XXL tight. Went for gore ones instead, L was tight and XL fits spot on. Feel better quality infact.


Think of the children!


5% cashback from TCB btw

Ridley Tempo 43% off (Large only) £418.99 @ Merlin cycles
Found 7th Sep 2018Found 7th Sep 2018
Alloy frame and carbon fork with Shimano Tiagra groupset. Nice build at a good discount if you are looking for a hybrid bike and large frame is your size. £399 + £19.99 shipping
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Shame it doesnt have disk brakes.


Thanks, added the 'bike' tag.


Good deal but don't like it when they show an image that is a different spec to the description. Image has triple chainset but text claims double. Which is right? Also this offer is difficult to find as you have not enabled 'bike's in the groups.

Shimano 105 R7000 Groupset £399.95 @ Merlin Cycles
Found 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
Shimano 105 R7000 Groupset £399.95 @ Merlin Cycles
Short cage only at the mo'.

only just got my 105 bike and then they release this much better looking version (excited) something for me to look forward to owning though I suppose (embarrassed)


Between what? Long and short cage or 5800 and r7000?


What’s the difference???


good one!


I've got big legs. Same price as 5800 so have some heat.

Amazing deals on blue cycles bikes @ Merlin Cycles
Found 12th Aug 2018Found 12th Aug 2018
Amazing deals on blue cycles bikes @ Merlin Cycles
£1,889.90£3,49946%Merlin Cycles Deals
Cyclocross/Gravel bikes: Blue Prosecco SP 105 Carbon Gravel Bike: £1300 --> £742.50 (43% off)… Read more
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Just spat my beer out at that XD I'd expect better from my 5yo! Hot deal from me by the way, huge savings even with £20 delivery (it's not cheap to ship a bike!).


This is why I have posted a range of bikes with prices ranging from £742.10 to £3149.10, so you can chose the one that is at your price point. You don't have to pay 2 grand for the bike if you dont want to.


For 2 grand i want an event engine and four seats


Yeah I’m looking to save £2350.90 off an aero road bike but the £20 delivery charge has put me off it now (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Yes, I have just realised there is a £20 delivery charge. Perhaps you could have just asked me to add this to the post instead of demanding the mods delete it.

Ridley Brontes Alloy/Carbon Road Bike - £399 @ Merlin Cycles
Found 7th Aug 2018Found 7th Aug 2018
Ridley Brontes Alloy/Carbon Road Bike - £399 @ Merlin Cycles
£399£79950%Merlin Cycles Deals
Its got a shimano 105 drivetrain (with tiagra cassette and fsa gossamer chainset) and 4za stratos wheels. Video: Looks like it is pretty good quality. Its 60cm only, but you ca… Read more
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Yeah, that was quick, must have had low stock or smth


Damn. Sold out.


Yup, but even with a frame replacement its still great value for money


Good specs for the price. Sadly only 60cm frame (which makes a change from the usual discounted bikes in tiny sizes). Nice they took a photo of Peter Crouch's bike before they let him have it! XD


60cm only

DiamondBack Lumis 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 Mountain Bikes £575 @ Merlin Cycles
Found 29th Jul 2018Found 29th Jul 2018
I've not posted anything in a long time so I'm sorry about the shoddy formatting. Good price for a decent spec carbon frame mtb, the bars are a bit thin at 685mm though. Tredz h… Read more

Agreed, but strange sram shimano gear mix. Its the 2 that had the low end fork. Good buys still, just not for us. Really pleased with the Rose we got.


Spend a few hundred quid on an Exposure Six Pack and it will!


I highly doubt the appearance of the day will change based on how much you spend.




Why are Ferraris so expensive, I can buy a Dacia for A few grand? At the risk of sounding like a snob you need to try a nice bike versus a 100 quid clunker. Like night & day.

Ex Pro Team (Lotto Soudal) Issue Ridley Bikes £2999 @ Merlin cycles
Found 6th Jun 2018Found 6th Jun 2018
Ex Pro Team (Lotto Soudal) Issue Ridley Bikes £2999 @ Merlin cycles
Ok not for all and expect the I could buy a car for that type comments. But these are around 50% off. Okay they'll have a few miles in them but have been maintained perfectly. Also… Read more

Andre Greipel's bike. Nice! They all look a little bit 'lived in' for my liking. Kinda cool though. A lot of the drivetrain components are new, so not too much wear and tear. Worth noting that the electronic gears don't seem to come with battery chargers.


LOL your wrong... what you see in the video is not a JET WASH . it has no jet was lance on it. its a portable bike washer, here is a google link .. portable bike washer link its battery or mains powered but its only a very small amount of pressure. so it can not damage bike seals ect.. if you also look at him cleaning the bike with the bike washer in his hand he uses the bike wash to wet his own hand, try doing that with a jet wash with a lance on it, the average jet was is about 80 psi and at that psi it will cut your skin.


I wouldn't necessarily buy used carbon parts, mainly as you can't tell if they are genuine or AliExpress copies. But buying from Merlin I'd be confident. There's a great video on YouTube of Mike Burrows hitting carbon frames with a hammer. He explains that carbon doesn't fatigue, it's either OK or its broken. Failures are catastrophic or not. Unless of course it's fake stuff stuffed with old news paper!


I appreciate good bikes but I do believe the view others have shared - I can just see Pro teams not looking after these once they’ve served their useful purpose. Why are they being sold to the public and not given to charity auctions or offered to family/friends of the racers. I think you’re better off spending that £3000 on a lesser bike but brand new so you know the history. I have many friends who won’t touch any ‘second hand carbon’ for bike parts, I kind of see why, though it never bothered me.


nothing. And you can wear matalan jeans and drive a base level hyundai if you want.

Castelli Sorpasso 2 Cycling Bib Tight - £79.99 delivered @ Merlin Cycles
Found 6th Jun 2018Found 6th Jun 2018
Castelli Sorpasso 2 Cycling Bib Tight - £79.99 delivered @ Merlin Cycles
Bit of a bargain for a great brand. Available @ Wiggle for same price (although different colour options can make it more expensive).
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I've just ordered a pair of DHB Aeron FLT Roubaix Bib Tights, 50% 0ff - now £42.49 - Winter won't be that far away ;0(


Too rich for me. 50 quid tops for a set of primal or similar.


No wouldn't say that is normal. :S XD Had both DHB Aeron and Castelli Sorpasso and would say pretty similar. If anything the Castelli ones had slightly better pad, but not much in it.


Seeing as I bought them not on sale, they're still comfy and good quality. But I've used them for 8 months alot and have damaged the lcyra on the knee/part of the leg from my leg hair (lol) just patches and it looks horrid. Not sure if that's normal


Not actually worn castelli bib's but they generally get good reviews all round. How do you find the more premium DHB stuff?

Lusso Linea Cycling Jersey (online) - £18 delivered @ Merlin Cycles
Found 29th Apr 2018Found 29th Apr 2018
Lusso Linea Cycling Jersey (online) - £18 delivered @ Merlin Cycles
Looks to be a great jersey for £16 (+£2 delivery) available in blue and red colours, excellent reviews (note sizing - order larger than your usual), next price I can see it on is £… Read more

Stock finishing soon, Large and XL Sizes left only in yellow now, hurry up


Also available in yellow


Bargain. Lusso is one of the only genuinely made in the UK cycling clothing brands. BUY BRITISH!